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CFP: Special Issue of the Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science - Title: Data, Records, and Archives in the Cloud

CFP: Special Issue of the Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science - Title: Data, Records, and Archives in the Cloud

Aims and Scope
The cloud — on-demand access to a network of a shared pool of configurable computing resources — heralds unprecedented challenges for archivists as well as records and information managers. Data, records and archives are increasingly entrusted to Internet Providers who offer a large amount of on-demand online storage at a low cost, protected by a level of security that no single organization can afford, and in formats compatible with any user’s system. However, the cloud environment is neither transparent nor regulated. Those who manage, appraise, control and preserve the material it stores, encounter problems related to ownership, provenance, and jurisdiction, among others, as they remain responsible without control, and accountable without knowledge.

The aim of this proposed Special Issue is to explore the challenges presented by keeping data, records and archives in the cloud, report on research into possible solutions, examine existing and proposed policies, procedures, regulations and legislation, and describe cases of adoption of cloud models, case law, contractual agreements, and technological infrastructure.
The goal would be to publish 8 to 10 articles which would constitute a double issue of CJILS.
Possible topics focusing on issues presented by the cloud include but are not limited to:
·         Location independence, server sharing, and jurisdiction
·         Metadata control and ownership
·         Big data, open data, and open access
·         Encryption, security and transparency
·         Confidentiality and privacy policies
·         Retention and disposition
·         Storage costs
·         Chain of custody and chain of evidence
·         Audit, traceability and admissibility
·         Terms of service and contractual agreements
·         Records portability, continuity and sustainability
·         Data and records reliability, accuracy and authenticity
·         Authentication and certification
·         Data, records and archives integrity
·         Data, records and archives long term preservation
·         Technology and mechanisms
·         Reliability of infrastructure (e.g. obsolescence)
·         Data provenance issues when dealing with mobile sensors
·         Breaches, cybercrime, and information assurance
·         Information governance
·         Standards of trust
·         Users control
·         Accessibility, searchability, and usability
·         Intellectual rights
·         Use and misuse of social media
·         Data leaks
·         Individual behaviour in an Internet environment

Managing the Special Issue:
Lead Guest EditorDr. Luciana Duranti, University of British Columbia
Editorial Board:
Dr. Fiorella Foscarini, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto
Dr. Ken Thibodeau, US National Institute for Standards and Technology
Dr. Karen Anderson, Department of Archives and Computer Science, Mid-Sweden University
Dr. Barbara Endicott-Popovsky, Information School, University of Washington
Dr. Yale Li, Cloud Security Alliance, Seattle Chapter
Timeline and schedule:
Deadline for submission of proposals: March 31st 2014, with a decision by May 1st 2014
Deadline for submission of complete articles: September 30th 2014
Deadline for external reviewers for submission of their reviews: December 31st 2014
Deadline for submission of the revisions to accepted articles: March 31st 2015
·         Publication date: June 2015
Authors are invited to visit the journal's website for presentation guidelines and send their submissions in electronic format - an e-mail attachment in Word is preferred -to the following address:
luciana.duranti@ubc.ca Dr. Luciana Duranti