Thursday, January 20, 2022

Call for Chapters: Creating an Inclusive Library: Approaches for Increasing Outreach, Engagement, and Use with BIPOC Students

Creating an Inclusive Library: Approaches for Increasing Outreach, Engagement, and Use with BIPOC Students

For publication with ACRL Press 


Proposal Submission Deadline: March 4, 2022


Editors Yen Tran, Michael Aguilar, and Adriana Poo invite the submission of chapter proposals for a peer-reviewed ACRL book on the various methods and approaches used by academic librarians, archivists, and library workers to increase engagement and use of library and archival resources, services, and materials by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) students. 


The book aims to include chapters that discuss the need for an anti-racism lens to improve awareness and use, to ensure that libraries can best serve all of their intended users. An anti-racism lens is critical when working with BIPOC students as libraries seek to improve and mend relationships with communities, strengthen collections related to their experiences and needs, and create an inclusive learning environment for all users.


The book’s goal is to help other libraries, library employees, or librarians interested in this critical work of being more inclusive and anti-racist at their libraries. We strongly encourage library workers of color and those from underrepresented groups to provide their perspectives for this edited work. 


New and completed research and case studies are welcome, provided any new studies can be completed within the timeline explained below. Chapters based on completed research must not be previously published or simultaneously submitted elsewhere.


Chapter Ideas

The editors recognize that the definition of outreach is continually evolving, and manifests in different forms depending on each library’s initiatives, resources, collections, and community. While the book includes discussions on traditional outreach approaches such as programs, events, and exhibits, it also includes innovative approaches used to increase engagement including social media and digital content strategies, podcasts, video series, and other uses of technology.


Below are potential book chapters; additional chapter topics will be considered.

  • Initiatives or programs - Chapters that discuss specific initiatives or programs as the main form of outreach, to promote anti-racist practices, or to be more inclusive. The chapter could discuss library collaborations with campus-wide programs or initiatives, and/or be library-led programs or initiatives. Some example chapter topics:
    • Inclusive student hiring practices
    • Inclusive collection development or diverse collection development
    • Anti-racist or inclusive library policies and practices
    • Anti-racist or inclusive design of library signage, space, or services
    • Collaborations on orientations to specific BIPOC student groups
  • Workshops, events, or exhibits - Chapters that discuss workshops, events, exhibits, etc. hosted by the library focused on conducting outreach to diverse populations on campus. The chapters could include activities that promote anti-racist practices or to be a more inclusive environment. Some example chapter topics:
    • Case study of specific workshops, events, or exhibits designed to reach specific BIPOC student populations
    • Workshops, events, or exhibits designed to promote anti-racist practices
    • Instructional activities that uphold equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility values and a commitment to anti-racist pedagogy
    • Workshops, events, or exhibits that create a more inclusive library or campus environment
    • Programs, services, and resources that support BIPOC students through coursework, campus life, and beyond
  • Digital initiatives - Chapters that discuss outreach efforts led by librarians and library staff that largely take place in digital environments. The chapters could include efforts to incorporate anti-racism frameworks into library messaging, promote historically neglected collections, or increase library engagement among BIPOC students. Some example chapter topics:
    • Social media and email campaigns or strategies
    • Web and mobile application design or strategies
    • Digital exhibitions or digital interactive experiences including virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and other innovative uses of technology
    • Podcasts, blogs, or other web series


Submission Procedure

Please submit a chapter proposal by March 4, 2022. Authors will be notified of acceptance by April 4, 2022. A final manuscript of between 2500 and 7500 words due January 16, 2023.


For additional information, please contact the editors at

  • Yen Tran, Coordinator for Teaching & Learning, Seattle University
  • Michael Aguilar, Outreach and User Engagement Librarian, San José State University
  • Adriana Poo, Academic Liaison Librarian, San José State University