Friday, January 24, 2020

CFP: JELIS Issue on Creative Approaches to Teaching and Pedagogy (Journal of Education for Library and Information Science)

JELIS Special Issue: Volume 62, 2021

JELIS would like to announce the opening for submissions to a Special Issue of the journal (Volume 62, Issue 3, 2021). The Issue theme is as follows:

Creative approaches to teaching and pedagogy
Topics including, but not limited to:
  • Construction of positive learning outcomes
  • Engagement of students in course content
  • Innovative assessment techniques
  • Employment of learning theories
  • Utilization of learning management systems
  • Peer learning strategies
  • Creative syllabus development
  • Advances in assignments for students
  • Employment of tactics from other disciplines
  • Sage and guide
  • Communicative action and teaching
  • Students as teachers
  • The field of creativity studies and its contribution to LIS education and pedagogy

Submissions (see the JELIS guidelines at may be made in the “Special Issue Papers” section of ScholarOne. Submit only completed papers. The submission is open until September 30, 2020. The submitted papers will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Importance of the research question
  • Inclusiveness of the literature review
  • Appropriateness of the methodology
  • Reporting of the findings
  • Quality of the presentation

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Call for Photo Contribution 2020 Best Practices from World Libraries Photo Gallery: Value of Libraries in Promoting Social Justice and Inclusion

Call for Photo Contribution2020 Best Practices from World Libraries Photo Gallery

The International Connections Committee (ICC) of the International Relations Round Table (IRRT) at the American Library Association (ALA) cordially invites you to contribute a photo from your library that best demonstrates ALA President’s initiative this year, “the value of libraries in promoting social justice and inclusion” and help us build the “2020 Best Practices from World Libraries” photo gallery.  The photos will be displayed via our websites, publications and/or social media outlets. Selected submissions will be physically displayed at the 2020 ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, IL. June 25-30, 2020.

The deadline for photo submissions is February 15, 2020.
Please use the Google submission form to upload your image.  
If Google account is not available, please email your submission to following the instructions, requirements and format below.

General Email Submission Instructions/Format

Email subject title should read: 2020 Photo Gallery
In the email, please provide the following information:
a.            Project Title (a short title for your library’s project)
b.            Library and its Affiliation (example: Fogler Library, University of Maine)
c.            Library Location (State/Province, Country; example: Illinois, USA)
d.            Library Type (select from the following: Academic library, Public library, School library, Special Library or other)
e.            Project Description (in under 200 words, please describe why this project best demonstrates the value of libraries in promoting social justice and inclusion)
f.             Project Contact Person and Email (preferred but optional; the contact information will be publicly displayed)
g.            Preferred Attribution for the Image (name of image owner)

*Image requirements: please provide the image with the highest resolution you have; a horizontal photo that is at least 5400 pixels wide with 300 dpi is preferred.
**Notice - With this submission, you grant the ALA, IRRT and ICC full permission to distribute, edit and build upon your work with attribution.

Additional questions regarding this contribution can be directed to the Chair of the IRRT International Connections Committee at

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

CFP: Futurizing: People, Technology & Communities - Internet Librarian 2020 (October 20-22, 2020 Monterey, California)

CFP: Internet Librarian 2020
October 20-22, 2020
Monterey, California


There are so many positive possible futures for libraries in every community – campuses, municipalities, hospitals, schools, corporate and non-profit enterprises, governments, and more! The trick is to channel the passion that librarians have into building awareness and relationships in their communities; taking action and not waiting for citizens, students, researchers, business folks or faculty to come to them; creating and experimenting with innovative programs and services using new technologies; securing solid partnerships to expand programs and resources; and futurizing strong, collaborative and successful communities! Internet Librarian 2020 highlights how libraries are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to save time for new programs, dealing with big data to pinpoint insights, using sensors and other “internet of things” devices to improve and extend services, experimenting with augmented and virtual reality to delight their communities, tracking and sharing applications of smart technology with their campuses, organizations and neighborhoods. Internet Librarians never, however, lose sight of people in their communities as they futurize and transform to make sure they are relevant and valuable in their communities.

Join us at the most comprehensive conference for library and information professionals interested in technology to discover the insights, strategies and practices that allow us to push the envelope in expanding the net, building solid connections to the Internet of Things, managing libraries and digital information, and enhancing the information sharing and learning experience of people in our communities. Internet Librarian 2020 provides attendees with lots of opportunities to meet and hear from leading “movers and shakers” in the information industry in all types of environments – leaders in the information industry are integrating content and delighting their clients, organizing and managing digital content in creative ways, setting the context for excellence in information utilization in their organizations, revolutionizing the roles of info pros, creating new learning and discovery areas with makerspaces, building strong collaborative communities among their customers, colleagues, and partners, as well as using new technologies in exciting ways. This conference encourages you to bring and share your ideas and champion new practices – this is where ideas and action come together, catalysts are born, and where innovation ignites.

Information Today, Inc., a key provider of technology conferences for more than thirty years, is pleased to announce the 24th annual Internet Librarian – the ONLY conference for information professionals who are using, developing, and embracing Internet and Web-based strategies in their roles as information architects and navigators, webmasters and web managers, content evaluators and curators, digital managers, developers and integrators, taxonomists, searchers, community builders and managers, information providers, trainers, guides, and more. This comprehensive conference and exhibition offers a wide-ranging program designed to meet the needs of librarians, information managers, systems professionals, researchers, content managers, curators and information specialists.


CFP: Working out loud: Reflections, revisions, & recipes (Delaware Valley Chapter of ACRL, Spring 2020 Program - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - April 3, 2020)

Delaware Valley Chapter of ACRL, Spring 2020 Program
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - April 3, 2020

Call for Proposals: Working out loud: Reflections, revisions, & recipes 

To innovate we need to practice a growth mindset where we feel free to take risks, experiment, and be creative. After our chapter’s programs, participants often say it was nice to hear about everything that went right, but what about learning from what went wrong?  In our spring program, we will focus on the benefits of making the learning processes underlying librarianship more visible. We want to know about the challenges, compromises, revisions, and breakthroughs that you have experienced and grown from in your work in academic libraries. How have these given you the opportunity to take risks? 

Please join us on April 3rd at Temple University’s brand new Charles Library for a day of professional development and learning how to “fail forward.”

Building tours of Charles Library will be offered.

We welcome submissions that concern but are not limited to the following areas:
  • Technology Implementation
  • Management
  • Outreach/Community Engagement
  • Teaching/Pedagogy
  • User Experience
  • Committee Work
  • Research Design
  • Archives
  • Cataloging
  • Assessment
  • Professional Development
Instructions for Proposal Submissions
Proposals can be submitted here and should include the following information:
  • Proposal title
  • Names, affiliations, positions, and email addresses of the presenters
  • Preferred presentation format
  • Option A – 20-30 minute presentations OR Option B – 10-minute lightning round presentations
  • A 250-word summary of the topic you wish to present including the points you intend to make and the way(s) you intend to engage the audience, if applicable.
Please submit to by February 28, 2020.  Any questions about the process can be emailed to  We look forward to hearing from you.

CFP: Toward Equity and Open Knowledge STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES 5th ANNUAL OPEN ACCESS SYMPOSIUM (Stony Brook, New York - March 6th, 2020)

Call for Posters and Panelists

Toward Equity and Open Knowledge

FRIDAY, MARCH 6th, 2020

LOCATION Stony Brook, New York
OPEN DATE January 17th, 2020
DEADLINE February 18th, 2020

Toward Equity and Open Knowledge.   Stony Brook University Open Access Symposium, is inviting applications for  panelists and or presented posters.  Posters will be presented in a virtual format.

In keeping with this year’s theme, we’re interested in panelists and posters that reflect the role of equity and open knowledge in open access environments, systems, and practices. We welcome applications on a variety of open access topics,  including but not limited to:

- Open Access Publishing. Insight and best practices for publishing open access articles from the point of view of researchers, authors, publishers and librarians

- Open data  and data management.  Topics for discussion include but are not limited to: identifying repositories, HIPAA compliance and preparing data for reuse.

- OER use and implementation

- Open Access and the Tenure Process  

APPLY We will receive and review proposals until February 18, 2020.  

LEARN MORE  Contact Mona Ramonetti, Head of Scholarly Communication.


Friday, January 17, 2020

CFP: 2020 ACRL IS Current Issues Virtual Discussion Forum

Is there an instruction issue you wish more folks were talking about?

The Instruction Section (IS) Current Issues Virtual Discussion Forum is an opportunity for library workers to explore and discuss pressing topics related to library instruction and information literacy. The IS Discussion Group Steering Committee welcomes topic proposals from individuals who are interested in facilitating the discussion. We strongly encourage proposals that promote participant reflection and discussion.

Proposals will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • clarity of focus
  • how well the topic lends itself to meaningful discussion
  • observed significance of the proposed issue for library workers and learners

The Steering Committee will support the selected facilitator by issuing a second call for panelists in addition to hosting and publicizing the forum. 

Application Deadline: February 27, 2020, 11:59pm

To submit a proposal, please use the online submission form.
Applicants will be notified by March 31, 2020.                                                                     

To see examples of past discussion topics, view the digests of past discussions online.  

Contact the ACRL IS Discussion Group Steering Committee Chair, Melissa Harden ( or Vice-Chair, Kristy Nowak (

Thursday, January 16, 2020

CFP: IFLA's Library Publishing SIG: Library Publishing: Catalyst for Change - Dublin, Ireland - August 2020

IFLA's Library Publishing SIG is delighted to announce our Call For Papers for the August 2020 Dublin WLIC.  As IFLA continues to engage, inspire, enable, and connect, our SIG's theme will be:  Library Publishing: Catalyst for Change.

The full Call for Papers is here:

Please notice the format (lightning talk) and submission guidelines.  The call is broadly inclusive, and we are particularly keen on presentations related to library publishing as connected to the Global South.

Abstracts are due by April 3rd, 2020, and should be submitted to:

Jane Buggle, Chair, Library Publishing SIG Program Committee, Dublin 2020.

We look forward to your submissions and to an exciting open programme.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Call for contributions to column in the Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship

This is a call for contributions to the "E-Resource Round Up" column for volume 32, issue 2 of the Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship (JERL). Submissions can be related to any aspect of electronic resources and their use in libraries, including conference reports, professional discussion groups, meetings, and practices in using electronic resources in-house. This would be a great opportunity for you to report on topics that may benefit others in our profession.

The editors would like to receive contributions to the column by Friday, February 21, 2020. Contributions should not be published elsewhere.

If you have a submission or questions, please contact the column editors:

Bob Wolverton
Mississippi State University Libraries
(662) 325-0548

Karen Davidson
Mississippi State University Libraries
(662) 325-3018              

Call for Participation - Survey on Onboarding in Librarianship and Archives

We'd like to invite you to participate in our study regarding onboarding for past and current residents and fellows in librarianship and archives studies. Your participation will assist us in writing a book chapter on the subject. 

Please consider filling out our survey:

If you have any questions, please reach out to us

Feel free to share with your networks and on social media. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you kindly,
Alex Glenn
Amanda M. Leftwich
Jamia Williams

Monday, January 13, 2020

CFP: 88 Annual ABQLA Conference (Montreal, Quebec, Canada - May 8th, 2020)


ABQLA is pleased to invite members of the library and information professional community to submit conference proposals for their 88th annual conference to be held in Montreal on Friday, May 8th, 2020.

From the library of Alexandria to today’s digital makerspaces, libraries have stood the test of time. Within our stacks we hold the histories of our communities and the promise of tomorrow. Join us at ABQLA 2020 and help make this year timeless.
Libraries have often been represented as keepers of time and history but are also very often at the forefront of major changes and innovations. Our conference aims to highlight those aspects of the profession and bring together librarians from different types of institutions to discuss their own histories and innovations. This year we seek proposals for presentations and posters that explore the boundaries of libraries and discuss where we have been, where we are, and where we are going.

Guidelines & Instructions

  • Submissions and presentations may be in either English or French.
  • Proposals must clearly indicate the nature of the subject matter and its relevance to the conference theme, as well as two learning outcomes for participants.
  • The one-day registration fee will be waived for the primary speaker (workshops and individual presentations).
  • The one-day registration fee will be discounted 50% for the primary poster presenter.
  • All proposals will be peer reviewed by the ABQLA Conference Program Committee.
  • The submission deadline is January 19, 2020.
  • All submitters will be notified by February 17, 2020.

If you have any questions or comments please contact



L’ABQLA est heureuse d’inviter les membres de la communauté des bibliothécaires et
professionnel-le-s de l’information à soumettre des propositions de communications pour son 88e congrès annuel, qui se tiendra à Montréal le vendredi 8 mai 2020.

De la bibliothèque d’Alexandrie aux espaces de création numérique d’aujourd’hui, les
bibliothèques ont résisté à l’épreuve du temps. Nos rayons contiennent l’histoire de nos
communautés et la promesse de demain.
Les bibliothèques sont souvent représentées comme étant des gardiennes du temps et de l’histoire mais sont aussi aux premières lignes des changements majeurs et des innovations. Notre colloque a pour but de souligner ces aspects de la profession et de rassembler des bibliothécaires de différents types d’institutions pour discuter de nos histoires et innovations. Cette année nous cherchons des communications et des affiches qui explorent les frontières des bibliothèques et qui discutent de notre passé, notre présent et notre futur.


  • Les soumissions et communications peuvent être faites en français ou en anglais.
  • Les propositions doivent indiquer clairement la nature du sujet traité, sa pertinence par rapport au thème, en plus d’identifier deux acquis d’apprentissage.
  • Les frais d’inscription seront annulés pour le conférencier principal ou la conférencière principale (ateliers et présentations individuelles).
  • Les frais d’inscription seront réduits de 50 % pour le présentateur principal ou la présentatrice principale d’affiche.
  • Toutes les propositions de communications seront évaluées par les membres du comité du programme du colloque de l’ABQLA.
  • La date limite de soumission est le 19 janvier 2020.
  • Les soumissionnaires recevront une réponse au plus tard le 10 février 2020.

Si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter :

CFP: International Symposium on Robotics and AI in Libraries (June, 2020, University of Pretoria, South Africa) - IFLA IT Section

International Symposium on Robotics and AI in Libraries
8-10 June, 2020, University of Pretoria, South Africa
In collaboration with IFLA IT Section 

The first conference on Robotics in Libraries: Challenge and Opportunity was held at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, Berlin in August 2019. Following the successful program and participants’ call for a follow-up event, we are organizing this International Symposium on Robotics and AI in Libraries, 8-10 June, 2020 at University of Pretoria, South Africa.

The rapid development in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are making in-roads into libraries and information services. Beyond automated storage and retrieval systems, we now have autonomous shelf reading robots, telepresence and humanoid robots, and chatbots and voice activated systems. Robots are becoming our co-workers and a number of libraries around the world have deployed different robots for internal operations as well as public services. This combination of skilled human resources and robotics technologies also complements library services in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR or Industry 4.0) era and in smart and connected communities.

The University of Pretoria (UP), South Africa, is hosting the event at its new Future Africa campus ( The UP Department of Library Services “employed” Libby, the first client service robot known to be in use in any university library in Africa. Robotics and AI are also growing fields in many African countries, and this Symposium is a timely event to showcase and increase awareness of developments and realize the potential and challenges for libraries.

We invite your proposals and to join us to share and explore robotics and AI technologies, applications and use cases, human-robot interaction, and their uses and impact on library operations and services. 

The Symposium website is at
Proposals should be submitted at

CFP: IFLA Library History SIG - "Librarians learning from the past to inspire, connect, enable and engage" - Dublin, Ireland - August 2020

Theme: "Librarians learning from the past to inspire, connect, enable and engage"

The IFLA Library History Special Interest Group invites proposals for papers to be presented at its open session on “Librarians learning from the past to inspire, connect, enable and engage”  during the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Dublin, Ireland.

The Library History Special Interest Group is about to embark on a series of projects on oral histories of the world’s librarians, hence the theme for its session at this conference.  The project is ambitious and will have many approaches to it and we would hope that librarian oral histories include not only the history of their library at the time, but also the librarian’s immersion in social and political issues of their day, and how they faced the new issues presented to the profession at that time.
We invite papers that cover issues on librarian oral history/ies to include some of the following approaches:
·         Your country’s/region’s collection of such oral histories;
·         Why they were collected;
·         How they are being managed;
·         How they are being shared;
·         Lessons learnt from this historical engagement with librarians of the past;
·         Plans to collect future oral histories of librarians.

For proposal and submission details, please see:

CFP: Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL) 2020 - Austin, Texas - May 18-21, 2020

The Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL) 2020’s call for proposals deadline is Friday January 24th for those of you who would like to attend a delightful conference in the lovely the Austin, TX.

Below are details for several of the exciting events and opportunities that will happen at or around the conference.

Hope you submit,

Librarians & archivists at all career stages welcome | Registration discount for TDL members | Scholarships and special pricing for students | Award nominations open

The Texas Conference on Digital Libraries brings together those working on digital projects -- including outreach librarians, repository managers, catalogers, faculty members, archivists, technical staff, and others -- in order to build a practical, usable, and sustainable model for digital collections.

Scroll down to see all of the opportunities awaiting you at TCDL.

This year's conference will feature two keynote speakers, Lauren Cooper and Curtis Small from the University of Delaware's Colored Conventions Project. Visit our keynote page for more information.

#TCDL2020 will take place in Austin, Texas at the Commons Conference Center (CCC) on May 18-21, 2020. The CCC is located along public transportation routes and is near the pedestrian-friendly Domain Austin, featuring more than 100 stores, restaurants, and hotels.

Submit a proposal to the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries. TCDL’s theme this year, 2020 Hindsight: Looking Back, Moving Forward, presents an opportunity to pause and reflect on lessons learned from past projects and initiatives, and envision fresh possibilities for the future. Presenters are encouraged to consider sharing past successes as well as failures that led to unexpected solutions or advice that might benefit the community.

Register for TCDL. Our annual conference is a unique occasion: it’s the only conference just for digital libraries in Texas. Registration discounts are offered for TDL members and students.

Recognize the leaders in your community and nominate someone for a TDL Award. The nomination process is easy and winners receive free registration to TCDL.

Thanks to a generous joint donation from TDL members, Texas Digital Library is excited to offer the 2020 TCDL Student Scholarship. Five students will be selected and awarded registration for the TDL Leadership Academy as well as the 2020 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries. Application deadline is March 26th, 2020.

Get ready to grow your leadership skills at the TDL Leadership Academy, facilitated by Breaking Library Silos and The Maintainers. Learn how to lead at all levels of the library and join a cohort of learners who seek a professional community for growth.

Learn more about the people behind TCDL. The TCDL planning committee is comprised of librarians, archivists, and technologists working in TDL member libraries from around Texas. Each year, the committee defines the conference each year by developing a theme, identifying a keynote speaker, and crafting a call for proposals to invite colleagues from our community to come together for the conference. Take a moment to meet some of this year’s committee members, and be sure to thank them when you see them at #TCDL2020.

TCDL is hosted by Texas Digital Library, a consortium of academic libraries committed to preserving, managing, and providing access to unique digital collections of enduring value. Learn more about TDL and the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries at