Monday, September 29, 2014

2015 IUG Conference Minneapolis Call for Program Proposals

2015 IUG Conference Minneapolis Call for Program Proposals
Innovative Users Group Conference
Minneapolis, Minnesota

April 13–16 (Monday–Thursday) 2015

On behalf the IUG 2015 Program Committee, I would like to invite you to submit a proposal for the annual Innovative Users Group Conference to be held in:

Minneapolis, Minnesota
April 13–16 (MondayThursday) 2015

We are now accepting proposals for Programs, Posters, Forums and Lightening Rounds.

Deadline for Proposals: Friday, November 7, 2014.

Here’s your chance to share with your IUG peers what new features, creations, and workflows you’ve implemented in your library; your advertising, training and metrics solutions; the fundamentals of the system and any other great ideas you have. It's a wonderful way to give back to the IUG community!

Presenters receive a $50 discount on the registration fee (excluding Lightning Round presenters).

If you're not sure about a topic, email a member of the Program Committee and we'll help you.

Instructions for submissions are below.
NOTE:  also have a look at the Conference Guidelines (

To Begin
 - To submit a proposal, hover over Conference and Get Involved and click on "Submit a Program Idea" (or one of the other options) OR go directly to Get Involved (

 - When prompted, login with your MyIUG Login.

 -  If you don't have a MyIUG Login, sign up for one here: (your library must be a current IUG member).  If you have trouble getting a MyIUG Login, send an email to They will be able to help you.

Submitting a Program Idea
 - In the Get Involved section, choose "Submit a Program Idea"

-  Select an IUG Member by typing the name in the Member box.  Once a member name is selected, the    name and address should be automatically filled in under the Coordinators and Presenters section. Double check to make sure all the information is filled in correctly.

-  Use the Add Another Presenter button to add presenters. Start typing the name, and the form will begin searching the database. Select the name and it will fill in the information we have on file for that person.

-  Fill out information about your program in the Program Information section. If you don't see the fields, click on Program Information and follow the prompts.

-  Enter the program title and description in the Title and Description section. If you don't see the fields, click on Titles and Descriptions to follow the prompts.

-  Program materials can be uploaded at a later date in the Program Materials section.

-  When you are finished, click on the Add Submission button.

-  You will receive an email confirmation to confirm your submission.

Are you a little nervous to present alone? Propose a panel discussion so you and others you've worked with can each share your experiences. You can even ask for an Innovative staff to co-present with you. The Program Committee can also work with you to help identify potential co-presenters.

You might also want to consider a Lightning Round session. A 5-minute session is a great way to get your feet wet presenting something if you don't think you have enough material for an hour.

We are also accepting poster and forum submissions at this time. Forum and poster session coordinators also receive the $50 discount on registration. Submit a Poster or Forum session in the Conference Get Involved section. Click on the link and you’ll follow the same steps outlined for program submissions above.

There are a large number of regional user group meetings taking place this fall that offer an excellent variety of programs. If you are presenting at one of these regional conferences, please consider repeating your program at the annual meeting, so many more colleagues
can learn from your experiences.

We’re gearing up for a great IUG conference in 2015!  Last year, we hosted a one day Polaris “mini conference” at IUG in Detroit. That proved to be a success and we’ve been working closely with Steering Committees of the Polaris Users Group (PUG) and the VTLS Users Group (VUG) towards offering programs at IUG 2015 pertinent to their platforms.  We are welcoming their members to attend IUG 2015!

We are very fortunate with the Minneapolis Hilton venue to have the space for Polaris (PUG) and VTLS (VUG) Users Groups sessions and we will be setting up special program ‘tracts’ for their sessions. They will also be submitting proposals for the IUG 2015 Conference!

We’ll provide you with more specifics as we move forward with this, so hold your questions for now!

Remember the deadline for submitting program proposals is November 7, 2014. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.

We are looking forward to seeing all of your fantastic proposals!

Eeva Stierwalt and your IUG 2015 Program Committee
Eeva Stierwalt, IUG Vice-Chair, Program Committee Chair

Kristen Costello, IUG Chair

Sheryl Bissen
Rhonda Glazier
Richard Guajardo   Guajardo@UH.EDU
Colby Riggs  

We offer a warm welcome to Program Committee Members from the Polaris
and VTLS Users Groups who will focus on submissions relating to the
Polaris and VTLS platforms:

Jill Henriksen (Polaris Users Group)
Emily Guthrie (VTLS North American Users Group)