Thursday, March 17, 2016

CFP and Call for Editors/Reviewers - Journal of New Librarianship

We are excited to announce the pending launch of the Journal of New Librarianship. This launch is the result of collaborative efforts among colleagues within the field of Library and Information Sciences.

With the cessation of the Journal of Library Innovation after their twelfth issue, we believe there is a need to continue the offering of quality literature in our field in an open, independently produced journal. Beyond that, we believe that the library is meant to set an example for academia. Free and open access to information and innovation is crucial to the future of our institutions and profession. By providing an outlet that mixes both traditional and disruptive forms of scholarly and professional communication, we can change the way our profession shares and leads. A description of the journal and its goals are attached to this email.

We are seeking volunteers to serve as editors, reviewers, and content providers.

If you are interested please contact Steve Weiter, Dean of University Libraries at Oakland University at or sign up to be a reviewer at look forward to having you join us in this important and timely venture.

Stephen P. Weiter
Dean, University Libraries
Oakland University

Additional information:

Purpose: The purpose of the journal is to provide an open publishing format for innovative topics in librarianship.

Scope: The journal will include peer-reviewed scholarly articles, as well as experiential pieces, literature reviews, and essays. In addition to traditional articles, the journal will be open to submissions in the form of media clips, presentations, and other new formats for sharing scholarship. Content will be solicited internationally.

Open Journal Proposal

The Library proposes to create an Open Journal in support of Library Innovation

  • The journal will be entitled Journal of New Librarianship
  • The journal will be an “Open Journal” with no cost to readers, and free access to scholars everywhere in an online format. 
  • Authors will not be charged fees to have their articles published in the Journal.
  • Authors will have to agree to make their submissions open and available through a CC-by license.
  • The Journal will be hosted at and archived at OUR@Oakland
  • The Journal will include solicited articles, peer-reviewed content, essay, experience and opinion pieces, as well as media (i.e., podcasts, video, etc) relevant to innovative practices in Librarianship, The journal may also include book reviews, and letters to the editor on topics relevant to the title. International content will be welcome.
  • The Editorial Board will be composed of Librarians, and graduate students in fields related to librarianship, innovation and information technologies.
  • Stephen P. Weiter, Dean of University Libraries at Oakland University will serve as Editor-in Chief. Matthew Kopel, Library Services Manager at Central Library Resources Council, and Kate Ghezzi-Kopel will provide, technical, editorial and marketing support.
  • R.David Lankes will provide graduate student support through project requirements for his IST 700 Course entitled “Publish or Perish”

The Staff will:
  • solicit submissions under guidance of the Editorial Board
  • receive submissions
  • identify reviewers and solicit peer reviews of submissions 
  • provide editorial functions
  • assemble the Journal for publication
  • market and distribute the Journal electronically
  • explore the value of providing print-on-demand services or articles and issues of the Journal for a fee 

  • The Publisher proposes to produce one issue of the Journal of New Librarianship by the Fall of 2016, with the goal of producing two issues per year thereafter.
  • The Publisher will be Oakland University Libraries.
  • DOIs for articles will be obtained through Crossref.
  • Promotion of the journal will emanate from social media, the Expect More Collaboratory and Oakland University Library websites