Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Seeking Submissions from U.S. Writers for Proposed Book (Women as Writers: Insider Tips from Successful Women Writers)

Seeking Submissions from U.S. Writers for Proposed Book (Women as Writers: Insider Tips from Successful Women Writers)

Foreword by Robbi Hess, Journalist, Co-Author, Complete Idiot's Guide to 30,000 Baby Names (Penguin Books); Editor, Byline Magazine, http://www.bylinemag.com/

Afterword by Suzanne Bunkers, Professor of English, Minnesota State University, editor of Diaries of Girls and Women: a Midwestern American Sampler (University of Wisconsin Press).

Word total for two or three articles based on your experience is 2,000 words; maximum 3,000. One article may be 1,000 words, another 1,000 (or three 667 word articles) to reach the required 2,000 words. One co-author may be used but all two or three articles must be co-authored with the same co-author.

Markets for women, why women write, writing styles, time management, using life experience, women's magazines, critique groups, romance writing, networking, blogs, unique issues women must overcome, promotion, lesbian and bisexual writing, education, queries and proposals, conference participation, family scheduling, feminist writing, self-publishing, are just a few areas women writers are interested.

Practical, concise, how-to articles with bullets/headings have
proven the most helpful. Please avoid writing solely about "me" and the personal: concentrate on what will help the reader. No previously published or simultaneously submitted material. Contributors receive a complimentary copy and contributor's discount on additional copies. It is common for compilation of an anthology to take upwards of a year, but we will be in touch with all contributors with updates on securing a publisher.

Cynthia Brackett-Vincent is publisher/editor of the esteemed
Aurorean poetry journal; poetry instructor; award-winning poet;
author of The 95 Poems chapbook (2005) and contributor to Educators as Writers: Publishing for Personal and Professional Development.

View Cynthia's background http://www.encirclepub.com/poetry/aurorean/editor

Carol Smallwood has written, co-authored, and edited 18 books for Scarecrow, Libraries Unlimited and others. An award-winning fiction writer, her work has appeared in English Journal, Michigan Feminist Studies, Poesia, The Detroit News, and several others including anthologies.

View Carol's recent book

Please send your topics first before writing to avoid duplication along with a 60-65 word bio with your present position, relevant publications, awards or honors, for the contributor page.

Deadline is September 15, 2007. Please use WOMEN WRITERS in the subject line to smallwood@tm.net

Thank you for your consideration--and do ask questions! A sample article and bio are available.

In our experience, most publishers return rights to individual contributors variously after publication. However, because we are still seeking a publisher, we cannot speak to those rights specifically at this time. Contributors will be asked to sign a release form from the publisher and therefore will be have the opportunity to agree to the details of the contract or withdraw one's work at that time.