Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Active Librarian - Journal Launch & Call for Papers

The Active Librarian has published its first issue! Peer-reviewed and practical, TAL publishes the programs, initiatives, and services of public librarians.  It aims to house the best practices from which librarians can draw inspiration.

In this issue, we focus on teaching in public libraries, although Crystal Trice (Washington County Cooperative) discusses usability testing, packed with stuff like wireframes, card sorts, and heat maps.  Seriously: who DOESN'T like heat maps?  Lisa Pritchard reports all the way from New Zealand on her experiences with technology volunteers, and the journal's shameless editor outlines his own materials on teaching beginner-level technology classes.

We request more submissions to TAL.  If you want to share your good work with a  larger community of librarians, now is your opportunity to do so.  Put simply, if you do something well, we want to hear about it.  Please send me any questions if you'd like to contribute but are unsure of how to proceed or whether your idea fits the journal's scope.

You can access the issue directly here,

Alternatively, you can download the entire issue as one file on if you prefer that format.

Thank you for reading!

Michael J. Carlozzi
Librarian for Information and Technology Services
Canton Public Library
786 Washington St.
Canton, MA 02021