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CFP: Print Networks Conference - History of the British Book Trade)

CFP: Print Networks Conference - History of the British Book Trade)

The twenty-fourth annual Print Networks conference on the History of the British Book Trade will take place at the University of Chester on 24-26 July 2007. The theme for the conference is Print culture in the provinces: the creation, distribution, and dissemination of word and image. Provincial-metropolitan inter-trade connections will be acceptable or on aspects of trade relations with any part of the former colonies & dominions.

A selection of the papers will be published in July 2008 as part of the Print Networks series, published by the British Library and Oak Knoll Press. Papers should be of up to 30 minutes duration. An abstract of the offered paper and a brief CV, (no longer than one side of A4 in total) of the likely contents should be submitted by 31 January 2007.

Further information, including contact details, available here:

An Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference on The Archive of the Future/The Future of the Archive

An Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference on The Archive of the Future/The Future of the Archive

April 6-7, 2007
Rochester, NY

In his essay Valery Proust Museum, Adorno associates museums with death rationalized, pointing at how a modernized form forces a chronological order onto the objects. This imposition, as he describes it, is partially a function of the physical layout of the archival space. In the digital age, however, archives no longer need necessarily be housed physically, nor must they abide by
chronological schema. Our present question concerns the future of the archive and what the archive of the future might look like or accomplish. Does the digitization of the archive give us an opportunity to rethink the archival project in terms of how the archive, its access and selection, has effects on knowledge, authority, and subjectivities?

Addressing the archive as an abstract concept, a concrete object, and a practice, we would like to consider theoretical explorations as well as projects focusing on libraries, museums, collections, collectors, the technical difficulties of archiving, standards or difficulties of preservation, and other theoretical, technical, or topical investigations.

Topics of interest can include but are by no means limited to:
-Legality, authority, or dissemination of archives
-Structures of the digital environment or how interfaces affect the archival enterprise
-Digitization and dynamics of globalization, imperialism, local movements
-Distinctions between public and private spaces Anonymity, erotics of encounter, role playing, and new or temporary subjectivities formed in contributing to or observing digital archives
-Archived memory in life-writing (autobiography, letters, journals, blogs, etc.)
-Archives, access, and the aura94 of a work
-The role of manuscripts, illuminated or otherwise
-Preservation and transmission of oral or written histories and memory
-Literary variorum
-Questions of old canons, new canons, and the end of the canon

The conference will be held the weekend of April 6th and 7th at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY and will be hosted by the English Department and the Program in Visual and Cultural Studies, as well as being funded by the Humanities Project. There will be multiple keynote speakers. Previous conference proceedings have been published in (In)Visible Culture. We are seeking interdisciplinary work in various fields, given as 20 minute papers, artist presentations, or other scholarly/professional visual presentations.

Please submit 500 word abstracts, including 5-10 digital images if you are proposing an artist talk or visual presentation, to by Monday, January 15, 2007.

For information and updates please see:

Call for Library Promotional Material: 2007 Swap & Shop PR Event (LAMA)

Call for Library Promotional Material: 2007 Swap & Shop PR Event (LAMA)

As you start preparing for the end of another year, I just want to remind you to hold on to the amazing library promotional materials that you created in 2006. In the coming months, we'll put out our call for entries in the annual Best of Show competition and the Swap & Shop event, sponsored by the LAMA Public Relations and Marketing Section at the 2007 ALA Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. Details will be available soon, but feel free to send me any questions or comments you may have.

Wishing all of you a wonderful 2007....

Troy Rumpf, Sway & Shop Chair
Manager, Community & Media Relations
Laramie County Library System
2800 Central Avenue
Cheyenne, WY 82001
307.635.1032 ext. 123

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March, 26th/27th 2008 in Vienna, Austria
Deadline for submission of abstracts: July, 31st 2007.

The conference “Libraries during the Nazi period” is organized by the Vienna University Library and the Vienna City Library in cooperation with the Association of Austrian Librarians. Taking place four years after the conference “Looting and Restitution in Libraries” in April 2003 at the Vienna City Hall, the focus of the 2008 conference will be on new projects and recent developments. The conference “Libraries during the Nazi period” is inviting papers on book looting, recent provenance research and aspects of the history of libraries during 1933 and 1945.

Topics of interest include:
-Recent developments in provenance research in libraries
-The looting of private and institutional collections between 1933 and 1945
-Aspects of the history of libraries relating to National Socialism (librarians before and during WWII, the politics of libraries, …)
-How libraries and other institutions with book holdings in German-speaking countries and in Central and Eastern Europe approach issues relating to looting and restitution.
-Archives and other sources of information for provenance research (Archival records; databases …)

Accepted papers will be published in conference proceedings. Proposals should be in Word and include a title and a summary of up to 300 words. These abstracts and a curriculum vitae with full contact details should be sent to:

Stefan Alker, Christina Köstner
Projekt Provenienzforschung
Universität Wien, Bibliotheks- und Archivwesen/
Vienna University Library
Dr.-Karl-Lueger-Ring 1, A-1010 Wien
Tel. +43-1-4277-15064

Christian Mertens
Wienbibliothek im Rathaus/Vienna City Library
Rathaus, A-1082 Wien
Tel. +43-1-4000-84978

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CFP: MINING MATERIAL CULTURE, 78th Annual Meeting, Southwestern Anthropological Association

CFP: MINING MATERIAL CULTURE, 78th Annual Meeting, Southwestern Anthropological Association

(April 12-15, 2007, Sacramento, CA.)

Deadline for Abstracts: Feb. 15, 2007.
The Southwestern Anthropological Association invites papers, posters, organized sessions and panel discussions that engage with material culture and materiality on substantive and theoretical levels. We particularly seek submissions that mine material culture for its epistemological limits and possibilities; for its embodiment of social and economic relations—both present and past; for its long and exceptional career as a marker of cultural identity and social distinction—generational, gendered, global, national, religious, and occupational; for its critical role in corporate branding, cultural imperialism, consumptive excess; and for its singular ability to express aesthetic and techno-scientific tradition and innovation, future and past—from iPods to IKEA and Clovis points to WMDs (however intangible and elusive).

The 21st century brings new meanings and sensibilities to the very notion of materiality—encouraging us to interrogate the archive as a repository of not simply the letter, the field note, the photograph, the map—but also the corporeal remnants and reflections of the newly fleeting and ephemeral: the digital image made material through the film, print, mapping and coding technologies that organize our everyday lives, from the medical to the mundane—the ultrasound and full body scan to the instant message and hand-held GPS.

We especially invite submissions from our colleagues outside the academy, including museum professionals and cultural resource managers—private, state, federal and tribal—who can speak to the poetics and politics of NAGPRA, repatriation, collections and collectors, archives and museums, heritage preservation and archaeological tourism. Further, we seek, with this year’s theme, to encourage a dialogue about the history of mining, the Gold Rush, and the continuing impact of these activities on indigenous, settler, and new immigrant societies in Northern California, the Sierra Nevada, and beyond.

Deadline for Submissions: February 15, 2007
Conference Venue: Holiday Inn-Capitol Plaza, Sacramento, CA

For more information about SWAA, visit
Exhibitors, vendors, and presenters should direct queries about the annual meeting to:

Terri Castaneda, Ph.D.
President, Southwestern Anthropological Association
Department of Anthropology
California State University Sacramento,
6000 J. Street, Sacramento, CA 95819-6106.
Phone: 916-278-6067;

CFP: ALT-C 2007: Beyond control - Learning technology for the social network generation

CFP: ALT-C 2007: Beyond control - Learning technology for the social network generation

4-6 September 2007, Nottingham, England

First call for papers and abstracts

The online paper submission system for ALT-C 2007 is now open:

Please read the submission guidelines for Research Papers and for Abstracts
- and download the Research Paper Template if you wish to submit a research paper.

Key deadlines:

Research Papers and Abstracts
- Submissions open: 8 December 2006
- Last date for Research Papers: 14 February 2007
- Last date for Abstracts for short papers, symposia, workshops, demonstrations and posters: 28 February 2007

Booking by presenters
- Main presenter to book by: 9 June 2007
- All other presenters to book by: 29 June 2007

Please contact us for queries as follows:
- submitting proposals to ALT-C 2007:
Rhonda Riachi (

- sponsoring ALT-C 2007:
Seb Schmoller (

- exhibiting at ALT-C 2007:
Hayley Willis (

ALT-C 2007
Beyond control: learning technology for the social network generation
4-6 September 2007, Nottingham, England



World professional forum for leadership and staff of libraries, publishing houses, book trade business, museums, archives, information centers, universities, colleges, computer and Internet companies

Sudak, Alushta, Feodosia, Kerch, Koktebel, Simferopol,

Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine

June 9-17, 2007

The “Crimea 2007” Conference is held under the auspices of IFLA.

2007 Topic: The Role of Digital Information and Digital Libraries in Advance to the Knowledge-Based Society

Conference URL:

Deadline: March 15, 2007

The Conference program will be built around the following topics and will include sections, round tables, workshops and presentations.
-Worldwide Information Infrastructure, Interlibrary Cooperation, International Cooperation Projects
-National Libraries and National Information Resources
-Development and Preservation of Library Collections. Cooperation of Libraries, Publishers and Book Market.
-Online Technologies, CD-ROM, Electronic Publications and the Internet in Libraries
-Digital Libraries and Digital Resources. E-learning
-Automated Library Systems and Information Technologies
-Information Support of Education and Management
-Corporate Library and Information Systems, Corporate Technologies and Library Consortia
-Information and Linguistic Support of Library and Information Systems.
-Bibliographic Formats. Metadata. Data Exchange Standards and Protocols
-Library Staff, Profession and Education. Development of Educational Technologies in the Information Society Age
-Development of Library Collections in National Languages
-Libraries, Municipal Information and Regional Studies
-Library and Information Services for the Disabled
-Libraries, Museums, and Archives in the Global Information and Cultural Environment
-Ethics and Security of Electronic Information
-Environmental Protection Information and the Role of Libraries in Promoting
-Environmental Awareness of the Population
-Legal Information and Official Publications. Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights
-Libraries and Business in the Modern Information Environment
-Management of Libraries, Library and Other Professional Associations
-Library Science, Bibliography and Bibliology. Library Statistics
-Medical Information Resources and Systems. Hospital Libraries. Bibliotherapy
-Children, Computers, and the Internet. Problems of School Libraries and Information Literacy
-Library as Tolerance Space. Library and Politics
-Innovation Technologies in Science, Culture, and Education

A series of satellite events is also envisaged including annual conferences of library associations and professional groups. The list of sections, round tables, workshops and additional events will be continuously updated and finalized by the Program Committee in April 2007.

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CFP: AIRWeb 2007

CFP: AIRWeb 2007

URL (Conference):
URL (Call for Papers):

AIRWeb is a series of international workshops focusing on Adversarial Information Retrieval on the Web that brings together both researchers and industry practitioners, to present and discuss advances in the state of the art.

This year, AIRWeb'2007 will be co-located with the WWW'07 conference in Banff, Canada. The workshop will include a Web Spam challenge that will test different spam detection techniques on a shared reference collection. Accepted papers will be posted on the ACM Digital Library.

Important dates
7 February 2007: E-mail intention to submit (optional, but helpful)
15 February 2007: Deadline for submissions — see Call for Papers
15 March 2007: Notifications
30 March 2007: Camera-ready copy due
30 March 2007: Submissions to the Web Spam challenge due.
8 May 2007: Date of workshop

The ubiquitous use of search engines to discover and access internet content shows clearly the success of information retrieval algorithms. However, unlike controlled collections, the vast majority of the Web pages lack an authority asserting their quality. This openness of the Web has been the key to its rapid growth and success, but this openness is also a major source of new adversarial challenges for information retrieval methods.

Adversarial Information Retrieval addresses tasks such as gathering, indexing, filtering, retrieving and ranking information from collections wherein a subset has been manipulated maliciously. On the Web, the predominant form of such manipulation is "search engine spamming" or spamdexing, i.e., malicious attempts to influence the outcome of ranking algorithms, aimed at getting an undeserved high ranking for some items in the collection. There is an economic incentive to rank higher in search engines, considering that a good ranking on them is strongly correlated with more traffic, which often translates to more revenue.

This, the third AIRWeb workshop, builds on the previous successful meetings at Chiba, Japan as part of WWW2005, and at Seattle, USA as part of SIGIR2006. This workshop provides a focused venue for both mature and early-stage work in web-based adversarial IR.

We solicit both full and short submissions on any aspect of adversarial information retrieval on the Web. Particular areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

-Link spam: nepotistic linking, collusion, link farms, link exchanges and link bombing.
-Content spam: keyword stuffing, phrase stitching, and other techniques for generating synthetic text.
-Cloaking: sending different content to a search engine than to regular visitors of a web site, which is often used in combination with other spamming techniques.
-Comment spam in legitimate sites: in blogs, forums, wikis, etc.
-Spam-oriented blogging: splogs, spings, etc
-Click fraud detection: including forging clicks for profit, or to deplete a competitor's advertising funds
-Reverse engineering of ranking algorithms
-Web content filtering: as used by governments, corporations or parents to restrict access to inappropriate content
-Advertisement blocking: developing software for blocking advertisements during browsing
-Stealth crawling: crawling the Web while avoiding detection
-Malicious tagging: for injecting keywords or for self-promotion in general

Papers addressing higher-level concerns, e.g., whether "open" algorithms can succeed in an adversarial environment, whether permanent solutions are possible, how the problem has evolved over years, what are the differences between "black-hat", "white-hat", and "gray-hat" techniques, where is the line between search engine optimization and spamming, etc., are also welcome.

At least three anonymous reviews will be provided per paper, judged on the basis of relevance, originality, quality, and presentation. Proceedings of the workshop will be included in the ACM Digital Library. Substantially longer papers may also be submitted to ACM Transactions on the Web (TWEB): special issue on adversarial issues in Web search.

Full papers are limited to 8 pages; work-in progress will be permitted 4 pages. See submission instructions for details.

Web Spam Challenge
This year, we are introducing a novel element: a Web Spam Challenge for testing web spam detection systems. We will be using the WEBSPAM-UK2006 collection for Web Spam Detection that comprises a large set of web pages, a web graph, and human-provided labels for a set of hosts. To reduce the amount work due to data processing, we will also provide a set of features extracted from the contents and links in the collection, which may be used by the participant teams in addition to any automatic technique they choose to use.

We ask that participants of the Web Spam Challenge submit predictions (normal/spam) for all unlabeled hosts in the collection. Predictions will be evaluated and results will be announced at the AIRWeb 2007 workshop. See the Web Spam Challenge website for details.

Participation on the challenge does not require a paper submission, and researchers submitting papers are not required to participate in the challenge. However, we encourage that participants of the Web Spam Challenge also submit research articles describing their systems, and we encourage authors submitting research articles on Web Spam detection to participate in the challenge.

CFP: "Libraries and Sustainable Development: Perspectives on the Future”

CFP: "Libraries and Sustainable Development: Perspectives on the Future”

12-14 July 2007
Crowne Plaza
Kuching Sarawak MALAYSIA

The Malaysian Librarian Association will be hosting an International Conference 2007, July 12-14, 2007 at The Crowne Plaza Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. The theme of the conference is “Libraries and Sustainable Development: Perspectives on the Future”. The conference will provide and opportunity for practitioners and librarians to share experience and insights on libraries and sustainable development.

-To support IFLA’s Statement on Libraries and Sustainable Development [IFLA Glasgow 2002] -To give new insights on libraries and sustainable development
-To enhance the roles of libraries in sustainable development initiatives

The organizing committee of International Conference 2007 invites submission of papers.

The topic must be on libraries in the context of sustainable development. Areas of focus;

-IFLA’s Statement on Libraries and Sustainable Development [IFLA Glasgow 2002]
-New insights on libraries and sustainable development
-Roles of libraries in sustainable development initiatives

The conference program will comprise all papers accepted for the conference. For submission of presentation abstract, please read the following requirement.

Abstract must be received by 15 February 2007
Abstract should e submitted through email to or fax to (03-) in a Microsoft Word attachment.

Please observe the following information during the submission process:
Name and contact details of author, including email address
Author’s name and affiliation (institution/s you work for)
Abstract title
Abstract (at least 300 words)
Short biography of author (maximum 50 words)


Abstracts will be peer-reviewed. Successful proposals will be identified by 15th March 2007. Full papers will be due by 15 May 2007. Papers should be no longer than 20 pages to allow a delivery of 30 minutes.
For further information contact the International Conference 2007 Secretariat

International Conference 2007
Center for Academic Information Services
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
94300 Kota Samarahan
Tel: ++6082-583837, 583836, 583835
Fax: ++6082-665156
Email:, ,

Important dates

Submission of call for papers 15 February 2007
Notification of acceptance 15 March 2007
Submission of full papers 15 May 2007
Conference dates 12-14 July 2007

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CFP: Technical Writing panel of South Central Modern Language Association (SCMLA)

CFP: Technical Writing panel of South Central Modern Language Association (SCMLA)

The Technical Writing panel of the South Central Modern Language Association (SCMLA) seeks papers for the 2007 annual convention.

The topic is open. We are, however, particularly interested in presentations that address questions of documentation and sourcing in technical and professional communication. Submissions from newer scholars are also especially welcome.

Please email 500 word abstracts to Dr. Stephen E. Severn at by 1March 2007. If desired, hard copies may be mailed to

Dr. Stephen E. Severn
Department of English, Philosophy and Modern Languages
West Texas A&M University
Canyon, TX 79106

The 2007 SCMLA Annual Conference will take place in Memphis, TN from November 1st through November 3rd. Please visit for details.



June 20-24, 2007
Saratoga Springs, NY

SLA Hope:

The 24th Annual Conference of the Sport Literature Association will be held June 20-24, 2007, at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York. The Program Committee of the Sport Literature Association invites proposals for individual papers and complete sessions. All submissions should relate to the literature of sport in some way.

Scholarly and critical submissions for the conference should follow the general guidelines set forth in the association's publication, Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature, which "celebrate[s] the intersection of literature with the world of play, games, and sport." Submissions "should address treatments of sport in texts or textual media (print, film, performance, digital or other media). We invite essays on sport literature (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, or film) or on the rhetoric of sport. Cultural-studies approaches to sport texts are welcome." We also encourage sessions focused on presenters' original creations, including fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry.

Those interested in presenting should send abstracts of individual papers or original work or proposals for complete sessions by March 15, 2007to:

Dr. Craig Riordan
Department of Kinesiology and Recreation Administration
Humboldt State University
1 Harpst Street
Arcata, CA 95521

Phone: 707-826-4541
Fax: 707-826-5451

Submissions should include presenter's name, phone number, postal and email address, paper title, and a 250-word abstract (abstracts are mandatory since they will be printed in post conference proceedings). Indicate the type of presentation as research, fiction, creative nonfiction or poetry. Proposals should also include suggestions for possible panel members.

Presenters will be notified of acceptance by April 15, 2007

CFP: International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing

CFP: International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing

- 9th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing
(UbiComp 2007, Sept. 16 - 19, Innsbruck, Austria)

- UbiComp 2007 Challenge
(UbiComp 2007, Sept. 16 - 19, Innsbruck, Austria)

- 3rd International Workshop on Location- and Context-Awareness
(LoCA 2007, Sept. 20 - 21, Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich, Germany)

Holiday opportunity (by no means affiliated with or related to the
UbiComp conference and the LoCA symposium):
- Oktoberfest, Sept. 22 - Oct. 07, Munich, Germany ;-)

UbiComp2007 Call for Papers
UbiComp 2007 [1] will be the Ninth International Conference on
Ubiquitous Computing, held in Innsbruck, Austria, on 16-19 September 2007.

UbiComp 2007 invites original, high-quality research papers in the areas
of ubiquitous, mobile, embedded, and handheld computing. The conference
provides a forum for original research that enables new capabilities,
appropriate security and privacy, improved user experiences, and
simplified and powerful development and deployment practices. In
addition, we are interested in studies of existing and emerging
technologies, everyday use of technologies, and insightful commentary on
the state of the field.

Researchers are encouraged to submit papers on the following topics:
- Inferring the state of the user, such as location, activity,
intentions, resources, and capabilities in the past, present,
and future
- Developing ubicomp systems, including representations, architecture,
middleware, resource management, and service discovery
- Embedding computation for new user interfaces, assistive technologies,
communication, novel sensors, intelligent environments, wearable
computing, and continuous monitoring and actuation
- Building ubicomp systems for health, gaming, socializing, and other
- Ensuring user trust through privacy and security
- Understanding ubicomp and its consequences through conceptual models,
hard-won experience, user studies, business scenarios,
and real deployments

UbiComp has a history of being a very selective conference, and there is
no desire to reduce expectations on quality. In an effort to enhance the
breadth of the conference, we aim to increase the number of accepted
full papers to approximately 40 for this year, which is up from 30 last
year and 22 the year before. Presentations will be scheduled in a
dualtrack format. The conference will institute a process for nominating
and selecting awards for best paper and presentations at the conference.

Submissions will be peer-reviewed by members of the program committee
and by selected expert reviewers. Papers will be evaluated on the basis
of originality, significance of contribution, technical correctness,
overall appeal to the general UbiComp reader, and presentation. Papers
submitted must not have been previously published nor currently under
review for any publication with an ISBN, ISSN, or DOI number. If
submitted work may appear to overlap with the authors’ previous work,
the authors should email the PC chairs [2] directly to explain how the
new work is different. All reviewers will be instructed to keep
submissions confidential, although submissions must be publishable by
the cameraready deadline.

Accepted papers will be published in Springer’s Lecture Notes in
Computer Science (LNCS), and all submissions should be formatted
according to their guidelines [3]. Misformatted submissions, or those
longer than 18 pages, are subject to rejection without review. Shorter
submissions will not be penalized, and each submission’s length should
be appropriate for its content. One author from each accepted paper will
be required to attend the conference to present their work.

Paper submissions must be anonymized to facilitate blind review. Authors
are encouraged to take care throughout the entire document to minimize
references that may reveal the identity of the authors or their
institutions. Relevant references to an author's previous research
should not be suppressed but instead referenced in a neutral way.
Papers should be submitted as PDF files through PCS at [4].

A PDF version of this CfP is also available [5].

Important Dates:
Submission Deadline: March 9, 2007 (23:59 PST)
Author Notification: May 25, 2007
Camera-Ready Version: June 29, 2007
UbiComp Conference: Sept. 16-19, 2007

Program Chairs:
John Krumm, Microsoft Research, USA
Gregory Abowd, Georgia Tech, USA
Aruna Seneviratne, NICTA, Australia

Conference Chair:
Thomas Strang, University of Innsbruck and German Aerospace Center

[2] pcchairs(at)

UbiComp Challenge
UbiComp 2007 [1] will introduce a new instrument to promote and encourage
high quality research in the area of UbiComp: The UbiComp Challenge.
It is a field test intended to accelerate research, development and
applicability of UbiComp technology.

Using an "eating your own dog's food" approach, the UbiComp2007
Challenge is seeking for submissions of how to implement an audience
voting system to finally determine the winner of the "Best Presentation
Award" which will be given at UbiComp2007 for the first time. The
central requirement is that the proposed solution makes clever and
efficient use of UbiComp technology, and can actually be implemented
by the proposers before and used at the conference in September 2007.
The conference organizers reserve a grant of up to 2000 EUR to buy
necessary equipment claimed and justified by the best proposal.

The challenge call [2] is intentionally underspecified in terms of
approaches and technologies to allow for a creative and innovative
scientific solution employing all kinds of ubiquitous computing
technologies and techniques that are appropriately addressing the
problem space.

The challenge offers an excellent way to showcase tangible results of
ubiquitous computing research and development to approx. 500 attendees
from academia and industry, which is also the amount of people which
are expected to use the winner's system at the same time, so it should
scale adequately. We believe that the experiences and findings from
developing and running a system of this scale provide valuable results
to the UbiComp community.

The UbiComp Challenge committee will carefully review all submissions
to identify the most appealing approach, which is still realistic to be
implemented in the given timeframe:

Submission Deadline: Feb 01, 2007
Notification: Mar 15, 2007
Conference: Sep 16-19, 2007

We expect submissions in form of an abstract that describes the ubicomp
technology being adopted and discusses the novelty and distinguishing
ideas, but also provide justification for the feasibility of the
approach and cost estimates. The challenge abstract of the best five
submissions will be published in the Conference Supplement and should
therefore be self-contained. The best submissions are also given the
opportunity to showcase their approaches in the UbiComp demo program.

The abstracts should be a maximum of 8 pages, in the LNCS conference
publications format, including all figures and references and one
additional page for the review process summarizing all pieces of
equipment you expect to use and a complete cost estimation of your

Submit your proposals as PDF document to challenge(at)

We are looking forward to your submissions!

UbiComp 2007 Challenge Chair
Matthias Kranz, University of Munich

LoCA 2007 Call for Papers
3rd International Symposium on Location and Context Awareness
September 20th-21st. Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich, Germany
(right after UbiComp 2007 in Innsbruck, right before the Oktoberfest in Munich)

The 2007 Symposium on Location and Context Awareness seeks new and
significant research on systems, services, and applications to detect,
interpret and use of location and other contextual information.
Context includes users’ activities, goals, abilities, preferences,
interruptibility, affordances, and surroundings. With context, we can
expect computers to deliver information, services, and entertainment
in a way that maximizes convenience and minimizes intrusion.
Developing awareness involves research in sensing, inference, data
representation, and design.

Topic Areas:
We seek technical papers describing original, previously unpublished
research results. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Sensing location and context
- Inference techniques for context from low-level sensor data
- Privacy and sharing of location and context information
- User studies of location- and context-aware systems

Submission Deadline: May 29, 2007
Author Notification: July 3, 2007
Camera-Ready Version: July 10, 2007
Symposium: Sept. 20-21, 2007

Paper Submission Guidelines:
All papers will be reviewed by an international program committee with
appropriate expertise. LoCA 2007 aims to be selective and the committee
will favor a technically robust program. The ideal LoCA submission
should provide an insightful survey of existing work, introduce a
radically new concept, or present concrete, significant, transferable
research based on the implementation and evaluation of a working system.

Accepted papers will be presented by their authors at the LoCA Symposium
in Munich and published in the Springer Lecture Notes on Computer
Science. Submissions must be formatted in Springer LNCS style, limited
to 18 pages.
Submit papers via
Preparation of the camera-ready version of accepted papers may be
shepherded by the program committee.

Demonstration Submission Guidelines - New this year!
New this year, we will have a demonstration session. We solicit
proposals for demos of location and context technologies or
applications. Demo proposals should include a brief 2-3 page
description of the demo and describe the key research results or
innovation. Demo submissions will follow the same review timeline as
the papers.

Best Paper and Presentation Awards:
One paper will be elected for a Best Paper Award by the LoCA program
committee. In addition, a combination of the LoCA program committee and
all symposium participants will elect the recipient of the
Best Presentation Award following the symposium.

General Chair:
Thomas Strang, DLR and UIBK

Program Co-Chairs:
Jeffrey Hightower, Intel Research
Bernt Schiele, TU Darmstadt

Poster Session Applications Sought for 2007 ALA Annual Conference

Poster Session Applications Sought for 2007 ALA Annual Conference

Applications for presenting poster sessions at the 2007 ALA Annual Conference are now being accepted. An application form is available on the poster session website. Submissions from both the United States, as well as international submissions, will be accepted.

The 2007 ALA Annual Poster Sessions will be held in Washington, DC, June 23, 24, and 25. For more information, contact Candace Benefiel, Chair of the ALA Poster Session Review Panel at or (979) 862-1044.

The deadline for submitting an application is January 31, 2007. Applicants will be notified by March 31, 2007 whether their submission has been accepted for presentation at the conference.

CFP: Mountain Plains Library Association (MPLA) Academic Section Professional Forum

CFP: Mountain Plains Library Association (MPLA) Academic Section Professional Forum

The Academic Section of the Mountain Plains Library Association (MPLA), in co-sponsorship with the New Mexico Library Association, announces a call for papers to be presented at the:

2007 NMLA/MPLA Joint Conference
Albuquerque, New Mexico
March 14-16, 2007

For additional details of the 2007 NMLA/MPLA Joint Conference, go to:

The MPLA Academic Section sponsors the Professional Forum, which presents new ideas, innovations, and case studies in librarianship that benefit the profession. Research methodology is encouraged, but not essential. Academic, school, and public librarians are all invited to participate. The papers are peer reviewed for an award of a $300 prize to the winning paper presentation.


• Problems are clearly identified and solutions proposed
• Themes may include locally implemented experiences resulting in success or failure, theoretical models, statistical studies, or state of the art reviews
• Although formal research methodology is not required, papers should develop clear positions or concepts


Papers will be selected on:

• Significance of topics to library professions
• Development of concept and quality of organization
• Clarity of ideas and objectives

Final presentations will be judged at the annual conference on:

• Objectives are evident, with clear ideas and concepts
• Quality of organization
• Quality of presentation, use of visuals, etc.


• Authors must be current members of MPLA
• Papers must be original – not published or presented elsewhere
• Papers in length from two to six pages, with bibliography and appendices as needed
• Selected authors will make a presentation of the paper at the 2007 NMLA/MPLA Joint Conference
• Submit an abstract electronically by January 17, 2007 to:

For more information contact:

Jan Fandrich, Technical & Access Services Librarian
Montana State University-Billings Library
1500 University Drive
Billings, MT 59101
Voice: 406-657-1665
Fax: 406-657-2037

MPLA Professional Development Grants are available to fund research and travel!
See application information at the MPLA website:

CFP: Case Studies in Management and Finance in Academic Libraries (The Bottom Line)

CFP: Case Studies in Management and Finance in Academic Libraries (The Bottom Line)

The Bottom Line: Managing Library Finances is publishing a special issue of the journal on case studies in management and finance in academic libraries. We are especially looking for examples of reorganization, repositioning, and retraining of people and resources, as well as new initiatives and directions that required strategic thinking and risk taking in the areas of dropping traditional library roles and moving into new future digital environments (which may include
things like 3D information visualization, strategic collaborations across disciplines and organizations, etc.). If you think that you would be interested in submitting an article to this peer-reviewed special issue of this journal, please contact the editor directly (email given below). Any and all ideas for topics will be given consideration.

Article proposals will be accepted through February 1, 2007. Proposals need only include author name(s) and contact information, and a brief paragraph stating what the article will be about.

Deadline for completion of articles will be no later than May 1, 2007.

Brad Eden
Editor, _The Bottom Line: Managing Library Finances_
Associate University Librarian for Technical Services and Scholarly
University of California, Santa Barbara

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

CFP: 7th Northumbria International Conference on Performance Measurement in Libraries and Information Science

CFP: 7th Northumbria International Conference on Performance Measurement in Libraries and Information Science

Title: Measuring Library Performance and Organisational Effectiveness: From Research to Practice

An IFLA Satellite Preconference sponsored by the IFLA Statistics and Evaluation Section


When/Where: 13th to 16th August 2007/Spier Hotel and Conference Centre, between Cape Town and Stellenbosch, South Africa

For Further Details:
Visit or contact Karin de Jager at or Margaret Graham at


Audience: Library and information professionals in ALL sectors of library and information services; research students and staff; and teaching staff.

Conference Topics: Conference presentations are sought in, but not limited to the following areas:
* Measuring library performance
* Organisational effectiveness
* Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement
* Leadership, quality and management development
* Effectiveness of staff development and training
* Outcomes and value of library and information services
* Management of change
* Meeting the changing needs of users
* Evaluation of the Digital Library
* Evaluating Performance Measurement
* Role of research in library and information services
* Research into practice
* Methodologies
* Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
* Research Projects
* Benchmarking studies

Presentation Formats: Proposals are invited for presentations in a variety of formats that may include, but are not limited to:
* Papers
* Posters
* Panel Discussions
* Workshops**

New for this conference: Conference organisers would particularly welcome proposals for Developmental Workshops - for training library personnel in performance measurement and evaluation.

Pre-Conference Workshop: There will be a LibQUAL Exchange of Experience Workshop on the morning of 13 August prior to the start of the main conference.

Language: The language of the Conference is English

Guidelines for Submissions: For guidelines for proposal submissions and details about the evaluation procedure, please see the Conference website:

Monday, December 18, 2006

Conference of Quaker Historians and Archivists

Conference of Quaker Historians and Archivists

The 17th Biennial Conference of Quaker Historians and Archivists is planned for June 27 - 29, 2008 at Woodbrooke in Birmingham, England. The Quaker Studies Research Association will meet jointly with CQHA and provide their annual George Richardson Lecture in Quaker Studies as a part of the conference program. Other sessions are comprised of selected presenters answering the call for papers provided below.

Call for Papers

The Conference of Quaker Historians and Archivists will hold its seventeenth biennial conference at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham, England, June 27 to 29, 2008. The conference invites proposals for papers on any aspect of Quaker history.

Send a one-page abstract and vita (electronically or hard copy) to Christopher Densmore, Friends Historical Library, 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA 19081-1399. 610-328-8499 or e-mail at The deadline for proposals is October 15, 2007.

Related links:

Quaker Studies Research Association
Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre

D-Lib Call for Papers and Participation (December 2006)

Here are the Call for Papers and Participation from D-Lib:

Calls for Participation

Symposium on Information Management in the Changing World, 24 - 26 October 2007, Ankara, Turkey. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 31 January 2007.
International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems and Web Technologies (EISWT-07), 9 - 12 July 2007, Orlando, Florida, USA. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 1 February 2007.
The 26th International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security, 18 - 21 September 2007, Nuremberg, Germany. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 2 February 2007.
EDUCAUSE 2007 Annual Conference, 23 - 26 October 2007, Seattle, Washington, USA . Call for papers. The submission deadline is 6 February 2007.
K-CAP 2007: The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge Capture, 28 - 31 October 2007, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 7 February 2007.
Twenty-Sixth Annual ACM SIGACT-SIGOPS Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC 2007), 12 - 15 August 2007, Portland, Oregon, USA. Call for papers. The submission deadline for abstracts is 12 February 2007.
CITOT 2007 - Conference on Information Technology, Organisations and Teams, 19 - 20 May 2007, Lisbon, Portugal. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 15 February 2007.
ETD 2007: 10th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations, 13 - 16 June 2007, Uppsala, Sweden. Call for papers. The final deadline for submission of abstracts of papers and posters is 15 February 2007.
National Awards for Museum and Library Service, Institute of Museum and Library Services. Call for nominations. The submission deadline is 15 February 2007.
Thirteenth ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD), 12 - 15 August 2007, San Jose, California, USA. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 23 February 2007.
The 30th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference, 23 - 27 July 2007, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Call for posters. The submission deadline is 25 February 2007.
SEDE-2007: ISCA 16th International Conference on Software Engineering and Data Engineering, 9 - 11 July 2007, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 26 February 2007.

Deadline Reminder ASIS&T AM 07 Call for Participation

Deadline Reminder ASIS&T AM 07 Call for Participation

January 21, 2007 - Proposals due for contributed papers, technical sessions and panels, and pre-conference sessions
February 25, 2007 - Proposals due for contributed posters/short papers
March 31, 2007 - Authors/proposers notified of acceptance
May 27, 2007 - Final versions due for conference proceedings
Joining Research and Practice: Social Computing and Information Science
October 18-25, 2007 Hyatt Regency Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Web 2.0 and social computing are changing the way people use and perceive the Internet as well as the ways they work and play. When users are no longer simply consumers of information, and become active producers and contributors, what are the implications for information science? How are social computing and Web 2.0 trends affecting the work of information professionals? What current research and applications are shaping future directions? ASIS&T 2007 aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from all aspects of information science, industry, academe, and information professionals for lively discussions and debates about the social aspects of information, about all things 2.0 (or looking to the future) or higher.

Please see the complete Call for Participation at

Contributed papers
Contributed papers present original, recent, formally conducted research and design projects, theoretical developments, or innovative practical applications providing more general insight into an area of practice. These are generally reports of completed or well-developed projects on topics suitable for publication in scholarly and professional journals.

Contributed posters/short papers
Two types of posters/short papers are encouraged. Contributed research posters present new and promising work or preliminary results of research projects. Contributed “best practices” posters present the results of design projects, practical implementations of an organization's practices or industry innovations. The content should clearly point out how the application advances the state of the art and key challenges, as well as potential impact on the participant's organization and/or practices in the field. Especially welcome are submissions that discuss applications for which a market analysis and/or evaluation of utility has been conducted. Joint submissions from researchers and practitioners showing different perspectives on a single issue are particularly encouraged. Posters are expected to invite questions and discussion in a personal and less formal setting.

Technical sessions and panels
Technical sessions and panels present topics for discussion such as cutting-edge research and design, analyses of hot or emerging trends, opinions on controversial issues, reports by practitioners on current information science and technology projects, and contrasting viewpoints from experts in complementary professional areas. Innovative formats that involve audience participation are encouraged. These may include panels, debates, forums, or case studies.

Pre-conference sessions
Pre-conference sessions present topics such as theoretical research, management strategies, and new and innovative systems or products, typically for purposes of concept development or continuing education. Purely promotional programs are excluded. Formats may include seminars, courses, workshops, and symposia. Sessions are scheduled for half to a full day and require a registration fee beyond the regular conference fee.

January 21, 2007 Proposals due for contributed papers, technical sessions and panels, and pre-
conference sessions
February 25, 2007 Proposals due for contributed posters/short papers
March 31, 2007 Authors/proposers notified of acceptance
May 27, 2007 Final versions due for conference proceedings

All submissions are made electronically via a link from the ASIST Web site ( Details on acceptable file formats, citation style, and specific contact information required in the online submission form are on the Web page. Any problems with electronic submissions should be directed to:
Richard Hill, Executive Director (
ASIS&T, 1320 Fenwick Lane, Suite 510, Silver Spring, MD 20910
Fax: 301-495-0810 Phone: 301-495-0900

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

CFP: MLA 2007, session on Ink in early modern England

CFP: MLA 2007, session on Ink in early modern England

Early modern literature is awash, to quote George Herbert, with 'Oceans of
ink': whether it's Cleopatra calling for 'Ink and paper', or Hamlet's 'inky
cloak', or Westmoreland imagining turning 'your ink to blood', to cite only
well-known instances from Shakespeare. In manuscript miscellanies and
commonplace-books, recipes 'To make excellent Inke' are common: early modern
individuals were aware of ink's constituent parts, and the process of its
production. We invite proposals that consider the role of ink in early
modern English culture. What work did ink perform in early modern literary
texts, as both material and metaphor? What metaphorical associations
surrounded ink? What was the relationship between ink and (im)permanence;
between blotting, staining and corruption; between printer's and writer's
inks; between black and coloured letters; between ink and other liquids? We
particularly welcome papers that use archival research to throw new light on
literary texts.

Please send paper proposals of 400 words to Adam Smyth (
and Karen Britland ( by 15 February 2007.

CFP: Journal of Web Librarianship

CFP: Journal of Web Librarianship

The Journal of Web Librarianship is seeking high-quality manuscripts featuring original scholarship and practical communications in the area of web librarianship. JWL will publish material related to all aspects of librarianship as practiced on the World Wide Web, including both existing and emerging roles and activities of information professionals in the Web
environment. This is a new peer-reviewed journal to be published for the first time in early 2007. New authors are encouraged to submit mansucripts for consideration.

For more information, please visit the journal's web

Jody Condit Fagan, Editor, Journal of Web Librarianship
Digital Services Librarian
James Madison University
faganjc at

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bit late...starting to use labels

Folks -- Please bear with me. I am starting to use labels with this blog. I will not go backwards and edit records that have been done. So this might develop over time.

One of these days, I would like to move this to Mblog (the blogging service at the University of Michigan). But I can do that when I catch up with everything else.

Thanks -- Corey

CFP: Against the Grain (articles on ebooks)

CFP: Against the Grain (articles on ebooks)

For April 2007 issue of Against the Grain (publication associated with the Charleston Conference).

The theme will be ebooks, to follow on various pieces that have been written in Against The Grain in the past year.

They are looking for contributions of about 2,000 words in length, on any aspect of ebooks that interests you (eg. access issues, pricing models, licensing/business issues, usage, collection development, acquisitions workflow, the future of ebooks, etc). The deadline for submission is
Feb. 15. If you are interested, please let me know and send me a brief synopsis. I already have a few contributors but am looking for several more.

Issue Editor: Tony Horava

Contact Information:
Tony Horava
Collections and Information Resources Coordinator / Coordonnateur des Collections et Ressources d'Information
University of Ottawa / l'Universite d'Ottawa
Tel : (613) 562-5800 ext. 3645
Fax : (613) 562-5196

Monday, December 11, 2006

CFP: 6th Annual Literary London Conference (2007)

CFP: 6th Annual Literary London Conference (2007)

The 6th Annual Literary London conference will be hosted by the Department of English University of Westminster, London, at their 309 Regent Street building. ( Originally founded as the Polytechnic Institution by Sir George Cayley, a higher education building has stood at this site in the West End of London since 1838.

London is one of the world's major cities with a long and rich literary tradition reflecting both its diversity and its significance as a cultural and commercial centre. Literary London 2007 aims to:
- Read literary and dramatic texts in their historical and social context and in relation to theoretical approaches to the study of the metropolis.
- Investigate the changing cultural and historical geography of London.
- Consider the social, political, and spiritual fears, hopes, and perceptions that have inspired representations of London.
- Trace different traditions of representing London and examine how the pluralism of London society is reflected in London literature and drama.
- Celebrate the contribution London and Londoners have made to English literature

Proposals are invited for 20-minute papers which consider any period or genre of English literature about, set in, inspired by, or alluding to central and suburban London and its environs, from the city's roots in pre-Roman times to the present day.

While proposals on all topics and periods of London literature are encouraged, given the historical associations of Westminster's Regent Campus and the immediate area as a whole, this year we would especially welcome paper or panel proposals on the theme of the theatre and performance.

Questions that might be addressed are: How has London been represented in theatre and performance from the middle ages to the present day? What role has the physical fabric of theatres, theatre companies and their associated institutions played in the life of London? How has London's theatrical life figured in theatrical and non-theatrical writing - as something useful and instructive, or as something dangerous and corrupting? Is there a sense in which literary and other texts suggest that London is a site of performance or itself in some way a type of performance? What role have different theatrical traditions (including such 'marginal' ones as clowning, street theatre, pantomime) played in the life of London? We welcome papers about
the theatre and performance from central London to the suburbs and the streets.

Though the main focus of the conference will be on literary, dramatic and performance texts, we actively encourage interdisciplinary contributions relating film, architecture, geography, theories of urban space, etc., to literary/dramatic representations of London. Papers from postgraduate
students are welcome for consideration.

Abstracts of 200 words for 20-minute papers by 28th February 2007 to: or the postal address below.

Proposals for panels of three speakers are also welcome.

Dr Lawrence Phillips (University of Northampton) and Dr Brycchan Carey
Literary London Organising Committee
Department of English
School of Arts,
University of Northampton,
Avenue Campus,
St Georges Avenue,
Web site:

The Annual Literary London conference is mutually supportive of the
e-journal of the same name.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

CFP: ETD 2007 (10th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations)

CFP: ETD 2007 (10th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations)

Location: Uppsala, Sweden, June 13-16, 2007

Conferece/Call for Papers URL:

This meeting offers scope for an exchange of experience and consolidation of cooperation in the field of electronic theses and dissertations at local, national and international levels. Under the general theme "Added Value for E-theses", ETD 2007 is organised around two main themes: "Integrating ETDs with institutional processes and practices" and "Value added services".

The themes of the conference call for reflection on opportunities for joint efforts among various players in the production and information chain, both inside and outside our universities. The Conference Committee invites for the submission of papers and posters in all areas relevant to Electronic Theses and Dissertations, including but not limited to:

-Integrating e-theses into local services (student portals, educational portals and platforms, research databases, electronic prepublication processes)
-Integrating e-theses into local services (student portals, educational portals and platforms, research databases, electronic prepublication processes)
-Integrating e-theses into the research process (i.e., linking with research projects etc.)
-Integrating e-theses in national and international services (syndication, OAI-PMH, discovery services, syntactic and semantic interoperability)
-Local practices regarding e-theses
-Linking ETDs with related material such as data sets, statistics, multimedia
-Long-term preservation
-Business models and sustainability
-Enhancing graduate education through ETD programs
-Enhancing graduate knowledge about intellectual property (copyrights, patents, plagiarism policies)
-Improving scholarly communication globally through ETDs

Important dates:
November 11, 2006 First call for papers
January 15th, 2007 Registration open
February 15th, 2007 Final deadline for submission of abstracts of papers and posters
March 15th, 2007 Notification of acceptance
May, 15th, 2007 Deadline for final paper submission
June 13-16th, 2007 Conference time

CFP: Specter of the Archive (ELN, English Language Notes)

CFP: Specter of the Archive (ELN, English Language Notes)

The deadline for submissions for ELN issue 45.1 (Spring 2007) has been extended
to Dec. 15, 2006.

Call for Publications, ELN 45.1, Spring 2007: The Specter of the Archive

A respected forum since 1962 for new work in English literary studies, ELN
(English Language Notes) has undergone a change in editorship and an extensive
makeover as a biannual journal devoted exclusively to special topics in all
fields of literary and cultural studies. The new ELN is particularly determined
to revive and reenergize its traditional commitment to featuring shorter notes,
often no more than 3-4 pages in print, an attribute of the journal that will
provide a unique forum for cutting-edge scholarly debate and exchange in the

Call for Publications, ELN 45.1, Spring 2007: The Specter of the Archive

How does the archive haunt the literary and cultural study of the past? This
ELN issue invites papers that will engage this question and that will
investigate what demarcates the archive of literary culture. Broadly, then,
this ELN issue invites papers that will theoretically,creatively, and
methodologically engage the representational power of the archive. In addition
to critical papers that explore cultural forms, we also invite contributors to
submit creative non-fiction, short stories, poetry, analysis of museum
collections, and archival projects that expand our understanding of the
archive. Contributors may also address the politics of the archive through some
of the following questions: How does the archive facilitate knowledge? Since our
post-modern turn, has the archive become nothing more than an abstract
signifier, a ghost, if you will, that haunts our current social imaginary? How
does the archive maintain or disrupt power relations? Is there a racial,
gendered or sexual archive? What is the relationship between the archive and
historical time? How is subjectivity formed through the archive? What is the
relationship between aesthetics and the archive. How have archives been
subjugated and what ghosts have we all encountered in our recovery of the past?
What role do archives play in the abstract and mostly metacritical idea of the
nation or the hemisphere? Can we ever understand the interconnections among
people, nations and places without archives? How do archives reinvent the
contours of the political? Position papers, notes, essays, book reviews, and
provocations are invited from scholars and artists in all fields of study.

Please send contributions and/or proposals to:
The Editors
English Language Notes
University of Colorado at Boulder
226 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0226

Specific inquires regarding volume two may be directed to the issue editor,
John-Michael Rivera, at

CFP: Library Research Seminar IV (London, Ontario at University of Western Ontario)

CFP: Library Research Seminar IV (London, Ontario at University of Western Ontario)

October 10-12, 2007

Theme: The Library in Its Socio-Cultural Context: Issues for Research and Practice

Abstracts of 600-800 words, including references, are due by February 1, 2007 to the Conference Chair, Dr. Gloria Leckie (address noted below).

It is a longstanding truism that for too long, too much library research has been focused inward, on practices, means, and ends articulated in our own logic and language. Research which accounts for the social and cultural contexts of libraries is much needed and will expand this horizon by more fully integrating the insights and methods of other fields to inform library practices and research, with a view to improving service to users. Libraries do not stand outside of their communities, schools, universities or organizations - and those institutional contexts are themselves powerfully affected by the social and cultural contexts of the societies they inhabit.

The goal of Library Research Seminar IV is to stimulate and share research on libraries and the people who might benefit from them, utilizing many disciplinary perspectives which allow for analysis and insights into libraries in their various contexts. For example, the context of school reform efforts like No Child Left Behind powerfully affects the direction, funding, relationship to curricula of school libraries, and library research should address the fiscal, ethical, or educational implications of this context.

We invite papers that critically explore:

-the intellectual contexts that inform library research and practice
-the local, community contexts that shape the development and implementation of library programs and services
-the policy issues and general social forces shaping libraries
-the broad cultural trends affecting libraries
-multi- or interdisciplinary perspectives on the everyday contexts of libraries affecting their collections, services, budgets, user groups, external relations etc.
-Abstracts of 600-800 words, including references, are due by February 1, 2007 to the

Conference Chair:

Dr. Gloria Leckie
Faculty of Information and Media Studies
The University of Western Ontario
240 North Campus Building
London, ON N6A 5B7
Fax: 519-661-3506

Copyright 2006 The University of Western Ontario

CALL FOR PAPERS/PEOPLE: Enlightening 2007 (A Harry Potter Camp for Families presented by Bonding over Books)

CALL FOR PAPERS/PEOPLE: Enlightening 2007 (A Harry Potter Camp for Families presented by Bonding over Books)
Philadelphia, PA
July 12-15, 2007
A Harry Potter Camp for Families presented by Bonding over Books


Enlightening 2007 (E7) is the world's first Harry Potter Camp for Families. Sponsored by Bonding over Books, E7 will include a mix of serious academic exploration of J.K Rowling's text, interactive events and competitions for families to engage in together, and workshops in
which participants learn and practice how to contribute to the fandom.

The event is designed to enable fans of Harry Potter to deepen existing connections within families and form new connections with peers. J.K. Rowling's magical series provides a unique opportunity for shared experiences and discussions on several important topics relevant to all ages. The University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education will co-sponsor and host E7 in a setting worthy of the special occasion -- Penn's gothic, ivy-league campus.

We invite proposals for interactive sessions that support and expand on the central theme of the event. In particular, E7 seeks fresh ideas, delivered in novel, experiential ways. As an interactive, participant-centered event on a smaller scale than other Harry Potter symposia, we look for proposals that include a plan to engage attendees, involving them in role plays, workshops, activities, or other experiential methods of your choosing.

Topics of interest include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

· Different parenting styles of the various mother/father figures in Harry's world
· Friendship and love -- stated and unstated, requited and unrequited -- in the Harry Potter world
· Role of social organizations, such as religion and government, in the texts
· Racism and discrimination in the Wizard world and how dictators (from Voldemort to Hitler) are able to use these environments to gain power and support
· Compare and contrast the way different age categories read and interpret the texts
· Harry Potter in the school curriculum
· Life lessons from the texts and how they might facilitate family discussions of some of the books' most difficult themes: choices, perseverance, loss, grief, and coming of age
· The secret worlds that children make for themselves, and the relationships that parental figures should or should not have with those secret worlds
· The influence of British and Celtic mythology on the texts, with particular attention to the community/cultural values reflected in the myths
· The world of Harry Potter and the connections it can help foster in the muggle world

Please submit your paper topic, along with a brief description of your research/theories on the selected topic and your planned method for engaging the audience in a 45-minute session, in a document that does not exceed 700 words by January 31. In addition to explaining your idea and approach, please provide any biographical information that demonstrates your interest and ability to lead the session you propose.

Submissions and questions about the submission process should be sent to Decisions will be made by March 1. All presenters must register as participants of E7 by April 1, 2007 at the teacher/staff rate ($65).

CFP: EBSS Research Forum (ALA Annual, Washington DC, 2007)

CFP: EBSS Research Forum (ALA Annual, Washington DC, 2007)

Deadline: December 15, 2006

The Education and Behavioral Sciences Section Research Committee is holding
its first annual Research Poster Session and Discussion Forum during the
ALA Annual Conference in Washington, DC. The forum seeks to provide
beginning and established researchers an opportunity to present research in
progress, and receive collaborative feedback on their work and
recommendations for future publishing.

Attendees to the forum will find an arena for discussion and networking
with their colleagues interested in research-related issues and trends in
the profession.

The committee will use a blind review process. A subcommittee of five
members will act as reviewers.

Proposal submission instructions

1. Proposals should be two pages.

2. The first page should include:
· Date of submission
· Name of applicant(s)
· Institution(s)
· Applicant address(es)
· Phone number(s)
· Email address(es)
· Title of the proposal

3. The second page should include:
· Title of the proposal
· Statement of the research question
· Research goals and objectives
· Description of the methodology
· Conclusions
· Format
· Double-spaced
· 12 pt. font
· One inch margins

4. Email or mail your submissions by December 15, 2006 to

Melissa Cast-Brede
University of Nebraska at Omaha
University Library
6001 Dodge St.
Omaha, NE 68182

Selection criteria

1. Measure and/or investigate library and information aspects in the
fields of communication, psychology, social work and education.

2. Represent an original research project.

3. Clearly identify what stage in the research project has been completed
and estimate a timeline for the remainder of the project.

4. Be of current interest to the membership of EBSS.

Note: Research that has been previously published or accepted for
publication by December 1, 2006 will not be considered.

Melissa Cast-Brede
Reference/Education Librarian
University of Nebraska at Omaha Library
6001 Dodge St.
Omaha, NE 68182-0237
fax 402-554-3215

CFP: Poster Sessions for ALA Annual (Washington, DC, 2007)

CFP: Poster Sessions for ALA Annual (Washington, DC, 2007)

Applications for presenting poster sessions at the 2007 ALA Annual Conference are now being accepted. An application form is available on the poster session website at for both US and international submissions.

The 2007 ALA Annual Poster Sessions will be held in Washington, DC, June 23, 24, and 25th.

Please contact Candace Benefiel, Chair of the ALA Poster Session Review Panel, with any questions concerning the review process. Her email address is; if you need to call, her number is (979) 862-1044

The deadline for submitting an application is January 31, 2007. Applicants will be notified by March 31, 2007 whether their submission has been accepted for presentation at the conference.

Candace Benefiel, Review Panel Chair, (979) 862-1044

CFP: International Association of Technological University Libraries, (2007 Meeting - Stockholm)

CFP: International Association of Technological University Libraries, (2007 Meeting - Stockholm)

28th Annual Conference
Stockholm, Sweeden
June 11-14, 2007
CFP Deadline: January 15, 2007

Call for Papers

"Global Access to Science"
The Program Committee invites proposals for papers and posters for the 2007 Annual IATUL Conference, which will be held in Stockholm from 11-14 June.

Science publishing is rapidly changing due to the introduction of advanced electronic media which give new dimensions to the world-wide access to scientific results. How research is undertaken, is also changing, with the rapid development of newly established areas such as E-science. The scholarly communication of the future will be heavily influenced by the initiatives taken by universities and information providers of today. Scholars all over the world are engaged in this process and traditional peer-reviewed publishing is being transformed in the light of different forms of Open Access. National programs are being set up to support initiatives and actions to find ways of facilitating free online access to government funded research.

See link above for more information.



The Library of Congress and the Association for Library Collections &
Technical Services (ALCTS) are seeking trainers in the Western U.S. and
Canada for a new training initiative.

In November 2000, the Bicentennial Conference on Bibliographic Control for
the New Millennium was held to bring together authorities in the
cataloging and metadata communities to discuss outstanding issues
involving improved discovery and access to Web resources. A resulting
recommendation was the development of training and continuing education to
improve Web resource bibliographic control. The Cataloger's Learning
Workshop (CLW) was established as a clearinghouse for cataloging and
metadata training. 'Metadata and Digital Library Development' is one of
several workshops developed to support the goal of improving bibliographic
control of Web resources. Information about CLW is available at:

'Metadata and Digital Library Development' is a two-day workshop with the
goal of preparing attendees to serve as metadata specialists in digital
library projects. Topics covered include:
* Data and Functionality
* Metadata Conversion and Mapping
* Creating Data Workflows
* Digital Library Development Teams

A more detailed outline of the workshop is available at:

The objective of the Instructor Development Seminar (IDS) is to develop
trainers to deliver 'Metadata and Digital Library Development' in a
classroom setting. This half-day seminar will prepare participants to
deliver the course material and will outline the role of the trainer in
the CLW organizational framework.

The instructor seminar for this workshop will be held in conjunction with
ALA Midwinter on the morning of Friday January 19th at the University of
Washington (Seattle). Instructors are required to attend this seminar to
be designated as CLW trainers for this workshop. We are specifically
looking for trainers in the western U.S. (west of the Mississippi River)
or Canada. Trainers located in the eastern U.S. have already been
identified and trained.

The workshop itself is being offered as an ALCTS Midwinter Preconference
on January 17th & 18th (the two days prior to the instructor seminar).
Instructors are not required to attend the workshop but a number of seats
are reserved for those instructors who wish to attend the workshop as paid
registrants. Workshop registration is a separate process from this
instructor application. More information about workshop registration is
available at:

The applicant must have the support of the home institution to
participate. Travel expenses to attend the IDS are not reimbursed by CLW.
When leading a workshop, instructors will receive travel expenses (and
optionally an honorarium) from the sponsoring organization.


* Knowledge of current cataloging rules and standards as they apply to
digital objects.
* Minimum two years experience in creating/implementing non-MARC metadata
in support of digital library applications.
* Demonstrated experience in cross-functional digital-library implementation
* Current familiarity with a wide range of metadata-related standards,
syntaxes, models, and best practices.
* Prior experience as a trainer in a classroom setting.


If you are interesested in becoming a trainer for this workshop, please
contact Steve Shadle by December 20, 2006.
Applicants will be notified soon after of their acceptance at the seminar
and will be provided with additional details at that time.

Thank you for your interest in serving as a trainer. It is through the
combined efforts of many individuals and institutions that a community of
knowledgeable metadata librarians can be developed. Questions about the
workshop or the seminar can be directed to Steve Shadle

Steve Shadle

CFP: North American Symposium on Knowledge Organization (NASKO)

CFP: North American Symposium on Knowledge Organization (NASKO)

Conference Venue: Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto,
June 14-15, 2007

Call for Participation and Call for Position Papers

Two events in one place! An organizing conference for the North American
Chapter of ISKO, and a paper session on the state of the art of Knowledge
Organization research.

Call for Participation: KO, Classification Systems, and Controlled
Vocabularies Adjust to New Technologies and Service Areas-- What are YOU
Doing? An Information Exchange Opportunity and Organizational Meeting for
the North American Chapter of the International Society for Knowledge
Organization (ISKO)

The time is ripe for enhanced communication among Knowledge Organization
researchers in North America. We are a diverse, yet committed, set of
researchers interested in asking basic and applied questions on how
knowledge is organized and how such organization can be improved through
research. As ISKO members we are also are interested in forming a North
American chapter in order to attain critical mass for KO researchers to
share research findings, mentor students and maintain continuous
conversations across the large landmass of North America. What are your
needs as a Knowledge Organization researcher? What can a North American
chapter do for your research program? Your participation in planning for a
North American chapter will serve to enrich the research infrastructure in
Knowledge Organization.

Call for Position Papers: "Knowledge Organization Research in North
America: What have we done, what are we doing, and where do we go from

North American thinkers have commented on a number of changes and
innovations in Knowledge Organization research. Beghtol, Mai, Smiraglia,
and Svenonius have all noted a shift in knowledge organization research
strategies and focus in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The task
of laying the groundwork for future work is imminent. Valuable approaches
demonstrated by current research are many and include but are not limited
- contextual and ecological inquiry,
- comparative approaches to classification,
- establishing theories of instantiation and works,
- looking at the history and discourse of organization structures in order
to inform current theory and practice.

What then are the next steps? What are the salient questions? Some
possibilities include:

- Will social tagging and ontology engineering have impact on knowledge
organization, or vice versa?
- Will the economics and institutional application of information
organization structures change in the next ten years?
- Will Library of Congress cataloguing at current levels cease entirely?
- Will the Library and Archives Canada merge archival and library work
into metadata work?
- How will large-scale implementations and issues of economics affect
knowledge organization research?
- What role can legacy Knowledge Organization systems and strategy play in
the theoretical and practical development of current and future
information realities?
- Finally, what epistemological innovations and insights will shape the
next stages of Knowledge Organization research?
- Will the Pragmatists forever influence Knowledge Organization?
- Will there be another Wittgenstein?
- Will there be another Ranganathan?
- What is the impact of Rorty on our work?
- Who will be the next public intellectual from our area?

Research Papers: Proposals should include a title, and be no more than
1500 words long. Proposals situated in the extant literature of knowledge
organization will be given preference. Proposals may be submitted in
English or French.

Position Papers: Proposals should include a title, and be no more than
1500 words long. Proposals with clearly articulated theoretical grounding
and methodology, and those that report on completed or ongoing research
will be given preference. Diverse perspectives and methodologies are
welcome. Proposals may be submitted in English or French.

Publication: All accepted papers will appear online. The most
highly-ranked papers will, with permission of the authors, be published,
in full, in a North American theme issue of Knowledge Organization.

Doctoral students are especially invited to submit proposals for the

Deadline for proposals is January 31, 2007. Proposals, including the
name(s) of the author(s), complete mailing and e-mail addresses, telephone
and fax numbers, should be sent electronically (Word or RTF) to Kathryn
LaBarre: Proposals will be refereed by the Program
Committee. Authors will be notified of the committee's decision no later
than February 28, 2007. All presenters must register for the conference.
Papers to appear as full text in the electronic proceedings must be
submitted no later than May 14, 2007.

Updates and conference information may be found at the conference website:

Program Committee:
Richard Smiraglia, Long Island University, Chair
Clement Arsenault, University of Montreal
Clare Beghtol, University of Toronto
Allyson Carlyle, University of Washington
Anita Coleman, University of Arizona
Jonathan Furner, University of California, Los Angeles
Rebecca Green, University of Maryland, College Park
Kathryn La Barre, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Joseph T. Tennis, University of British Columbia
Hope Olson, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Nancy Williamson, University of Toronto

Planning Committee:
Richard Smiraglia, Long Island University, Chair
Kathryn La Barre, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Nancy Williamson, University of Toronto
Joseph T. Tennis, University of British Columbia

Kathryn La Barre

Special Library Cataloger for ALCTS CCS Heads of Cataloging Discussion Group (ALA Midwinter)

Special Library Cataloger for ALCTS CCS Heads of Cataloging Discussion Group (ALA Midwinter)

The ALCTS CCS Heads of Cataloging Discussion Group is scheduled to meet during ALA Midwinter in Seattle on Monday, January 22 from 8-10 a.m. We are currently looking for a speaker from a special library to discuss the impact of the Library of Congress decision to discontinue creating series authority records on your library's workflow. Presentation would be 8-10 minutes in length.

If you would like to submit a presentation proposal, please contact me directly.

We are planning a great program, "Series Treatment After 6/01: Impact on Your Library". Details will follow. Thank you,

Robert O. Ellett, Jr.
Catalog Librarian
Ike Skelton Library
Joint Forces Staff College
Voice (757)443-6405