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CFP: Digital Humanities & Libraries (Special issue of College & Undergraduate Libraries)

New deadline - September 9, 2016


The redefinition of humanities scholarship has received major attention in higher education over the past few years. The advent of digital humanities has challenged many aspects of academic librarianship. With the acknowledgement that librarians must be a necessary part of this scholarly conversation, the challenges facing subject/liaison librarians, technical service librarians, and library administrators are many. Developing the knowledge base of digital tools, establishing best procedures and practices, understanding humanities scholarship, managing data through the research lifecycle, teaching literacies (information, data, visual) beyond the one-shot class, renegotiating the traditional librarian/faculty relationship as ‘service orientated,’ and the willingness of library and institutional administrators to allocate scarce resources to digital humanities projects while balancing the mission and priorities of their institutions are just some of the issues facing librarians as they reinvent themselves in the digital humanities sphere.


College & Undergraduate Libraries, a peer-reviewed journal published by Taylor & Francis, invites proposals for articles to be published in the fall of 2017. The issue will be co-edited by Kevin Gunn ( of the Catholic University of America and Jason Paul ( of St. Olaf College.

The issue will deal with the digital humanities in a very broad sense, with a major focus on their implications for the roles of academic librarians and libraries as well as on librarianship in general. Possible article topics include, but are not limited to, the following themes, issues, challenges, and criticism:

·         Developing the project development mindset in librarians
·         Creating new positions and/or cross-training issues for librarians
·         Librarian as: point-of-service agent, an ongoing consultant, or as an embedded project librarian
·         Developing managerial and technological competencies in librarians
·         Administration support (or not) for DH endeavors in libraries
·         Teaching DH with faculty to students (undergraduate and graduate) and faculty
·         Helping students working with data
·         Managing the DH products of the data life cycle
·         Issues surrounding humanities data collection development and management
·         Relationships of data curation and digital libraries in DH
·         Issues in curation, preservation, sustainability, and access of DH data, projects, and products
·         Linked data, open access, and libraries
·         Librarian and staff development for non-traditional roles
·         Teaching DH in academic libraries
·         Project collaboration efforts with undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty 
·         Data literacy for librarians
·         The lack of diversity of librarians and how it impacts DH development
·         Advocating and supporting DH across the institution
·         Developing institutional repositories for DH
·         Creating DH scholarship from the birth of digital objects
·         Consortial collaborations on DH projects
·         Establishing best practices for dh labs, networks, and services
·         Assessing, evaluating, and peer reviewing DH projects and librarians.

Articles may be theoretical or ideological discussions, case studies, best practices, research studies, and opinion pieces or position papers.

Proposals should consist of an abstract of up to 500 words and up to six keywords describing the article, together with complete author contact information. Articles should be in the range of 20 double-spaced pages in length. Please consult the following link that contains instructions for authors:

Please submit proposals to Kevin Gunn ( by September 9, 2016; please do not use Scholar One for submitting proposals. First drafts of accepted proposals will be due by February 1, 2017 with the issue being published in the fall of 2017. Feel free to contact the editors with any questions that you may have.

Kevin Gunn, Catholic University of America
Jason Paul, St. Olaf College

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