Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Call for Submissions: Thereby Hangs a Tale

Call for Submissions: Thereby Hangs a Tale (periodical)

Thereby Hangs a Tale ( explores stories that form around an idea, an object, an image, a place, an experience. One story sparks another, igniting a chain reaction of diverse voices. You know the kind of story we're talking about. The kind where you're all ears, hanging on every syllable. It doesn't matter if it's fact or fiction, about things great or things mundane, if it makes you laugh or makes you cry. After all, the key to a good story is in the telling.

Our current word is expatriate. Its interpretation is up to you.

The submission deadline for this print issue is March 1, 2006.

• We prefer hard copies over e-mail. But if sending actual paper is a hardship paste the story into the body of the e-mail and send it to

• Please include the following information on the first page of your manuscript: your name and address postal and cyber); word count; story title and submission category.

• We appreciate tales double-spaced, 12-point text size, and pages numbered. A self-addressed stamped envelope is always nice.

• We're flexible on word count, but prefer fewer than 2000. Simultaneous submission? No problem. Just let us know if someone else says yes first.

We are accepting submissions for the following sections:

Personal Essay - Do you have a story that's compelling? That will make us laugh? Or cry? Send your tale to us!

Tall Tale - As above, but fiction.

Interview - Aren't we all within six degrees of separation from each other? Time to dust off that
little black book.

How-To - What do you enjoy? What are you good at? Did you learn how to do something on the fly? Explain it to our readers! Alternatively, write about how to do something emotionally difficult. Example: How to tell your parents you're canceling the arranged marriage.

Top Five (or seven or ten!) - Review your personal top five books, write about the best beaches, candy bars or... Have fun with this, see where it leads you!

Do Tell - The topic changes with each issue. For this issue, send 250 words or less on Serendipity.

Library - A bookmobile for Bedouins? An Athenaeum in the Arctic? Do you have a fantastic photo of a library? Send us a photo (5 x 7 or 8 x 10 glossy) and a short (250 words or less) description.

For our webpage, we are reviewing submissions for the Show and Tale section
( That deadline is December 31, 2005.

For more information, visit: