Friday, April 29, 2016

Call For BRASS Newsletter Submissions

Have something to share with other business librarians?

The Business Reference in Academic Libraries Committee of BRASS is seeking
articles for the next issue of its online publication Academic BRASS. Academic
BRASS is a newsletter--not a journal--that publishes issue-based articles and
information for the general and educational interest of BRASS members and
academic business librarians.

Please query me anytime you would like. I am trailing a new system of
accepting submissions at any time – we'll see how this goes.

You may want to see previous editions of BRASS.

For the full text of these articles and access to past issues of Academic
BRASS, see:

The typical length of an Academic BRASS article is 500-800 words, but past
articles have been as long as 1,000 words or more. Authors should be guided by
what they have to say rather than an arbitrary word length. All articles are
subject to editing for length, style, and content. The newsletter follows the
Modern Language Association Handbook, seventh edition for all matters of style
and citation. Authors whose articles include references to print or internet
resources should observe the conventions set forth in the handbook or on the
MLA web site.

Please send Article proposals to Charles Allan, editor, at

Charles Allan Academic BRASS editor