Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Call for Chapters: Data Analytics in Digital Humanities

Data Analytics in Digital Humanities

Editor: Dr. Shalin Hai-Jew, Kansas State University, haijes@gmail.com (and 1-785-532-5262)
Publisher: Springer Science + Business Media
Theme: Of late, the “digital humanities” have come to the fore with researchers, academics, and students using digital means to advance their humanities work. These efforts include endeavors to:
  • annotate, present, and share raw data and digitized artifacts and processed information through Web-facing digital archives and databases;
  • model human experiences digitally through virtual spaces and games;
  • collect and analyze data from heterogeneous sources;
  • code data;
  • query the data and information (manually and computationally);
  • extract models;
  • pose questions;
  • challenge cultural and historical understandings;
  • reconfigure current constructs / challenge power and privilege, and
  • broaden ways to knowing and being.

This text will focus on a range of technology tools and methods used for research and data analytics in the digital humanities, with particular focuses on local domain-specific applied theories, techniques, and approaches, as well as more global methods.

Joelle Pitts
Assistant Professor | Instructional Design Librarian
203 Hale Library | Kansas State University Manhattan, KS 66506