Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Call for Book Chapters -- E-learning and Business Plans

Submission Deadline: August 20th 2004

Call for Book Chapters

E-learning and Business Plans: National and International Case Studies
Edited by Elaina Norlin and Tiffini Travis (MLIS)
elaina_j@yahoo.com, ttravis@csulb.edu

The Overall Objective of the Book: The proposed book aims to provide a comprehensive view on how to develop non-profit business plans for both small and large scale e-learning projects. The national and international case studies will cover many facets of a typical non profit business plan and relevant experiences while developing the project.

The Target Audience: This book will be useful to professionals, non-profit organizations and academic researchers who are currently considering working on large scale e-learning or high cost/high risk projects. Moreover, it will serve as a resource for students working on relevant projects.

Topics of E-learning may focus on, but are not restricted to:
-Business Plan 101: Steps for Non Profit Organizations
-Vision/Planning: Planning for technology: challenges and pitfalls
-Personnel: Managing personnel in an e-learning environment
-Positioning/Marketing: Developing an unique selling point
-Collaboration: National and international partnerships for e-learning
-Evaluation: Design, usability and navigation of e-learning products
-Financial Feasibility: How to determine if your large scale project will produce results