Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Call for Editor-in-Chief Community & Junior College Libraries

Routledge is currently seeking an Editor to assume leadership of Community & Junior College Libraries. The journal provides a peer-reviewed forum for theoretical research and practical studies dealing with the broad general topic of the delivery of information resources to lower division undergraduate students. The journal specifically targets issues concerning community college libraries and learning resource centers. Contributors to this fundamental resource present profiles of learning resource centers around the country and address news of special relevant legislation, systems development, and various concerns faced by professionals in the libraries and information centers of two-year colleges.

Editor Qualifications:
Key qualities sought for the position of editor or co-editors include an established record of scholarship in the field of librarianship; managerial skills to oversee the editorial cycle and meet deadlines; the ability to recruit quality manuscripts, and the ability to attract respected experts to the editorial board. Applicants should have previous publishing and editorial experience, strong organizational, networking and communication skills and the ability to lead an active editorial board.

  • Manage the peer review of approximately 20–30 manuscripts per year
  • Solicit high-quality manuscripts from potential authors and assist these authors in seeing their manuscripts to publication
  • Decide which manuscripts to publish
  • Select a sufficient pool of reviewers and editorial board members to evaluate manuscripts
  • Identify and appoint qualified members to the editorial advisory board
  • Provide a clear vision for the direction of the journal

To apply, please send a cover letter and CV to Calvin Manning, Managing Editor, at: