Monday, November 26, 2007

World Library and Information Congress: 74th IFLA General Conference and Council

World Library and Information Congress: 74th IFLA General Conference and Council

"Libraries without borders: Navigating towards global understanding"
10-14 August 2008, Qu├ębec, Canada


The content of the IFLA Conference Programme is organised by different professional groups (Sections and Core Programmes).

Call for papers will be submitted through these groups and made available on this web page as soon as delivered.

See the above links for the specific sections call for papers. Here is a list:

Acquisition and Collection Development Section
Theme: "In and Out (of Copyright): Contrasting Perspectives on Digitization of Library Collections"

Audiovisual and Multimedia Section, with the Committee on Copyright and Other Legal Matters, the National Libraries Section, and the Section on Bibliography
Theme: "The Legal Deposit of Audiovisual and Multimedia materials: practice around the world"

Asia and Oceania Section
Theme: "From me, to you, to us: how libraries in the Asia and Oceania region contribute to global understanding"

Theme: "National Bibliography Agencies without borders - experiences on collaboration with other producers of bibliographic data"

Cataloguing Section
Theme: "Sharing standards: cooperation with other actors"

Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Section
Theme: "Global resource sharing across borders: crossing geographical, language and conceptual boundaries in interlibrary loan and document delivery services"

Government Information and Official Publications Section
Theme: "Globalization of government information: creating digital archives for increased access"

Health and Biosciences Libraries Section
Theme: "The Role of Humanities in Medical Education and Patient Care"

Information Technology Section
Theme: "Enabling access to the global library - Small is Beautiful: Distributed deployment of library services for small and special libraries"

Latin America and the Caribbean Section
Theme: "Cultural Identity and Technology in Latin America and the Caribbean libraries"

Library Theory and Research Section
Theme: "Theoretical Approaches to Research on Libraries as Space and Place"

Management of Library Associations Section with Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Section and Action for Development through Libraries Programme (ALP)
Theme: "Leadership skills and advocacy for libraries: best practices in library association management"

Management & Marketing Section;Statistics & Evaluation Section; andLibrary Theory & Research Section
Theme: "Managing Libraries in a Changing Environment - Legal, Technical, and Organizational Aspects"

Newspapers Section
Theme: "The North American Ethnic Press"

Rare Books and Manuscripts Section
Theme: "Expanding Frontiers of Knowledge: Documents of Exploration, Discovery, and Travel"

Reading Section in co-operation with the Public Libraries and Multicultural Sections
Theme: The Global Literacy and Reading Fair: sharing good library practices in support of the United Nations Literacy Decade 2003-2012

Reference and Information Services Section
Theme: "Have we have blown up the reference desk? Reference Services in virtual worlds"

Serials and Other Continuing Resources Section
Theme: "Navigating the world of serials: New initiatives in management and cataloguing"