Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Call for Authors – librarianship, information science and management

Call for Authors – librarianship, information science and management

Chandos is commissioning a series of books covering various management, legal and technical topics related to librarianship, information science and management. We are interested in those topics, which have a broad appeal to those working in the area: this covers a very wide area. We are interested in most current topics in the field.

The publications are sold through our range of international agents and by direct mail. Naturally, this generates a good deal of highly favourable publicity for the author and his or her employer. Some authors’ employers, for example, buy bulk copies of their publication from us to present to their clients/customers.

The publications are around 35,000-45,000+ words or so. The chief objective is to provide practical - rather than theoretical - information which is easy to digest.

Some publications are highly descriptive, whereas others may contain more interactive information in the form of bullet point lists, check lists, standard documentation etc. The target market is diverse, including the private and public sectors, large and small organisations. For details of our current titles, please see

Most of the authors we are currently commissioning complete their manuscripts within six to nine months or so. Authors are paid on the basis of a royalty from sales of their book.

Dr Glyn Jones