Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Academic Library Advancement & Development Network 2016 Call for Proposals

The ALADN 2016 Program Committee invites submissions for presentations at the 21st Annual ALADN Conference in Boston, MA June 1 – 4, 2016.  We are looking for dynamic, original presentations that demonstrate best practices applied to library fundraising, development, and communications and marketing. We are interested in highlighting the application of the latest trends, statistics, best practices and research in the field while providing practical tips that can be immediately applied to a library development program. Proposals may include presentations, panels, and workshops. Sessions run for one hour, with the presentation lasting 45 minutes and 15 minutes for Q&A.

About the conference
Formed in 1995, the Academic Library Advancement and Development Network (ALADN) explores issues of interest, offers networking, and assists in mutual problem-solving for professionals involved in advancement and development for academic and research libraries through an annual conference, an electronic listerv (LIBDEV) and personal contacts.

·         Call For Proposals: October 20, 2015
·         Submission deadline: January 15, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. EST
·         Notification: Monday, February 1, 2016

Proposal Submission Requirements
Please send a Word document with the following elements to Dorothy Meaney at Tufts University: Dorothy.Meaney@tufts.edu.

·         Name of presenter(s)
·         Institution and title(s)
·         Contact information
·         Short biography (75-100 words) for each presenter
·         Presentation title
·         Presentation abstract (75-100 words)
·         2-3 learning objectives/takeaways
·         Technical/AV requirements
·         Intended audience(s)
o   Beginners - Deans, Development Officers or Communications & Marketing Professionals new to Library Fundraising
o   Communications & Marketing Managers
o   Seasoned Fundraisers
o   Leadership/Library Deans
o   Institution Size (small, medium, large)
o   Development officers with Library within their portfolio

Based on feedback received from ALADN 2015 attendees, here are topics of interest that you might consider:

·         Creative ideas for library communications & marketing
·         The integration of development and communications -- how these two separate programs can best work together
·         Communications and PR best practices for library development
·         How a development program in an organization without a communications staff can manage enough communications to matter
·         Integrating development communication needs into an overall Library communications plan
·         Marketing programs and projects resulting in financial support
·         The Digital Library of the Future
o   How are library development officers succeeding in moving prospects to consider support for digital resources? How and when do you talk about the digital library which, especially for alumni and emeritus faculty, isn’t the library they remember?
o   What areas of the digital library are fundraisers succeeding in raising funds for? Digitization of collections? Support of digital resources?
o   What’s the focus on the entry level gift that is successful – collections? Student support? How are you successful in transitioning those donors to focus on digital library projects? 
·         Q&A with a panel of grant makers who give to Libraries discussing what they look for in grant applications
·         Successful strategies and stories in cultural or affinity group philanthropy
·         Using social media to engage students and donors; crowd sourcing/funding; how to get a social media for fundraising program started, resources needed
·         Corporate and foundation gifts
·         How to lead your dean, and how to get library staff and faculty to give
·         Major gifts fundraising; techniques for closing major gifts and success stories; best strategies for moving donors toward a major gift; successful major gift program other than gifts in kind; leveraging GIK donors into major gift donors
·         Out of the box ideas to identify donors to Libraries
·         Prospecting – specifically external to the university community, how to attract donors who are not staff, faculty or alumni.  What messages engage them? What communications vehicles?
·         New ways to engage prospects/donors, especially those who live far away from our institutions
·         Student Philanthropy
·         Planned Giving
·         Today’s fundraising metrics and how they influence our work with donors
·         Collaboration with Advancement and other units on campus - best practices, how to overcome obstacles in getting support from central development
·         Working together across organizational and professional divides
·         Strategies to collaborate across university units when approaching donors for gifts
·         Making the library a fundraising priority at your University
·         Making the case for the Library—deans, development and communication professionals, provosts, faculty, students
·         Events and Special Collections – forging a positive relationship to promote Library holdings
·         Donor passions and Library needs—what works
·         Communicating the Library’s value
·         More about the psychology of giving. What engages people to be involved?
·         Where do you go from here? Career advice from professionals at the middle and top of their career ladder
·         Research and best practices
·         Other topics welcome too!