Thursday, March 11, 2004

Call for Proposals, Popular Culture Monographs (Praeger Publishers, Greenwood Publishing Group)

My name is Eric Levy; I am the arts & culture editor at Praeger Publishers, an imprint of Greenwood Publishing Group. In June of 2003 I posted a call for writers to the PCA/ACA listserv and was proud to sign up nearly a dozen projects as a direct result; I hope that this second query might produce similar results.

Books contracted from last year's query include subjects such as American songwriters, ballet, game shows, and fashion design. As I am actively building Praeger's list in the fields of the performing & visual arts and general popular culture, I would be very eager to hear any book ideas for projects in these fields. Anything you've got on your mind.

We are a general-interest nonfiction press; our primary marketplace is the public library, but many of our authors are professors and we are eager to read proposals that deal with popular culture and the arts in a serious way--but please, no heavy theory or jargon; we appeal to a lay audience. Please contact me at if you have any ideas that you think might be viable for us; as I say, I am open to any and all possibilities in the field.


Eric Levy