Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Innovate: Journal of Online Education

New Journal: Innovate: Journal of Online Education

Innovate is a bimonthly, peer-reviewed online periodical focusing on the creative use of information technology (IT) to enhance educational processes in academic, commercial, and government settings. We welcome submissions from a wide community of practitioners—from professors, teachers, trainers, and support specialists to program administrators, software designers, and leaders in the information technology industry. Please read the following material and review our style sheet before submitting a manuscript for publication consideration.

(from the submissions page):

Article Length: We seek articles that are substantive but concise (1,800 to 2,500 words). We encourage authors to expand and illuminate key concepts by linking to supplementary files (e.g., graphic images, tables, exhibits, audio clips, video clips, and embedded flash files) from the article proper. Such materials take full advantage of the Web's multimedia capacities, thereby enhancing the interactive educational experience for readers. Article supplements do not count toward the word limit stated above. They must, however, add meaning to the main text rather than simply repeat information within it. For more information and related policies, see our guidelines for article supplements.

Conference Presentations: We will consider a manuscript that has been presented at a conference or even published in conference proceedings. Disclose conference information at the end of the manuscript, imitating this example: [This article was modified from a presentation at the EDUCAUSE annual conference in Atlanta, GA, October 2002.] If possible, provide hyperlinks for the presentation file (if available in Web conference proceedings), the sponsoring organization, and the conference home page.

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