Friday, August 24, 2007

Call for Manuscripts and a Reviews Editor - Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship

Call for Manuscripts and a Reviews Editor - Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship

The Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship(JERL) is a peer-reviewed journal concerning issues in electronic resources librarianship. The journal is published quarterly by The Haworth Press (Taylor & Francis). Submissions are being accepted for the inaugural and future issues of this journal.

JERL is also looking for a Reviews Editor who will be charged with editing a review section to include books and other resources of interest in the

This journal aims to inform librarians and other information professionals about evolving work-related processes and procedures, current research and the latest news on topics related to electronic resources and the digital environment's impact on collecting, acquiring and making accessible library materials.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

Collecting electronic resources
• Assessment/evaluation of e-resources, Collection planning, Balancing Electronic with print, Determining value of e-resources, Policies and procedures in maintenance of digital resources and collections

Managing electronic collections
• Licensing, negotiation, and alternatives, Stewardship and Preservation of e-resources, Standards, Cross-functional work/workflow, Library-vendor relations

Making digital collections accessible to users
• User preferences and expectations, Digital Rights Management, E-resources delivery/promotion, Information needs and behavior of users, Marketing and promotion of e-resources, Search & Locate Tools

Scholarly Communication issues
• Intellectual Property, Copyright and Fair Use, History of publishing, Changing nature of research in digital environment, Economics of e-resources in libraries

Digital Libraries and digital collections
• Digitization/re-digitization projects, Digital repositories within the larger collection

Changing environment and the effects on libraries
• Planning the digital future, Changing nature of librarianship, Organizational change, Collaboration/collaborative work environments

JERL strives to find a balance between original, scholarly research, and practical communications about relevant topics in electronic resources librarianship.

The journal will publish the following types of articles:
• Peer-reviewed articles of a scholarly (original research) nature
• Practice-related articles, such as case studies or pieces on the state of the field/new areas of work
• Review articles of books, conferences, and other resources of interest in the field
• Editorial/guest columns on topics of interest to those who work with electronic resources

Query letters to the editor to determine suitability for the Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship are welcome.

Bonnie Tijerina
Editor, Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship

Bonnie Tijerina
Electronic Resources Coordinator, Collection Development
Georgia Institute of Technology
Library and Information Center
Atlanta, GA 30332-0900
AIM: bltijerina

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Call for Articles: "Biz of Acq" column of Against the Grain

Call for Articles: "Biz of Acq" column of Against the Grain

Against the Grain is a down-to-earth, practice-oriented library journal. Its goal is to provide acquisitions librarians in all types of libraries, and information sellers, with current information on events in the field, and practical insights into acquisitions techniques and processes. The "Biz of Acq" column features discussions of key acquisitions topics by working librarians.

Ideas for upcoming "Biz of Acq" articles include:

-Managing customer expectations and difficult selectors.
-Recruiting, training, and retaining Acquisitions staff.
-Vendor comparison and assessment.
-Workflow analysis.
-Credit card purchasing on the web--policies, practices, and problems.
-Managing accounting.
-Finding and selecting vendors.
-Electronic Resources.
-The technology of acquisitions--library systems, databases, spreadsheets, the web, etc.
-Purchasing DVD's, CD's or music scores.
-Acquisitions workflows to take advantage of sales.

Feel free to choose any of these topics, or one of your own. Theoretical articles, research reports, "how-to" articles, case studies, literature reviews and conceptual or opinion pieces are welcome. Article length should be approximately 1200-1500 words (4-5 pages, double-spaced). Contributions may be written by individuals or co-authored.


If you are interested in writing for "Biz of Acq", please contact the editor:

Michelle Flinchbaugh
Acquisitions Librarian
Albin O. Kuhn Library
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250
Phone: (410) 455-6754
Fax: (410) 455-1598

Friday, August 10, 2007

CFP: "Managing Technology" Column, Journal of Academic Librarianship

CFP: "Managing Technology" Column, Journal of Academic Librarianship

For the last three years I've been writing the "Managing Technology" column for the Journal of Academic Librarianship. There are some (many?) topics I can't write about, so I'm looking to farm out a few columns to get those topics covered. Yes, there's an honorarium.

The topic areas I especially want (but I'm open to suggestions as well) are:

- networking
- software (e.g. software on public machines)
- security

I'm interested in overviews, not "how we did it." To see what the articles might look like, I've posted my preprints:

I'd like the articles to be instructional, informative, practical.


Karen Coyle / Digital Library Consultant
ph.: 510-540-7596 skype: kcoylenet
fx.: 510-848-3913
mo.: 510-435-8234

Monday, August 06, 2007

Call for Articles: Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences

Call for Articles: Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences.

This is the second message asking for authors for needed articles for the Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences. We are attempting to wrap up the invitation process for the encyclopedia, and have a just a few articles remaining to be assigned. Sometimes we didn't know who to ask, other times people have had to withdraw, and so on, so we still have some articles.

Due to a technical glitch, my last email request did not go out to the ASIST list, so I am repeating a few topics that appeared there, even though I have some preliminary volunteers. We are looking for people who have knowledge of the specified area, so please tell me about your qualifications to write on the topic(s) you are interested in.

Thanks for your interest; we got a number of volunteers for the first list I sent out a few days ago, and we are sorting that out to make invitations.

Please volunteer asap--by August 7 at the latest.

Government records management
Optical scanning and text recognition
Mobile and wireless information technology
Information theory
Booksellers and book trade
Book collecting and collectors
Microform storage in libraries
EU information policy
Digital libraries
Piracy of digital media
Version control
Network management
Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
Colon Classification
Document type description (DTD)
World Wide Web
Information storage technologies
Marcia J. Bates, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Editor (with Mary Niles Maack), Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences
Department of Information Studies
Graduate School of Education and Information Studies
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1520 USA
Tel: 310-206-9353
Fax: 310-206-4460

Friday, August 03, 2007

CFP: Edited Book on e-Book Collections in Libraries

CFP: Edited Book on e-Book Collections in Libraries
Please contact by August 17, 2007

For a forthcoming edited book on the growth and importance of e-book collections in libraries, we seek articles on any aspect of this topic. If you are currently working on something or have an idea that could be turned into an article over the next several months, please contact us by August 17, 2007.

Please e-mail both co-editors, William Miller ( and Rita Pellen ( with your inquiry or proposal.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Call for Papers and Posters - Joint Meeting of Northern California and Nevada Medical Library Group

Call for Papers and Posters - Joint Meeting of Northern California and Nevada Medical Library Group
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: February 6-9, 2008
Call for Programs Date: to be determined

Annual joint MLA chapter meeting of the Northern California / Nevada Medical Group (NCNMLG ) and the Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona (MLGSCA)

The schedule includes two days of programs and exhibits, plus two days of Continuing Education courses. You can look forward to an outstanding program of nationally recognized speakers, a wide range of engaging CE courses, and the latest in vendor product information. And
did we mention that it's in Las Vegas? We hope to see you there! For more information, visit the conference website:

We will be issuing a call for abstracts in early September. You need not be a member of NCNMLG or MLGSCA to submit a proposal. In fact, we welcome submissions from all interested librarians and information professionals. The conference theme -- Viva Librarians! -- explores and celebrates all that librarians do in contributing to improved health and the advancement of medical knowledge. Stay tuned to this page for updated information. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Please direct any questions to:
Contributed Papers
Peggy Tahir

Hella Bluhm-Stieber

LITA Acquisitions Editor Position (volunteer)

LITA Acquisitions Editor Position (volunteer)

The Library and Information Technology association invites applications for the member volunteer position of Acquisitions Editor. The Acquisitions Editor is charged with developing topics for LITA Guides and Monographs, soliciting suggested publications from LITA members and others, interacting with authors to produce the publications in manuscript format, and coordinating the editorial review of manuscripts by members of the LITA Publications Committee.


-Is responsible for staying abreast of current and emerging library and information technologies to garner ideas for topical publications.
-Actively solicits authors.
-Determines the most suitable publishing format for the content.
-Works with the Chair of the Publications Committee to coordinate editorial review among committee members, including delivery of manuscripts to individual committee members and determination of deadlines for the editorial review process. Non committee reviewers may be appointed by the committee Chair whenever necessary and appropriate.
-Sets and coordinates schedules with authors and the LITA office.
-Ensures that at least two publications are produced each year.
-Evaluates new technologies with a goal of maximizing exposure and distribution of time sensitive content, and works with the Publications Committee and LITA to implement publishing formats and methodologies that meet the needs of our readership.


-Must have a publication record or background that demonstrates excellent writing skills, recognized scholarship in the field, and editing experience.
-Must have a broad knowledge of current and emerging information and library technologies.
-Must be skilled in working closely and effectively with authors to turn an idea into a useful technology guide.
-Must attend the LITA Publications Committee meetings at Midwinter and ALA Annual Conferences and report on status of and strategies for new publications.
-Must be a member of LITA.


Although there is no pay associated with the position, the person will receive a stipend of $1500/year or will be reimbursed for travel and lodging expenses up to $1500/year, and receive free press registration for attending the ALA Midwinter meeting and Annual Conference.

Submit applications to:
Dan Marmion, Chair, LITA Publications Committee

Associate Director for Information Systems and Digital Access
University Libraries of Notre Dame
221 Hesburgh Library
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Phone: 574/631 3811
Fax: 574/631 6772

The application review begins August 15, 2007.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

CFP: Thirteenth Off-Campus Library Services Conference

CFP: Thirteenth Off-Campus Library Services Conference
Location: Salt Lake City
Date: April 23-26, 2008
CFP Deadline: September 30, 2007

Faculty, librarians, administrators, staff and students who have an interest in or are working with students who take classes at a distance from campus are welcome to present a proposal for this conference. The five subject tracks below offer a framework for the conference. Select a track relating to your topic and send in your proposal. The conference offers an audience who understands and responds to your presentation and publication in the Journal of Library Administration.

Research- Surveys, assessment, statistics, theories, overviews

Teaching and learning- Methods, strategies, models, one-on-one, classroom

Electronic information and delivery- E-books, databases, web technology, virtual reference

Collaboration- Librarian, faculty, consortia, or other

Administration and support services- Program development, ILL, document delivery, reference management systems, collection development, budgets, staffing

Additional information about formats, submission requirements, timelines and evaluation criteria are available on the web site.

For more updates about events at the conference or if your e-mail has changed subscribe to the Conference Listserv

To subscribe go to this address:

In the message area type:
subscribe OCLSCONF your first name your last name
For Example: subscribe OCLSCONF Jane Smith

Connie Hildebrand

Conference Coordinator
Off-Campus Library Services Conference
April 23-26, 2008, Salt Lake City, Utah

Call for Speaker: Professional Development Seminar-San Diego Chapter of SLA

Call for Speaker: Professional Development Seminar-San Diego Chapter of SLA

The San Diego Chapter of the Special Libraries Association is seeking speakers for our annual full day professional development seminar to be held October 12, 2007 at QUALCOMM in San Diego, CA.

Our theme is: "The Library as Velcro: Embedding the Library Into the Larger Organization"

Topics may include but are not limited to:

* Getting Library resources onto multiple departmental, team, or project resource intranet pages
* Getting Librarians included on client departmental project teams or work groups.
* Getting invited to and attending regular client departmental & strategic planning meetings
* Holding "office hours" or operating satellite "libraries" in client locations
* Selling the Library to upper management

We are looking for case studies from those who have done it, not just theory. You will want to cover things like how the arrangement came about, how it was implemented, what daily functioning looked like, benefits to all parties, and lessons learned. Success is not required
as we often learn more from what went wrong.

At this time, we are figuring approximately 45 minutes for each speaker, covering both presentation and Q&A.

Please submit your proposal to Elizabeth Grossman at by Aug. 20, 2007. We will notify you of the planners' decisions by August 31. We encourage submissions from librarians working in all types of libraries and SLA membership is not required.

We hope you will send us your presentation proposal today.


Elizabeth Grossman & Carol Hyne
Directors, SLA San Diego Chapter

Elizabeth Grossman
Senior Librarian
QUALCOMM, Incorporated
5775 Morehouse Drive
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 651-4341

CFP: Library Journal Special Issue for Black History Month

CFP: Library Journal Special Issue for Black History Month

NOTE: There might be some opportunities for people to write on issues about African American writers for the November 1 issue of LJ. This is really a call for books from publishers.

Original Notice:

To help libraries prepare for Black History Month as well as support their ongoing purchasing of multicultural books, Library Journal will again feature in its November 1 issue works by and about African American writers.

This issue will include books and audiobooks being published between November 1, 2007 and February 29, 2008. Please supply us with two galleys (or books) and one audiobook if possible in all subject areas, including reference, art, literature, poetry, religion, biography, history, politics, health, science, sociology, economics, and fiction, as well as promotional information and catalog copy. Please do not include reprints or children’s books.

This material is due on August 27, 2007. If you have any questions please call (646) 746-6800 or send e-mail to You may mail information to 360 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010.

Thanks for your cooperation.


Ann Burns
Associate Editor