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CFP: Western Balkan Information Literacy Conference June 17th-20th 2015 Bihać, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Western Balkan Information Literacy Conference
JUNE 17th-20th 2015  Juni na Uni 2015. - Hotel "Opal" Bihać, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Conference website: http://www.wbilc2015.kbbi.ba/en/

Call for Papers
Theme: Information & media literacy for lifelong learning: digital citizenship for a digital age.

In this Information Age the rise of digital and social media tools has brought with it some amazing innovations and immense challenges. The challenge to achieve information literacy (IL) in this information rich society is vital for lifelong learning and allows us to capitalise on the diverse and often overwhelming range of information choices which we have been confronted with by the power of the Internet. This great power has forced all of us to develop strategies for confronting issues concerning accessibility, reliability, authenticity and validity as well as information overload. Information Literacy is a vital transferable skill for lifelong learning in both formal and informal learning environments throughout people's lifetimes. Information literacy facilitates active citizenship of individuals. Information literacy prepares people for lifelong learning because it enables them to find the information they need for any task or decision at hand. In helping to provide and expand access to information, helping to facilitate full participation in Society- our role is crucial. We must prepare for a Society full of Information, prepare for Digital Citizenship for a Digital Age.

Main Themes and Topics: Western Balkan Information Literacy Conference.

A.      Information literacy in the modern world

  • Information Literacy in the 21st century
  • Information literacies (media literacy, digital literacy, visual literacy, financial literacy, health
  • literacy, cyber wellness, infographics, information behaviour, trans-literacy, post-literacy)
  • Information Literacy and academic libraries
  • Information Literacy and adult education
  • Information Literacy and blended learning
  • Information Literacy and distance learning
  • Information Literacy and mobile devices (M-learning)
  • Information Literacy and Gamification
  • Information literacy and public libraries
  • Information Literacy in Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Information literacy and the Knowledge Economy
  • Information literacy and the Information Society
  • Information Literacy and the Multimedia Society
  • Information Literacy and the Digital Society
  • Information Literacy in the modern world (e.g. web 2.0 ; web 3.0;
  • YouTube, trends, emerging technologies and innovation; growth of digital resources;digital reference tools; tiered reference services).
  • The future of information literacy
  • Workplace information literacy
B.      Librarians as support to the lifelong learning process

  • Digital pedagogy and Information Literacy
  • Integrating information literacy into the curriculum
  • Putting information literacy theory into practice
  • Information Literacy training and instruction
  • Instructional design and performance for information literacy (e.g. teaching practice,  session design, lesson plans)
  • Information Literacy and online learning (e.g. self-paced IL modules)
  • Information Literacy and Virtual Learning Environments
  • Supporting users need through library 2.0 and beyond
  • Digital empowerment and reference work
  • Information Literacy across the disciplines
  • Information literacy and digital preservation
  • Innovative IL approaches
  • Student engagement with Information Literacy

C. Media and information literacy – theoretical approaches (standards, assessment,
collaboration, etc.)
  • Information literacy theory (models, standards, indicators, Moscow Declaration etc.)
  • Information literacy and Artificial intelligence
  • Information Literacy and information behaviour
  • Information literacy and reference services: cyber reference services, virtual reference services, mobile reference services, expert crowd sourcing, global reference volunteers
  • Information literacy cultural and contextual approaches
  • Information Literacy and Threshold concepts
  • Information literacy evaluation and assessment
  • Information literacy in different cultures and countries including national studies
  • Information literacy project management
  • Measuring in information literacy instruction assessment

D. New aspects of education/strategic planning, policy, and advocacy for information literacy
in a digital age

  • Branding, promotion and marketing for information literacy
  • Cross –sectorial; and interdisciplinary collaboration and partnerships for information literacy
  • Information literacy policies and development
  • Leadership and Governance for information literacy
  • Strategic planning for IL
  • Strategies in e-learning to promote self-directed and sustainable learning in the area of information literacy skills.

Paper submission:
Submissions in any of the following forms are accepted:
• Full paper to be published in conference proceedings
• Presentation
• Roundtable discussion
• Poster session
• Train-the-trainers workshop
• PechaKucha

Papers submission dateline: Friday 15 May 2015
Important Dates
Paper submission deadline May 15, 2015
Notification of acceptance May 30, 2015
Dissemination of final programme June 02, 2015
Deadline for authors to submit slides June 04, 2015

For further information: please see the Western Balkan Information Literacy Conference website for additional details at: http://www.wbilc2015.kbbi.ba/en/

Please note: all expenses, including registration for the conference, travel, accommodation etc., are the responsibility of the authors/presenters. No financial support can be provided by the Conference
Committee, but a special invitation can be issued to authors.


Padraig Kirby MSc (LIS)  BA (Hons) HdipLIS
Senior Library Assistant
The Library
Limerick Institute of Technology,
Moylish park
00353 61 293516

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Call for Chapters: Winning Strategies for Attracting, Retaining, and Maximizing Volunteers

Winning Strategies for Attracting, Retaining, and Maximizing Volunteers

Book Publisher: McFarland

Carol Smallwood, co-editor; Bringing the Arts Into the Library (American Library Association, 2014); public library administrator, special, school librarian.

Lura Sanborn, co-editor; contributor, Women, Work, and the Web (Rowman & Littlefield, 2015); public, academic, school librarian.

Chapters sought from U.S. and Canadian practicing academic, public, school, special librarians and other professional sharing practical know-how about volunteers in tight economic times and staff cuts. Chapters are encouraged that could apply to more than one type of library: useful to public, school,
special, LIS faculty. Award winning volunteer efforts and case studies encouraged.

Possible topics: managing different age groups and special events; training and continuing education; recognition reinforcement; policies and manuals; recruitment and interviewing; scheduling; handling personality conflicts; technology instruction; legal, health, and security concerns.

Concise, how-to chapters using bullets, headings, based on experience to help colleagues; creativity, innovation highly valued. Those submitting  two chapters  are read first. No previously published, simultaneously submitted material; One, two, or three authors per chapter; each chapter by the same
author(s). Compensation: one complimentary copy per 3,000-4,000 word chapter accepted no matter how many co-authors or if one or two chapters: author discount on more copies.

Please e-mail titles of 4 topics each described in a few sentences by February 5, 2015 with brief biography sketch on each author. Please place VOL, Your Name on subject line: smallwood@tm.net

Call for Chapters: Library's Role in Supporting Financial Literacy for Patrons

Library's Role in Supporting Financial Literacy for Patrons

Book Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

Editor: Carol Smallwood,  Library Services for Multicultural Patrons: Strategies to Encourage Library Use Rowman & Littlefield, 2013

Chapters sought from U.S. and Canadian practicing academic, public, school, special librarians, LIS faculty, and other professionals sharing practical know-how.

Possible topics: Seeking and using collaborators in the financial industry; Job hunting help; Tax preparation programs; Recognizing fraud; Workshops for Senior Citizens; Case studies on what works and what doesn't in various types of libraries and patrons; other topics on financial literacy for library patrons you’ve had experience.

Concise, how-to chapters using bullets, headings, based on experience to help colleagues; creativity, innovation highly valued. Those able to write two chapters  read first. No previously published, simultaneously submitted material; One, two, or three authors per chapter; each chapter by the same
author(s). Compensation: one complimentary copy per 3,000-4,000 word chapter accepted no matter how many co-authors or if one or two chapters: author discount on more copies.

Please e-mail titles of 4 topics each described in a few sentences by February 5, 2015 with brief biography sketch on each author. Please place FIN, Your Name on subject line: smallwood@tm.net

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CFP: Special Issue on Diversity in Library Technology (Code4Lib Journal)

The Code4Lib Journal (C4LJ) exists to foster community and share information among those interested in the intersection of libraries, technology, and the future.
We are now accepting proposals for publication in our 28th issue, a special issue on diversity in library technology. Discussions on the Code4Lib listserv and keynotes by Valerie Aurora and Sumana Harihareswara at Code4Lib 2014 show that diversity is a topic of ongoing importance to the Code4Lib community. A recent editorial in the Code4Lib Journal by Ron Peterson originally sparked discussion of the idea for a special issue among the journal’s editorial committee; the demographic breakdown of both the author community and the committee itself laid bare the fact that diversity is a major challenge even in communities that are highly supportive. With this in mind, the C4LJ editorial committee hopes that this special issue will further the conversation around this important topic, while also encouraging a greater diversity amongst the Journal’s contributors for this and future issues.
C4LJ encourages creativity and flexibility, and the editors welcome submissions across a broad variety of topics that support the mission of the journal. For this issue, we would like to consider perspectives and topics that may not have been considered in-depth in the past, in the spirit of being open to diverse uses, interpretations, and needs of technology. In the context of structural inequalities and group/individual experiences (e.g. based on country, gender, race, ethnicity, class, disability, age, sexual orientation, etc.) people perceive, experience, and create technologies in different ways. It will strengthen our libraries if we enjoy and engage with these differences.
Possible topics could include, but are not limited to:
– Attracting and retaining diverse technology teams
– Implementing a code of conduct and/or assessing its efficacy
– Designing for accessibility
– Partnerships to foster inclusivity in the field
– Library tech programming for underserved populations
– Inclusive project management and communication
– Surfacing diverse items in digital libraries
– Digital projects and programs involving outreach to diverse communities
– International perspectives on library technology and access
– Intersections of social justice and library technology
– Theoretical consideration of digitally sharing information (e.g. big data, crowd work, surveillance, privacy) for different groups
– Critical examination of technology trends, and how they are perceived or adopted, by different groups
C4LJ strives to promote professional communication by minimizing the barriers to publication. While articles should be of a high quality, they need not follow any formal structure. Writers should aim for the middle ground between blog posts and articles in traditional refereed journals. Where appropriate, we encourage authors to submit code samples, algorithms, and pseudo-code. For more information, visit C4LJ’s Article Guidelines or browse articles from the first 26 issues published on our website: http://journal.code4lib.org.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to share your ideas and experiences. To be included in the 28th issue, which is scheduled for publication in April 2015, please submit articles, abstracts, or proposals athttp://journal.code4lib.org/submit-proposal or to journal@code4lib.org by January 12, 2015. When submitting, please include the title or subject of the proposal in the subject line of the email message and the acceptance of the Journal’s US CC-By 3.0 license in the body of the message. The editorial committee will review all proposals and notify those accepted by January 19, 2015. Please note that submissions are subject to rejection or postponement at any point in the publication process as determined by the Code4Lib Journal’s editorial committee.
Send in a submission. Your peers would like to hear what you are doing.

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CFP: Minnesota eLearning Summit (March 13, 2015)

Save the date for the 2015 MN eLearning Summit, held at a new location this year, Minneapolis Community and Technical College.

The MN eLearning Summit is the premier gathering place for K-12, college, and university educators and innovators in the Midwest that are committed to effective online and blended learning.
Call for Proposals
The program committee for the 2015 Summit welcomes presentation, panel, and poster presentation proposals to be submitted.
Proposals are due by Friday, March 13, 2015. For more information including submission requirements and topics, visit www.mnelearningsummit.org.

Invitation to Exhibit
The steering committee for the 2015 Summit invites organizations and companies interested in exhibiting at the Minnesota eLearning Summit. Booth space is limited, early registrations are encouraged. Visit www.mnelearningsummit.org for exhibitor benefits, set up details, and online registration.
For More Information
Julie Schmitz
University of Minnesota

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Call for Posters | B&F Division | SLA 2015 in Boston (Revolutionary Practices in Business Information, Research & Librarianship)

Theme:                 Revolutionary Practices in Business Information, Research & Librarianship

Location:             2015 SLA Annual Conference-Boston, MA

Date:                     Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Time:                    Presenters at posters from 10 am - 10:45 am for "speed round" presentations
                                Posters on display in the Exhibit Hall from 9 am - 2 pm

In this call for posters, the Business & Finance Division of SLA is providing an opportunity for business librarians to share ideas and develop research collaborations.

The landscape of business information and research has been a constantly evolving environment over the last decade, and libraries have faced similar changes from buildings and collections to institutions of knowledge creation and management. In response, business information professionals and librarians have revolutionized their practices and become change agents.

We are looking for case studies or practical applications on how business librarians and information professionals are revolutionizing, changing, expanding, and creating new practices in business information, research and librarianship. We are also interested in practical studies or examples of business libraries or research functions or practices that have been remodeled or refashioned in order to better create, share, or transform business information or research. Examples include but are not limited to:

*         Revolutionary methods in sharing business information with relevant constituents
*         Creating or furthering development of business intelligence in a profound, unique way
*         Transforming the mission of your institution and the functional results of the transformation, such as social engagement, asset management, and more
*         Radical approaches to solving typical information needs or obstacles
*         Reforming fiscal management in unexpected ways to deal with new budgetary objectives

New revolutionary practices for the B&F Poster Session:

  1.  We will also consider inspirational, theoretical posters this year if the proposal includes enough detail to justify a poster presentation. For instance, if you have an idea that fits the revolutionary theme that you have not been able to implement yet, we will still consider the idea for a poster presentation.
  2.  While the traditional poster session format will continue, we will update it by adding a "speed round" tour of all the posters at a designated time. Each poster presenter will have 1 minute to pitch his or her poster to the group.
  3.  There will be an award for best poster this year, judged by past Chairs of the B&F Division. Posters will be judged based on the following criteria: contribution to the field, innovative ideas, and effective presentation and delivery.
  4.  Because many of you rely on presenting to help you get funding to attend the conference, this year we will begin reviewing poster submissions in January. We will inform those who have been accepted as early as January 26, 2015 so they can take advantage of early bird pricing on registration.

Guidelines for materials and layout of poster presentations are available on the SLA Business & Finance Division website at http://bf.sla.org/conferences/poster-guidelines/

The deadline for abstract submissions is March 2, 2015. Please submit your name, institution, email address, poster title, and description (250 words or less) by email to Emily Doyle at emily.doyle@moore.sc.edu.

This session is sponsored by the Business & Finance Division. Any SLA Member is welcome to submit an abstract for consideration. In the event that a greater number of submissions are received than can be accommodated, members of the Business & Finance Division will be given preference. If you are interested in becoming a member of the SLA Business & Finance Division, join at http://www.sla.org/

Help your colleagues learn from your work by sharing your experiences, both successful and unsuccessful, at the upcoming poster session at SLA Conference in Boston, June 2015.

All applicants will be notified no later than April 1, 2015 as to whether or not their proposal has been accepted.  As mentioned above, early submissions will be notified by 1/26/15 to take advantage of early bird pricing on registration.   After we have received 20 acceptable quality submissions, we will not be able to accept anymore.  If that occurs before 3/2/15 we will post a notice to this listserv and the B&F website.  If you have questions about this session, contact:

Emily Doyle
Darla Moore School of Business | University of South Carolina

CFP on Open Access and the Future of Academic Libraries

Beginning in early 2015, Rowman & Littlefield will begin publishing a series of volumes on the future of academic libraries.  Nine volumes in the series are currently in the works with Dr. Brad Eden, Dean of Library Services at Valparaiso University, serving as the series editor.

A tenth volume is now being planned, which will focus on open access and how the movement toward open access is impacting and will continue to impact library services.  The editor of this volume will be Kevin Smith of the Duke University Libraries.

Proposals for essays to be included in this volume are now welcome.  Proposals regarding any topics related to open access and the future of research libraries are welcome; the following is a non-exclusive list of areas that papers could address:

                Library services and open data
                Libraries as publishers
                ETDs and the anxiety of openness
                The impact of open access on journal publication
                Metrics for measuring the impact of OA
                Disciplinary approaches to open access
                MOOCs and OERs
    Openness and library literature
    The mechanics and politics of library-published OA journals

A title and proposal of no longer than 300 words should be sent to Kevin Smith at kevin.l.smith@duke.edu by February 1, 2015; final manuscripts of accepted papers will be due by October 1, 2015

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IFLA 2015 - Classifications & Indexing Section - Call for papers

World Library and Information Congress: 81th IFLA General Conference and Assembly
Cape Town, South Africa, 15-21 August 2015

Call for papers

Open Session for the Classification & Indexing Section

"Dynamic Subject Access: Evolution and Transformation?"

The Classification & Indexing Sections will be organizing an open session during the 2015 conference in Cape Town.  We are seeking papers addressing new and interesting ways of supplying subject access. Subject access tools and services are not limited to libraries only: important developments are (also) happening elsewhere. We would like to explore novel ways of exposing library subject metadata to other communities and, on the other hand, libraries using subject access tools developed by others. Topics include:

·         big data & subject access

·         use and reuse of subject metadata and tools

·         the chain of supply in the creation of subject metadata

·         providing form/genre access in addition to subject access

Important Dates
6 February 2015 - Deadline for submitting 1,200 word proposals for papers and presentations. Proposals may be submitted in English or French. A brief biographical statement of speaker(s) should also be submitted. Information should include: title of presentation; subthemes that it addresses, a short abstract, all authors, noting likely presenter; institutional affiliations; contact information, including all email addresses.
9 March 2015   Successful proposals will be identified and information sent to all who submit proposals.
1 May 2015 - Deadline for submission of final paper and abstract. Deadline for submitting full papers and presentations, plus a brief biographical statement of speaker(s). Papers should be no more than 2000 words and can be submitted in English or French.  Attempts will be made to provide translations into other official languages. Information should include: title of presentation; subthemes that it addresses, abstract, all authors, noting likely presenter; institutional affiliations; contact information, including all email addresses.
31 May 2015  - Deadline for authors to return Authors Form.
30 June 2015 - Deadline for all PowerPoint presentations from speakers.
June/July 2015 - All speakers will be notified of the time of the program.

All submissions and any questions should be sent to be sent via email in a MS Word attachment to Harriet Aagaard (harriet.aagaard@kb.se) by 6 May 2015.  The receipt of all submissions will be acknowledged.
At least one author will be expected to attend conference to deliver the paper.  The length of the presentations should be approximately 15 minutes with 5 minutes for questions/discussion.

Please note
All expenses, including registration for the conference, travel, accommodation etc., are the responsibility of the authors/presenters. No financial support can be provided by IFLA, but a special invitation can be issued to authors.

Harriet Aagaard
Kungliga biblioteket
Metadata och systemstöd
Box 5039
102 41 Stockholm

Besöksadress: Humlegården
Telefon: +4710-7093612
Mobil: +4670-0073612
E-post: harriet.aagaard@kb.se

Håll dig informerad om Deweyfrågor genom Deweybloggen:

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CALL FOR RESEARCH PAPERS AND POSTERS: Science and Technology Section of ACRL at ALA Annual, San Francisco 2015

The Research Committee of the ACRL Science and Technology Section is hosting its Annual Research Forum (Sunday June 28, 2015) and Poster Session (Monday, June 29, 2015) at the 2015 American Library Association Annual Conference in San Francisco, CA.

The Research Forum provides an excellent opportunity to share a wide range of research endeavors and methodologies relevant to science and technology librarianship. Poster presentations focus on the STS or Open theme. The Committee adheres to mentoring principles and a “blind” review process to select proposals.

Submissions for the paper and poster presentations are selected based on the quality of the abstract and the demonstration of significant progress toward completing the research project by June 2015.  Writing style is critical and should be clear, concise, and organized.  The abstract for the Research Forum should include several aspects of the research process.  Some examples are:
·         Hypothesis
·         Problem or purpose – research question or thesis – stated in one sentence.
·         Literature review in its simplest form – where your project fits within the scholarly community.
·         Target group: people, animals, things, etc. and relevant characteristics.
·         Methodology with essential components
·         Basic findings, including statistical limitations such as confidence intervals
·         Conclusions, implications, or applications
·         Contribution to the advancement of science and technology librarianship.
·         Demonstration of innovative and original research.
·         Contributes ideas for positioning librarians to be leaders both on and off campus.

Abstracts.  Abstracts should total no more than 250 words while addressing the aforementioned criteria.  Abstracts should indicate presentation category: Featured, Short Paper, or Poster Session (described below).  Because this is a blind review process, be sure to include your name, institution, phone, and e-mail addresses of all participants (not part of word count) on a separate page.  Please indicate whether or not the project has been submitted to other conferences, for publication in a journal, published, or previously presented.

Featured Paper Presentations.  The Featured Paper Presentation is 20 minutes in length and will be followed by a thoughtful 10-minute critique from a guest commentator, who will offer suggestions on how to prepare the paper for publication.  Proposals should reflect research that has been completed or initiatives that have already been implemented. At a minimum, significant progress should have been made toward completion or implementation.

Short Paper Presentations.  Short Papers are 10 minutes in length and will be followed by a thoughtful 5-minute critique from a guest commentator, who will offer suggestions on how to prepare the paper for publication or generate additional ideas that will move the paper forward. Proposals should reflect research or initiatives that have been completed or are currently in progress.

Poster Presentations.  Submissions for the poster session are selected from two categories – the STS Theme and Open category.  The STSTheme for 2015 is "Unlocking the Sciences: Collaborative Research with Community Engagement through Citizen Science.Citizen scienceis the practice of non-experts contributing to or engaging in scientific research across all disciplines. The Open category is for research endeavors or practitioner projects outside this year’s theme that enhance science and technology librarianship.  Proposals should provide useful and practical findings, and describe opportunities for discussion with participants.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS: Galileo's Birthday, Sunday, February 15, 2015.  Submissions are selected by the STS Research Committee. Acceptance of proposals reflects a commitment by the author(s) to present at the ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco. Specific logistical details will follow upon acceptance.  Abstracts should be submitted via e-mail to both Greg Nelson,greg_nelson@byu.edu, and Hannah Gascho Rempel, Hannah.Rempel@oregonstate.edu, Co-Chairs of the STS Research Committee. 

Libraries As Publishers: IFLA ACD WLIC 2015 Call For Papers

Libraries As Publishers: IFLA ACD WLIC 2015 Call For Papers

Ann OKERSON, Acquisition & Collection Development Section
THEME: In its 2015 Open Programme, IFLA's Section on Acquisitions and Collection Development will begin to explore the topic of "Libraries as Publishers" and envisions an expanded version of this topic (including case studies) for its 2016 Satellite Meeting. We are seeking 5-6 thoughtful, high quality papers of 10-15 minutes each, addressing the following types of strategic and overview aspects. The goal is to present this emerging strategic topic in a global setting. We invite librarians and publishers to submit in the following areas:
  • What is library publishing? What types of libraries are publishing?
  • Why - what issues are libraries addressing and how are these being solved?
  • Relationship of library publishing to collection development activities
  • Content – what is being published?
  • Business models in use – what types and with what success? How can libraries sustain such efforts financially?
  • Artifact models - what new formats/entities/things can be published?
PROCESS: Full abstracts of up to 500 words should be submitted for review by members of the Section. Please submit these as an attachment in MS Word.
The deadline for submitting a detailed abstract and full author details is 28 February 2015. Selection of papers is based on the abstract, and presenters will be notified whether they have been successful by 15 April 2015.
Please direct submissions to: Ann Okerson (aokerson@gmail.com). 
We eagerly look forward to your contributions!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Call for Submissions for Academic BRASS Newsletter

Submit a brief article to Academic BRASS! It's a great way to share your professional knowledge with other business librarians and get a publishing credit.

Please submit your idea for an article to Charles Allan (ca20@txstate), Chair of the Business Reference in Academic Libraries Committee by March 1, 2015

Current issue here:

Potential topics include:

  • Outreach, student relations, and instruction.
  • Successful research or program articles regarding business librarianship
  • Strategy articles on approaches to research assistance and explanations of research tools, especially electronic resources.
  • Review articles on books, electronic resources or web sites.

All articles should be practical and useful. Our contributors use a journalistic, sometimes humorous tone.

Occasionally, feature articles can extend to 1000 words or more, but a more typical length is 500-800 words. Authors should be guided by what they have to say rather than an arbitrary word length.

All articles are subject to editing for length, style, and content.

The newsletter follows the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition for all matters of style and citation. Authors whose articles include references to print or internet resources are urged to observe the conventions set forth in that book and on the APA web site (http://www.apastyle.org/).

Monday, December 08, 2014

CFP: LITA Heads of Library Technology (HoLT) IG meeting (ALA Midwinter - Chicago)

CFP: LITA Heads of Library Technology (HoLT) IG meeting

CFP: LITA Heads of Library Technology (HoLT) IG meeting
When:  Sunday, February 1, 2015 1:00 to 2:30 pm
McCormick Place West W176b

Link: http://alamw15.ala.org/node/25955

The LITA Heads of Library Technology Interest Group (HoLT) seeks 2-3 short presentations (10-15 minutes) on issues relating to Library Technologies for the upcoming 2015 ALA Midwinter conference in Chicago.  All topics will be considered.  The topics related to data-driven libraries, what tools/technologies you use to  capture users’ behavior across platforms are highly encouraged .

Physical attendance is required for the presentation and/or attendance at this meeting.

Deadline for proposal submission is January 15th, 2015.

Please submit proposals via the form  
http://goo.gl/forms/9ihbt9hqtP or email us off list.


Robert Nunez, LITA HoLT IG Vice-Chair robert.nunez@marguette.edu
Hong Ma, LITA HoLT IG Chair hma2@luc.edu

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Call for Participation: LITA UX IG Meeting at ALA MW 2015

Call for Participation: LITA UX IG Meeting at ALA MW 2015

The LITA User Experience IG seeks 2-3 short presentations (10-15 minutes) on UX and Web usability for the upcoming 2015 ALA Midwinter Conference. This will be a physical meeting, and so the physical attendance for the ALA Midwinter is required for the presentation and/or attendance for this meeting. 

The LITA UX IG is also seeking the suggestions for discussion topics, things you have been working on, plan to work, or want to work on in terms of UX/Usability. All suggestions and presentation topics are welcome and will be given consideration for presentation and discussion. 

Please submit your topic below in the comments section in this CFP post in ALA Connect (http://connect.ala.org/node/231586). You may also e-mail us off-the-list.

Meeting Details
Title: LITA User Experience IG Meeting
Date & Time: Sunday, February 1, 2015 - 10:30am to 11:30am
Location: McCormick Place West W176b

Bohyun Kim, LITA UX IG chair bkim@hshsl.umaryland.edu
Rachel Clark, LITA UX IG vice-chair rachael.clark@wayne.edu

CFP: "Libraries and Frontiers: Historical Perspectives" Library History Round Table (LHRT) of the American Library Association (ALA Annual 2015)

The Library History Round Table (LHRT) of the American Library Association
(ALA) seeks papers for its Research Forum at the 2015 ALA Annual Meeting in San
Francisco, June 25-30, 2015.

"Libraries and Frontiers: Historical Perspectives" Library History Round Table Research Forum, June 2015

The theme of the Forum will be the history of libraries and different kinds of frontiers – geographical as well as figurative.

Subjects may include -- but are not limited to -- historical studies of:
• Geographical Frontiers - libraries situated at (or beyond) national/regional boundaries; libraries expanding into new territories.
• Intellectual and cultural Frontiers – libraries advancing and responding to new ideas and shifting paradigms.
• Technological Frontiers – libraries at the forefront of innovation.

LHRT welcomes submissions from researchers of all backgrounds, including students, faculty, and practitioners. Proposals addressing academic libraries are encouraged to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), but submissions exploring all library types are welcome.

Proposals are due on Jan. 16, 2015. Each proposal must include the paper title, an abstract (up to 500 words), and the scholar's one-page vita. Also, please indicate whether the research is in-progress or completed. It is desirable that the abstract include a problem or thesis, as well as a statement of significance, objectives, methods/primary sources used for the research, and conclusions (or tentative conclusions for works in progress).

From the submissions received, the LHRT Research Committee will select several authors to present their completed work at the Forum. So that the Forum's facilitator may introduce and react to each author, completed papers are due June 19, 2015. Presentations will likely be recorded and made available to paid conference attendees. The Research Forum will likely occur on Sunday, June 27, 2015. All presenters must register to attend the conference. For registration options, see ALA's events and conferences page at: http://www.ala.org/.


Please submit proposals and direct inquiries to:
Eric Novotny
LHRT Vice-Chair/Research Committee Chair Penn State University Libraries
W321 Pattee Library
University Park, PA 16802
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CFP: ALADN 2015 (Academic Library Advancement and Development Network - San Diego)

Are you involved in library fundraising and advancement? 

Join us for ALADN 2015 in San Diego, CA! This year's theme is Fundraising by the Bay. Formed in 1995 the Academic Library Advancement and Development Network (ALADN) is designed to explore issues of interest, offer networking, and assist in mutual problem-solving for professionals involved in advancement, communications, and development for academic and research libraries. 

We are looking for pre-conference and conference proposals as well as poster sessions. 

The deadline for submissions is January 9, 2015.

Please review the full CFP and submission form.

Pre-Conference Chair, ALADN 2015 

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

2015 Call For Papers: Acquisitions Institute at Timberline Lodge

2015 Call For Papers: Acquisitions Institute at Timberline Lodge

The Acquisitions Institute at Timberline Lodge

Join us in 2015 with our Keynote Speaker, Courtney Young, President, ALA

Saturday, May 16 through Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Timberline Lodge - One hour east of Portland, Oregon on the slope of Mt. Hood

Call for Papers

WHAT IS The Acquisitions Institute?

* Since 2000, the pre-eminent conference located in Western North America on acquisitions and collection development held at Timberline Lodge.

* A three-day conference focusing on the methods and madness of building and
managing library collections to be held May 16-19, 2015.

* A small, informal and stimulating gathering in a convivial and glorious Northwestern setting.

Visit the Acquisitions Institute home page at: http://www.acquisitionsinstitute.org/ for more information

WHAT TOPICS are we looking for?

The planning committee is open to presentations on all aspects of library acquisitions and collection management.  Presenters are encouraged to engage the audience in discussion. Panel discussions are well received.  The planning committee may wish to bring individual
proposals together to form panels.

The committee is especially looking for submissions on the following topics:

  • All aspects of managing and directing acquisitions and/or collection development operations
  • Acquisitions functions in open source catalogs, integrated or unified library systems, etc.
  • Evolving consortial roles in collection development and acquisitions
  • Staffing, training and development, and recruiting issues, challenges, successes
  • The future of scholarly communication--its impact on acquisitions and collection development
  • Data curation and management and other new roles for subject librarians and technical services specialists
  • The development and management of digital collections, electronic resources
  • Cloud applications and implementation in collection services
  • Streaming content, and other user-centered collection services
  • The impact of discovery services on collection and content access and usage
  • External and internal factors driving a library's collection management decisions
  • Assessment tools, methods, and projects-- (i.e., linking collections with learning outcomes; usage studies)
  • Return on investment studies—how do we demonstrate our impact?
  • Acquisitions and collection development: the small academic library or public library perspective
  • The future of print:  what are the collection management issues?
The DEADLINE for submitting a proposal is December 30, 2014.

To submit a proposal, send an abstract of 200 words or less to:



The Acquisitions Institute at Timberline Lodge planning committee:

Kristina DeShazo, Oregon Health & Science University;
Stacey Devine, Northwestern University;
Nancy Slight-Gibney, University of Oregon; and
Scott Alan Smith, Langlois Public Library