Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Iowa IUG Meeting Call for Proposals (Iowa Innovative Users Group (Iowa City, Iowa - Sept 17, 2015)

The Iowa Innovative Users Group will be meeting Thursday, September 17th at the Iowa City Public Library and will have a Circulation focus.

We invite Circulation related presentations from Millennium/Sierra or Polaris libraries of 60 minutes in length, with some of that time set aside for questions. Ideas for forums or panel sessions to discuss a topic related to circulation are also of interest.  Big libraries, small libraries, public, academic, special - circulation and patron service are something we all have in common:

*         Loan rules, Holds, Fines or Demerits!  Attendees would love to hear your tips and tricks for what can be overwhelming and complicated.
*         Do you have Self-Check stations?  Tell us about them and what they have meant to your library.
*         Why not share a Circulation service, training, or specialty with other Innovative users in the state at the Iowa IUG Meeting?

Please send your proposal (Name, contact information, and a brief abstract or idea) to Sheryl Bissen, Iowa IUG Vice Chair/Chair Elect (bissen@grinnell.edu). Proposals are due July 10, 2015.

Thank you all again and we look forward to seeing your proposals!

Sheryl Bissen
Library Systems Support Specialist
Grinnell College Libraries
1111 6th Ave.
Grinnell, IA  50112