Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Call for Chapters: Handbook of Research on Multimedia Integration and Interactivity in Electronic Books

Handbook of Research on Multimedia Integration and Interactivity in Electronic Books

Alexandra Saemmer (University Paris 8, Vincennes-Saint-Denis, France, Associate Professor), Nolwenn Tréhondart (University of Paris 8, France, Publishing Specialist and Research Engineer at Labex Arts-H2H), and Madjid Ihadjadene (University Paris 8, Vincennes-Saint-Denis, France, Full Professor)

Recommended Topics
  • Overview on e-books and their history from different perspective countries (America, Europe, Africa, etc.)
  • E-books publishing models and policies (business models, agile publishing, cultural issues, future trends in the market, selection and acquisition of e-books, marketing e-books, legal issues, archiving, curation, accessibility, digital libraries, digital libraries)
  • Transformation of the traditional workflow
  • Imaginations of publishers, authors, and readers related to e-books and enhanced e-books
  • Designing and developing e-books (evolution of formats, page layout, navigation tools, interface design, content representation, search architecture, datamining, indexing, browsing)
  • New tools, technology, and content management for publishing (authoring tools, platforms, software, standardization, interoperability, metadata, editorial and production workflow)
  • Enhanced e-books (categorization, role of hypertext and interactivity, use of media in the reading context, writing, narration, storytelling, gamelike interactivity, augmented reality, gamified books, social medias)
  • Scenario of use in various fields (children, adults, specific user communities, fiction and non fiction, academic, scientific, textbook, technical documentation, graphic novels, comics…) and contexts  (library, private reading, university…)
  • Empirical studies on digital reading (readers engagement, comprehension reading, user experience and usability, reader response theory)
  • Integration of e-books in e-learning
  • Future of digital publishing
  • Digital literature and e-books: links, experimentations (digital born fiction, research and creation projects, new art forms exploring creative possibilities, innovation), close readings

Important Dates
 April 15, 2014: Proposal Submission Deadline
May 15, 2014: Notification of the accepted Proposals
August 15, 2014: Full Chapter Submission
October 15, 2014: Review Results to authors
November 30, 2014: Final Acceptance Notifications
December 30, 2014: Final Chapter Submission