Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Virtual Poster Session (Blog) to Accompany ALA Annual ACRL-IS Conference Presentation on Learning Spaces

Have you recently redesigned a library classroom to better align changing pedagogy and student learning? If so, the ACRL Instruction Section Conference Planning Committee invites you to submit your project to a Virtual Poster Session that will accompany the panel taking place this summer at ALA Annual entitled, Aligning Learning Spaces with Pedagogy: The Instruction Librarian’s Role in Classroom Re/Design.  We received an overwhelming number of fantastic responses to our original call for panelists and  felt that all should have an opportunity to share their projects.

In lieu of designing a formal poster, we ask that you respond to the following questions in your submission, in addition to providing photographs:
  1. Describe the finished teaching or classroom space, including any specifics about furniture or technology that was included in the design. 
  2. What were the goals of the re-design or creation of the space?
  3. What strategies did you use to advocate for student learning and active learning pedagogy in the space?
  4. What lessons did you learn from this experience that you'd most like to share with someone undertaking a similar project?
  5. How have changes you made to the classroom changed your teaching?  How have changes you made to the classroom changed your instruction programs?

You can submit your photographs and responses to Cindy Fisher at cindyf@austin.utexas.edu. The deadline for submission has been extended to Friday June 6th.