Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bloggers Needed at LITA National Forum

Bloggers Needed at LITA National Forum

It is that time yet again. The time of year when you receive weekly, then daily emails from me, shaking the bushes for LITA Blog volunteers.

If you are going to Forum, volunteer to take a few moments to write up one of the fantastic sessions that are planned. People unable to travel to Nashville, like poor, sad me, would love to read accounts of all the fun and learning we are missing.

You can view LITA Blog here:
You can view the blog schedule here:

If you would like to volunteer, reply to me (not the list), and tell me the name of the session you want to cover and if you are a new blogger to LITA Blog.

Policies and Procedures for Blogging on LITA Blog can be found here:

If you would like the very exciting job of volunteer wrangling for Midwinter, let me know!

Questions can be directed my way. Have a great day.

Co-Chair and Volunteer Coordinator of LITA Blog

Michelle Boule
Social Sciences Librarian
University of Houston
AIM: librarianboule