Monday, March 10, 2014

Call for Contributors - Encyclopedia of Online Education Steven L. Danver, editor Sage Publications/Mesa Verde Publishing

Call for Contributors - Encyclopedia of Online Education Steven L. Danver, editor Sage Publications/Mesa Verde Publishing

We are pleased to announce the development of the Encyclopedia of Online Education, a first-of-its-kind comprehensive treatment of the world of online education. This three-volume project will produce a thorough, engaging reference work on the ever-expanding field of online education, which has many aspects that are not well understood. This work will serve to remedy this with authoritative materials for users at every position within the online educational structure, from students to administrators. More so than the technology itself, though, the use of such technology to facilitate effective learning by students will be the central focus. The perspective, much like the subject itself, will be interdisciplinary, and the content should prove useful to administrators, teaching faculty, and students alike.

We are currently assembling a team of qualified scholars to produce this important work. If you possess an earned doctorate and experience with online education, we would appreciate the opportunity to have you contribute to the project! Please sign up at, and we will be happy to send you further information about available entries, remuneration, and due dates. Thank you in advance for your interest, we look forward to working with you to produce an informative, academically rigorous, and useful volume.

About the Editor
Steven L. Danver (Ph.D., University of Utah) is Academic Coordinator and Core Faculty in Social Sciences in the College of Undergraduate Studies at Walden University and co-owner (with Lauren Danver) of Mesa Verde Publishing. He has been involved in online education for more than five years with three exclusively online institutions and two traditional institutions with online programs. He has written and edited extensively in fields such as history, politics, and ethnic studies.