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Call for Book Chapters on Corporate Libraries

Call for Book Chapters on Corporate Libraries

NEW DATE: Please send chapters or chapter proposals by July 28, 2009

We are seeking chapter proposals for a new edited collection on corporate libraries. This book will be an edited collection of chapters describing best practices in a variety of corporate libraries worldwide, providing both a foundation of knowledge for scholars in library and information science areas and information and ideas for practicing corporate librarians. The editors have obtained an interest from the publisher, and a contract is pending a list of potential chapters and contributors.

Please submit a proposal of 250 words, or a full chapter, for consideration.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

Planning a Corporate Library, including chapters on topics such as design, architecture, and facility planning, budget and staffing, long range planning, technology planning, hiring, recruiting, and training for a new library.

Collaborations, including chapters on interlibrary lending and borrowing, joint libraries, consortia and other types of collaborations and organizations.

Technology, including chapters on best practices, discussions of the use of technology, and the scope of a corporate librarian’s job such as what technological support they offer, web sites and internet databases in relations to corporate librarianship, electronic services.

Staffing, including human resources, continuing education, professional networking, core competencies, management, routines

Communications, including articles regarding communications; for example, with satellite offices, with overseas branches, interdepartmental, computer mediated communication, and more.

Knowledge Management/ Organization, including topics covering how Corporate Libraries manage data and knowledge and organize it, and share it.

Special Issues This section will include articles about any special issues pertaining to Corporate Librarianship, such as current challenges, copyright and other legal topics, especially those that
are unique to corporate librarianship.

Please send chapters or chapter proposals by July 28, 2009, through email to:

Sigrid Kelsey and Jorie Porter, editors

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Call for Articles: "Biz of Acq" column of Against the Grain

Call for Articles: "Biz of Acq" column of Against the Grain

Against the Grain is a down-to-earth, practice-oriented library journal. Its goal is to provide acquisitions librarians in all types of libraries, and information sellers, with current information on events in the field, and practical insights into acquisitions techniques and processes. The "Biz of Acq" column features discussions of key acquisitions topics by working librarians.

Ideas for upcoming "Biz of Acq" articles include:
-Acquisition of electronic resources, eg., streaming videos, electronic scores, MP3's, e-books, etc.
-Acquisitions/Cataloging workflows eg. exporting at point of order, purchasing bibliographic records with materials, the impact of cataloging considerations on the decision to purchase databases, etc.
-The technology of acquisitions eg. library systems, databases, spreadsheets, the web, etc.
-Acquisitions in a bad economy with a declining budget, eg. reallocation of funds, serials cuts, policy changes regarding purchasing paperbacks, second copies, and content in a 2nd format, etc. -Finding and selecting vendors and vendor comparison and assessment.
-Workflow analysis.
-Managing accounting and accounts.
-Acquisitions workflows to take advantage of sales.
-Managing customer expectations and difficult selectors.
-Recruiting, training, and retaining Acquisitions Librarians and staff.

Feel free to choose any of these topics, or one of your own. Theoretical articles, research reports, "how-to" articles, case studies, literature reviews and conceptual or opinion pieces are welcome. Article length should be approximately 1200-1500 words (4-5 pages, double-spaced).
Contributions may be written by individuals or co-authored.


If you are interested in writing for "Biz of Acq", please contact the editor:

Michelle Flinchbaugh
Acquisitions Librarian
Albin O. Kuhn Library
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CFP: ALCTS Catalog Form and Function Interest Group (ALA Annual, Chicago, Ill.)

CFP: ALCTS Catalog Form & Function Interest Group (ALA Annual, Chicago, Ill.)
11 July 2009, 10:30-12:00 AM
Hilton Continental C

The ALCTS Catalog Form & Function IG will be meeting in its usual high-impact, high-conflict time slot at ALA Annual this year, this time at the Chicago Hilton, the main conference hotel. Our topic this summer will be *Accentuating the "e-"*, and we are currently looking for presenters for that session. Presentations should be approximately 15 minutes in length with 10 minutes for follow-up questions.

*Accentuating the "e-"*: Libraries are increasingly looking for ways to draw attention to their growing local and consortial investments in e-resources by flagging these titles in the catalog, adding URLs to print and e-versions, adding search filters or facets for "Online", "Internet", "e-book", and "e-journal" offerings, creating external lists, RSS feeds, and so on. We will look at some of these methods and see if they are really serving the need they were intended to serve.

A separate call will be made within CFFIG, seeking nominations for the office of Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect. At the conclusion of Annual, the role of Chair is to pass to Richard R. Guajardo of the University of Houston. Congratulations Richard!

Charley Pennell
Chair, CFFIG

Charley Pennell

Monday, May 25, 2009

Freelance Writer on Library-Related Subjects (Primary Research Group)

Freelance Writer on Library-Related Subjects (Primary Research Group)

Primary Research Group is seeking writers, preferably practicing librarians, to summarize the results of surveys of professors, librarians and college students. Familiarily with research data a plus. All materials supplied; no research required. Please reply with resume to

Sunday, May 24, 2009

CFP: Handheld Librarians Conference (online - July 30 & 31, 2009)

CFP: Handheld Librarians Conference (online - July 30 & 31, 2009)

Alliance Library System, Learning Times, and the Infoquest project are cosponsoring a
Handheld Librarians Conference to be held online on July 30 and 31, 2009 online using
Adobe Connect.

You are invited to submit a proposal for a 60 minute program on a mobile library topic If your proposal is accepted, you will receive free registration to the two day conference.

Please send your name, institution, position, email address, phone number, address, and the title of your presentation to: by June 22. Include a brief abstract about your program which discusses how your project started, how you staff your project, and the impact it has had on your library and services. We will contact you by July 1 regarding your program status.

If you have questions about the conference or the process, please contact

Lori Bell
Director of Innovation
Alliance Library System
600 High Point Lane
East Peoria, IL 61611
(309)694-9200 ext. 2128

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CFP: International Conference for Digital Libraries and the Semantic Web (ICSD 2009)

CFP: International Conference for Digital Libraries and the Semantic Web (ICSD 2009)

September 8-11, 2009 - University of Trento, Trento (ITALY)

*Paolo Bouquet, University of Trento (Italy)
*Johannes Keizer, FAO of the United Nations (Italy)
*Devika Madalli,Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore (India)
*Wolfgan Nejdl, University of Hannover (Germany)
*ARD Prasad, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore (India)
*Dagobert Soergel, University of Maryland (USA)
*Heiko Stoermer, University of Trento (Italy)

are pleased to announce:

the Reopening of Papers Submissions and Deadline Extension to JUNE 8, 2009;

to present

the Conference KEYNOTE SPEAKERS:
-Fausto Giunchiglia (University of Trento, Italy)
-Sankar. K Pal (Indian Statistical Institute, India)

and to invite submissions for the

"Advanced Technologies for Digital Libraries" Workshop (!



Digital libraries, in the central view of the term, focus on storing and organizing digital objects and providing access to these objects through professional or user-generated metadata or content-based search (full text, image content, full musical score). In an expanded view, DLs also support annotation, generation or editing of digital objects and provide tools for processing digital objects. The semantic Web focuses on the formal representation of data for more precise retrieval and, more importantly, for reasoning so that many often disparate items of data can be combined to directly answer a user's question or to devise a plan of action. ICDLSW addresses two main questions:

(1) How can digital libraries support Semantic Web functionality?
(2) How can Semantic Web technology improve digital libraries?

Ultimately the goal is an environment in which all functionality is available to the user without the perception of different systems or system boundaries. Contributions are sought that address one or both of the main questions or steps towards the ultimate system.

SPECIFIC TOPICS that address one or both of the main questions can be found at:

FULL CALL FOR PAPERS available at:

The conference will explore the area of digital libraries and the semantic web through tutorials, workshops, demonstrations, invited talks and presentations. The conference will also serve as a working platform for communities to discuss and agree on joint work. We also encourage the submission of WORKSHOP proposals for this purpose.


*** June 8, 2009***: Submission (Papers, Posters & Workshops)

July 1, 2009: Notification

July 13, 2009: Camera-ready copy

Tuesday, September 8, 2009: Workshop on "Advanced Technologies for Digital Libraries"

Wednesday-Friday, September 9-11, 2009 - 13 h: International Conference for Digital Libraries and the Semantic Web (ICSD 2009)


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

CFP: 13th Conference of Atmospheric Science Librarians International

CFP: 13th Conference of Atmospheric Science Librarians International

13th Conference of Atmospheric Science Librarians International (ASLI): Integrating Weather, Climate and Social Studies: Challenges and Opportunities for Librarians, 20-21 January 2010, Atlanta, Georgia. Weather events and climate change have impacted societies since the dawn of civilization. From long-term droughts causing massive disruptions of populations of Southwest Native Americans in the 1200s to singular weather catastrophes such as Hurricane Katrina to extreme meteorological events that changed the course of history, the societal impacts from short and long-term weather and climate events are enormous. Now more than ever, the demand for accurate climate and weather information and resources from almost every aspect of society are critical to our understanding of the historical context of such events. Libraries and archives are treasure troves of historical weather data and information, and librarians are particularly skilled in synthesizing information from seemingly disparate disciplines as
meteorology and policy, history, and economics.

The purpose of this meeting, to be held on 20-21 January 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia, is to focus on how the library community is responding to the challenges and opportunities of integrating information from social sciences such as history, anthropology, socioeconomics, government and policy with weather and climate change.

We invite proposals for papers describing how libraries are responding to the challenges of weather impacts on society, covering topics such as specialized historical collections and archives, risk/emergency management, climate and weather data sets, socioeconomic resources, interactions with academic social studies programs, tools for the distribution of knowledge, and ideas on how best to meet user demands for more integrated information products. Submissions should include full contact information, a title, and brief abstract of less than 250 words. We will repeat last year's successful "Technology Tools and Tips" session and invite anyone who is using a useful new technology or an old technology in new and interesting ways to participate in this "lightning round" session, consisting of back-to-back 5-minute talks. Students are particularly encouraged to submit proposals.

Please submit proposals to: Gene R. Major, ASLI Chair-elect, NASA
Goddard Space Flight Center Library, Code 272, Greenbelt, MD 20771
USA; 301-286-4394;

The deadline for abstracts: October 1, 2009.

Gene R. Major
Program Manager, Library Associates
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Code 272
Greenbelt, MD 20771

CFP: ALCTS CCS Catalog Management Interest (ALA Annual, Chicago)

CFP: ALCTS CCS Catalog Management Interest (ALA Annual, Chicago)

The ALCTS CCS Catalog Management Interest Group invites proposals for presentations for our meeting at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago. The group will be meeting on Saturday, July 11th, from 1:30-3:30.

Topics for presentations are open, but must fit within the group's mission statement, outlined below:

To discuss the various issues involved with cataloging, classification, and authority control after the initial cataloging has been performed. In this respect, catalog management is defined as the continuous upgrading and updating of a catalog, regardless of its format, be it card, microform, book or on-line. The group will provide a forum for exchanging information and discussing techniques, new developments, and problems in managing the bibliographic integrity of library catalogs.

Deadline for submissions is May 22, 2009. Please submit proposals and any questions to:

Melissa De Fino
Chair, ALCTS CCS Catalog Management Interest Group, 2009
Special Collections Catalog Librarian
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

Monday, May 18, 2009

Call for Articles: Library Worklife: HR E-News for Today's Leaders

Call for Articles: Library Worklife: HR E-News for Today's Leaders

Do you have a story to tell?
Come and share it at Library Worklife!

Library Worklife: HR E-News for Today's Leaders is looking for aspiring and experienced writers - library employees and graduate students who have stories to tell about their careers, jobs, research, and pathways to success. Library Worklife is a monthly, electronic newsletter published by the American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA). Stories can be about:
• You or a great project that you want to share with colleagues - Spotlight
• Advice, testimonials, opportunities and research about advancing your career – Career Advancement
• Why it is important to participate in professional development and continuing education, including state and national certification programs - Certification
• Legal issues facing or concerning library personnel - Human Resources Law
• How to manage library staffing issues, such as training, budgeting, performance appraisals, hiring, outsourcing, and motivation - Human Resources Practice
• What you, your library or your state has done to address pay inequities - Salaries and Pay Equity and Statistics
• How do we attract people to the profession? - Recruitment
• Profiles, standards, innovative approaches, conferences or topics of concern for support staff - Support Staff
• How you manage the two (or more) roles you play on a daily basis - Work/life Balance
Write about your ideas or use some of ours on almost any other topic related to working in libraries.

Submission should range from 200 – 1200 words, although longer articles can be accepted by arrangement. They can be in almost any style from serious academic research to humorous work-life articles. Further details can be found at the Library Worklife web page, or by emailing the editor, Jenifer Grady at

And the best news is… If you commit to writing three (3), count ‘em THREE, articles in one year, you get a free subscription to Library Worklife, a $35 value (for ALA Regular members.)

So come and share your story, at Library Worklife.

Jenifer Grady, MSLS, MBA, CAE -
Director, American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA)
50 East Huron, Chicago, IL 60611
312-280-2424 (o), 312-280-5013 (f)
ALA-APA advocates for improving the Salaries and Status of Library Employees
Have you contributed to ALA-APA this year?

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CFP: ACRL New Members Discussion Group (ALA Annual, 2009)

CFP: ACRL New Members Discussion Group (ALA Annual, 2009)

The ACRL New Members Discussion Group invites the submission of proposals for presentation at its meeting at the 2009 ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, IL on Saturday, July 11, 2009.

The ACRL New Members Discussion Group is for new (and aspiring) academic librarians. We meet twice a year–at both ALA conferences–to chat about whatever is on our minds. It’s an opportunity for networking and a friendly place to ask any questions you have about succeeding in ACRL. Presenters at this meeting have the opportunity to contribute to the professional development of other academic librarians, gain conference presentation experience, and
build their CV.

Our meeting topic for the conference is “The Publication Process: Getting Published in LIS Journals.” We are interested in presentations that share personal experiences with the publication process, that will help new and aspiring academic librarians gain a better understanding of the various steps that are involved in this process. We seek proposals for presentations that address this topic from a variety of angles, including (but not limited to):

-Planning a systematic research program
-The publication process: Generating topics, writing up and submitting the manuscript, working with an editor, responding to reviewers, etc.
-Targeting various journals for publication
-What to do if your manuscript is not accepted

The ACRL New Members Discussion Group meeting will take place on Saturday, July 11, 2009, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Presenters should plan to speak for 10 minutes and allow 5 minutes for questions/discussion. There will be three presentations. Following the presentations, we will open the floor for discussion on the topic, or we can answer your questions about getting involved in national activities and/or academic librarianship in general.

Proposals are due by June 8, 2009. Notification of acceptance will be made by June 15, 2009. Please include the following information in your proposal:

1. A cover sheet with your name, title, institutional affiliation, mailing address, phone number, and email address.
2. A second sheet that contains no identifying information and includes the title and a 200-300 word description of your presentation. The description should clearly identify the topic of your presentation, your personal experience with this topic, and how your presentation will contribute to new and aspiring librarians’ understanding of the publication process.
3. Keep in mind that there will be no use of technology for these presentations.
Feel free to bring handouts if you’d like to provide a list of further
reading, etc.

Please submit proposal by email to Merinda Hensley (ACRL Convener) at

Call for chapters: Reference in the Modern World(s)

Call for chapters: Reference in the Modern World(s)

Reference has gotten more complicated in recent years, with the plethora of materials online and in paper, more ways to ask questions and deliver answers, a larger multicultural public, and interdisciplinary subjects. All this is complicated by declining budgets as usage increases.

This is a call for chapters for a new book that covers these issues and more, for public and academic libraries. New authors as well as experienced authors are welcome. Chapters can be co-written. The deadlines are short to get it to press while still timely; a letter of commitment is needed by June 1, with a brief abstract or outline of topics and a short CV. Please feel free to ask

Working title: Reference in the Modern World(s)


Length - 3,000 - 5,000 words (negotiable)

Bibliography is required

Reference for the unattached - freelancers, distance students, entrepeneurs, home schoolers, military, self-employed Business and academic support in the library, and vice versa

Balancing online and onshelf - budgeting for both, balancing services, training staff and patrons

Changing where we work - roving, virtual, embedded, and co-operative

Changing how we work - FAQs, websites, metadata, wikis, and knowledge management

Changing who does the work - staff and paraprofessionals, training, outsourcing

Specialists and generalists - new breeds and hybrids

Teaching your library - instruction, orientation, and learning commons

Images and media - reference when it's not written

Multicultural and multilingual - same skills, different outlooks

Special collections - getting patrons to the good stuff Geneology, rare books, archives, manuscripts, local history

More topics are welcome, please feel free to contact me.


Letters of commitment due June 1

First draft due week of August 2

Edited drafts returned week of August 30

Final draft due week of November 1


Adult reference librarians in public and academic libraries, and LIS students.

Editor : Susan Knoer, MLS

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Out Behind the Desk: Workplace Issues for LGBTQ Librarians (Book Chapter)

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Out Behind the Desk: Workplace Issues for LGBTQ Librarians (Book Chapter)

Out Behind the Desk: Workplace Issues for LGBTQ Librarians (a working title), edited by Tracy Nectoux and published by Library Juice Press as part of the series Gender and Sexuality in Librarianship.

Seeking submissions for an anthology of personal accounts by librarians and library workers relating experiences of being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, or queer at work. This volume seeks to represent a broad spectrum of orientations and gender identities, highlighting a range of experiences of being and/or coming out at work. Also welcome are critical and historical perspectives on the challenges of navigating gender and sexuality in the library workplace.

Objective of Book

Librarians and library workers are in a singular position to discuss the difficulty—even today, even in libraries—of choosing to be out at work. Our situations are unique. We are educators, leaders, and often advocates of some of our most vulnerable citizens: LGBTQ youth. We face two enormous, yet conflicting consequences when we decide to come out: the risk of jeopardizing our own professional security while simultaneously presenting ourselves as allies to LGBTQ patrons. The discussions in this volume will be an uncommon and valuable addition to the literature of gender and sexuality in the workplace, a topic that has been little examined in library literature.

Suggested Topics:
• Personal narratives of coming and being out in the library workplace
• Personal, historical, and critical approaches to hostile environments and/or colleagues
• Accounts of supportive environments and/or colleagues
• Narratives of workplace discrimination struggles
• Narratives of coming out in rural and urban contexts
• The challenges of coming and being out in historical perspective
• When and why library workers stay closeted
• Other critical, historical, and personal perspectives related to being out in the library

Target Audience:
LGBTQ librarians, library workers, and library school students, as well as library administrators who might find such a volume helpful in creating an inclusive, diverse, and safe workplace for both employees and patrons who are sexual minorities.

Submission Guidelines:

We welcome and encourage submissions from a broad spectrum of librarians and library workers and seek to be inclusive of all ages, library types (public, academic, or private libraries), geographies (rural, urban, international), and sexual orientations and gender identities (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual, gender-queer, questioning, etc.). A range of submissions are welcome, including essays, poetry, and visual art.

Anonymous submissions will be accepted from librarians and library workers who are not out.

Deadline for summaries: May 31, 2009

Submit a brief summary (3 paragraphs maximum) and a short author’s statement or URLs where appropriate. Electronic submissions only to

Deadline for manuscripts: December 31, 2009

One electronic copy. Black-and-white artwork may be submitted in hard copy; author responsible for securing image copyright permissions. Text may range from 100 to 5,000 words.
Tracy Nectoux
Cataloger, Illinois Newspaper Project
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Cell: 217-766-7984

Call for Poster Sessions (Michigan Library Association Conference)

Call for Poster Sessions (Michigan Library Association Conference)

The 2009 MLA Conference will be held November 3- 6 in Lansing. Poster Sessions will be from 12 p.m.- 4 p.m. on November 4 and 5 in the Lansing Center Exhibit Hall. Poster sessions provide an opportunity for individual librarians or libraries to share graphic representations of current research, programs or creative solutions to library problems. Presenters are given a one hour time slot during the conference to present posters, answer questions, and give away handouts relating to the session. Accepted presenters will be notified by July 31, 2009

Guidelines for the poster session are found here:

Please submit a 200 word abstract via email to: David Scott,

Second Call for Submissions: Journal of Library and Information Service for Distance Learning

Second Call for Submissions: Journal of Library and Information Service for Distance Learning

The Journal of Library and Information Service for Distance Learning, a peer-reviewed journal published by Routledge/The Haworth Press, welcomes the submission of manuscripts.

The journal is devoted to the issues and concerns of librarians and information specialists involved with distance education and delivering library resources and services to this growing community of students.

Topics can include but are not limited to:
• Faculty/librarian cooperation and collaboration
• Information literacy
• Instructional service techniques
• Information delivery
• Reference services
• Document delivery
• Developing collections
If you are interested in submitting an article, send the manuscript directly to the Editor, Jodi Poe at by June 1, 2009. Inquiries and questions are welcome.

Instructions for authors are available at or can be emailed to you directly.

Jodi W. Poe, Editor
Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning
Associate Professor, Head of Technical Services
Houston Cole Library
Jacksonville State University
700 Pelham Road North
Jacksonville, AL 36265-1602
TEL: (256) 782-8103
FAX: (256) 782-5872

CFP: Evidence-Based Library and Information Practice

CFP: Evidence-Based Library and Information Practice

Are you using data in decision-making? Has taking an evidence-based approach to your work helped you to make the right choices for your library, your staff, and your users? We want to know, and we want to help you share the lessons you've learned about implementing evidence-based practice in your library.

Evidence-Based Library and Information Practice has launched a new feature called "Using Evidence in Practice" to provide brief reports of LIS practitioners' use of evidence to assist with decision making. Have you followed an evidence- based approach in your daily work? Have you begun a new project and incorporated assessment to measure outcomes and success? Have you tried to incorporate evidence but not had any success? All of these scenarios lend themselves to a retelling that may benefit others. Please consider writing about your experience and submitting it to EBLIP.

Submissions to the "Using Evidence in Practice" feature follow a structured format to report practical implementations of an evidence-based approach to tackling workplace problems and are reviewed by the editorial team for publication in the journal.

A sample "Practice" feature can be found at:

Author guidelines are available at:

If you have questions about the "Using Evidence in Practice" feature of EBLIP, please contact Scott Walter, Associate Editor, at

EBLIP is a peer reviewed, open access journal published quarterly by the University of Alberta Learning Services, using the OJS Software. The purpose of the journal is to provide a forum for librarians and other information professionals to discover research that may contribute to decision making in professional practice. EBLIP publishes original research and commentary on the topic of evidence based library and information practice, as well as reviews of previously published research (evidence summaries) on a wide number of topics.

Visit the journal at:

ACRL Research Writer's Consultations @ ALA Annual (Chicago)

ACRL Research Writer's Consultations @ ALA Annual (Chicago)

New for the 2009 ALA Annual Conference! The ACRL Research Program Committee (RPC) is sponsoring Research Writer’s Consultations at the 2009 ALA Annual Conference, held July 9-15 in Chicago. Aimed at the new or inexperienced writer, the Research Writer’s Consultations will bring together small groups of two to three writers matched with an experienced writer or editor, who will offer guidance and critique.

Are you an ACRL member working on a research article? Would you like some constructive feedback? Submit a draft research paper for consultation. RPC will match new writers with experienced writers and the groups will meet face-to-face during the Chicago conference. Draft research papers must be submitted by June 1, 2009. Papers will be shared only among members of the designated groups. Submission details follow:

Include on first page: Author’s name and contact information in upper left and a paragraph describing what you would like others to comment on about your paper (e.g. grammar, writing style, clarity, presentation of the research methodology, etc).

Page limit: 25 double-spaced pages, standard 1” margins

Preferred format: Microsoft Word. Number pages. Footers should include author’s full name and e-mail.

Draft research papers should be in complete enough form for others to read easily.

Submit by June 1 to: Ruth Vondracek at

Are you an experienced, published writer or editor? Interested in providing guidance to your colleagues who may be writing their first research article? Submit your name and a description of your areas of expertise by June 1, 2009. Reviewers are expected to review papers submitted for their small group in advance of the Chicago conference, as well as guide their small group consultation onsite during the conference.

Please send your current contact information, a copy of your current resume or list of publications, and a brief description of your current research interests.

Submit by June 1 to: Ruth Vondracek at

Each group will correspond ahead of time to set up their own meeting time and place at the Annual Conference to critique the papers, discuss approaches for writing, and share ideas on where to submit articles.

Questions should be directed to Ruth Vondracek at

Monday, May 11, 2009



The 4th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (ICITST-2009), Technical Co-Sponsored by IEEE UK/RI Section, November 9–12, 2009, London, UK

The 4th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (ICITST-2009) is co-sponsored by IEEE UK/RI Section. The ICITST is an international refereed conference dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practical implementation of secured
Internet transactions and to fostering discussions on information technology evolution. The ICITST aims to provide a highly professional and comparative academic research forum that promotes collaborative excellence between academia and industry. The objectives of the ICITST are to bridge the knowledge gap between academia and industry, promote research esteem in secured Internet transactions and the importance of information technology evolution to secured transactions.

The ICITST-2009 invites research papers that encompass conceptual analysis, design implementation and performance evaluation. All the accepted papers will appear in the proceedings published by IEEE and fully indexed by IEEE Xplore. All the ICITST papers are indexed by DBLP.

The topics in ICITST-2009 include but are not confined to the following areas:

* Application of agents
* Application security
* Blended Internet security methods
* Biometrics
* Boundary issues of Internet security
* Broadband access technologies
* Challenges of content authoring
* Data mining security
* E-society
* Globalisation of information society
* Government, and corporate Internet security policy
* Internet architecture
* Infonomics
* IPSec quality of services
* Patentability
* Regulation, self-regulation, and co-regulation Web services
* Secured database systems
* Synchronising e-security
* Software Architectures
* Technology-enabled information
* Trust, privacy, and data security
* Wireless transactions
* Context-Awareness and its Data mining for Ubi-com service
* Human-Computer Interface and Interaction for Ubi-com
* Smart Homes and its business model for Ubi-com service
* Intelligent Multimedia Service and its Data management for Ubi-com
* USN / RF-ID for Ubi-com service
* Network security issues, protocols, data security in Ubi-com
* Database protection for Ubi-com
* Privacy Protection and Forensic in Ubi-com
* Multimedia Security in Ubi-com
* Quality of Service Issues
* Authentication and Access control for data protection in Ubi-com
* Information visualization
* Web services
* Service, Security and its Data management for U-commerce
* New novel mechanism and Applications for Ubi-com
* Information Management
* Multimedia Information Systems
* Information Retrieval
* Natural Language Processing
* Digital Libraries
* Data and Information Quality Management
* Data Grids, Data and Information Quality
* Database Management
* Web Databases
* Temporal and Spatial Databases
* Data Mining
* Web Mining including Web Intelligence and Web 3.0
* E-Learning, eCommerce, e-Business and e-Government
* Web Metrics and its applications
* XML and other extensible languages
* Semantic Web and Ontology
* Human-Computer Interaction
* Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
* Knowledge Management
* Ubiquitous Systems
* Peer to Peer Data Management
* Interoperability
* Mobile Data Management
* Data Models for Production Systems and Services
* Data Exchange issues and Supply Chain
* Data Life Cycle in Products and Processes
* Case Studies on Data Management, Monitoring and Analysis
* Security and Access Control
* Information Content Security
* Software Architecture
* System design and verification
* Mobile, Ad Hoc and Sensor Network Security
* Distributed information systems


Paper Submission Date May 31, 2009
Notification of Paper Acceptance/Rejection June 30, 2009
Camera Ready Paper Due September 1, 2009
Author Registration September 15, 2009
Early Bird Attendee registration October 01, 2009
Conference Dates November 9-12, 2009

The ICITST also encourages organisations to submit their Job
Fair Booth Reservations and/or Exhibit Proposals. If your
organisation is interested, kindly submit a brief Proposal (not
more than 1 side of A4 page) to

For more details, visit

Friday, May 08, 2009

Call for Papers Issue 16: Children in the Library (LIBREAS)

Call for Papers Issue 16: Children in the Library (LIBREAS)

Children represent one of the largest groups of patrons served by the public library. This may be one of the reasons why many positive associations are linked to these institutions in society. Despite their importance, children lack representation within the LIS literature or, if they are subjects of literature, authors refer to well-intentioned but more paternalistic strategies which result in one-sided approaches. For instance, literacy is one of the main issues at which libraries work is aimed. However, a short glance in public libraries reveals that literacy programs constitute only one small portion of the children’s interaction with the library – children mostly make use of a library as a playground and a place for adventure.

Apart from the practice-oriented discussion, LIS literature also lacks interdisciplinary connectivity to fields such as pedagogy, educational research, anthropology and sociology to name a few. One may assume that the already achieved knowledge which scrutinizes one-sided approaches to learning activities may influence the discussion. One may also expect a growing influence of the ongoing debate about new perspectives on early childhood education in the LIS literature.

Last but not least, recent demographic changes within western societies are changing the social structure that children inhabit. On one hand, immigration leads to a higher proportion of children with multi-cultural backgrounds; on the other hand children are growing up in a more distinguished media landscape. These developments are undeniable and cause new challenges in practise. Nevertheless, there is a striking discrepancy between reality and scientific discourse.

LIBREAS aims at shedding light on this discrepancy and proposes an interdisciplinary symposium held in Berlin complementing issue #16. Our purpose is to bring together representatives from the respective disciplines and librarians in order to debate the benefits and limits of library work for children.

General sample questions for discussions are:
• What is the impact of library work on children and how can it be assessed in an evidence-based manner?
• What is the relationship between libraries and educational institutions?
• Do librarians take enough advantage of educational research?
• What does an appropriate learning environment of children look like? What kind of needs must such an environment fulfill?
• What are children doing in the library and what keeps them there?
• Why do children stop going to a library when they grow up?
• How does library work reflect diverse cultural and social backgrounds of children?
• Are children really “digital natives”?
• What kind of media do children expect in the library and elsewhere?
As an E-Journal with an editorial board both in Berlin (Germany) and St. Paul, Minnesota (US) we aim to compare the situation in the US and Germany both on a national and on a local level.
• Social and demographic conditions
• Ambitions and realities of library programs
• The role of immigrants (e.g., in Germany it seems that library services are often aim at white, middle-class kids)
• Personal experiences of parents, librarians, teachers and children
• Best-Practises apart from read-aloud, gaming and Harry Potter parties
LIBREAS is looking forward to your fresh and controversial contributions on the topic of “Children in the Library”. Indeed, we welcome new perspectives on that issue not outlined above, too. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Proposed submission deadline: End of October 2009

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Call For Proposals: Pay-Per-View Options: Is Transactional Access Right For My Institution? (ALA Annual, 2009)

Call For Proposals: Pay-Per-View Options: Is Transactional Access Right For My Institution? (ALA Annual, 2009)

Please send abstracts of presentations to ERIG co-chairs, Jennifer Lang and Amira Aaron , by Friday, May 22, 2009.

ALCTS CCS Electronic Resources Interest Group
ALA Annual Conference Chicago

In a world where funding is decreasing and demand is increasing, libraries and librarians are looking for ways to provide access to content without submitting their bottom line to costly and sometimes little-used online journal subscriptions.

The ALCTS CCS Electronic Resources Interest Group invites proposals for its panel discussion at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, on Saturday, July 11, 2009, from 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

The discussion will center on the experiences of libraries and electronic resources librarians as they implement and manage transactional access models at their institutions. The panelists will
discuss why transactional access was right for their institution, the driving forces behind their decisions, the implementation process, technical implementation and management of the access, and the outcomes of their endeavors. The panelist presentations will be followed with a question and answer session, as well as an open forum for audience members to share their experience(s) with the session participants.

Please send abstracts of presentations to ERIG co-chairs, Jennifer Lang and Amira Aaron , by Friday, May 22, 2009.

Jennifer Lang
Electronic Resources Cataloging Coordinator
Room 2-7-G, Firestone Library
Princeton University
One Washington Road
Princeton NJ 08544-2098
609.258.5476 phone
609.258.0441 fax

Amira Aaron
Director for Information Resources
Brandeis University Library and Technology Services
415 South Street MS045
Waltham MA 02454
781.736.4647 phone
781.736.4724 fax