Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Call for Against The Grain Reporters (Charleston Conference 2014)

Call for Against The Grain Reporters (Charleston Conference 2014)
Hello 2014 Charleston Conference registrants,

We are seeking conference attendee reporters who would write short synopsis reports on 2014 Charleston Conference sessions. The reports are due in early December and will be published in "Against the Grain" (ATG) over a series of issues beginning soon after the conference concludes.

Interested? Check the preliminary program and send me your contact information and the title (and the day/time) of each session on which you are willing to write a report. I will confirm that a reporter is actually needed for the session(s) for which you volunteer.

Here are some basic guidelines for reporters:
  • The reports should be 100-200 words (preconferences and plenary session reports can run a bit longer, but not by too much).
  • The succinct reports should re-cap the highlights of the session. Minute details are NOT needed, since a number of speakers post their presentations in the conference website and many also submit papers to the Proceedings.
  • Reports should include any changes in titles or speakers that are revealed at the session and differ from what was presented in the listed program.
  • Note if, in your opinion, the session proceeded "as advertised", or were there some shortcomings.
  • See sample reports from 2013.
The reports should be sent to me by Monday, December 8, 2014. I will collate them and forward them to the ATG editors who decide on the publishing cycle-the reports are published in chronologic conference session order over a number of ATG issues.

Prior to the conference, I will stay in touch with and confirm with all persons who sign on as reporters. A print "ATG reporters' notebook" will be kept at the conference information desk should anyone want to sign up on-site to report on any yet unclaimed sessions.

Thank you!

Ramune Kubilius
ATG "And They Were There" reports collator