Monday, February 24, 2014

CFP: Access Conference 2014 (Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Sept 29 - Oct 2, 2014)

CFP: Access Conference 2014 (Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Sept 29 - Oct 2, 2014)
Access is Canada’s premier library technology conference bringing librarians, technicians, developers, programmers, and managers together to discuss cutting-edge library technologies. Access is a single stream conference featuring in-depth analyses, panel discussions, poster presentations, lightning talks, hackfest, and plenty of time for networking and social events.
Join us in Calgary, Alberta, September 29-October 2 for Access 2014!

Call for Proposals!

In the spirit of the 21st Access Conference, this year’s theme is Growing in the 21st Century. We’re well into the 21stCentury. How have libraries adapted? What can we expect for the next 86 years? How can we develop our skills to plan for the future?
We’re looking for proposals that consider:
  • Where we’ve come from, and how the plans of the past affect our present and future
  • Where we’re going, considering current trends in future planning context
  •  Buzz topics such as big data, linked open data, evidence-based practice, the semantic web, open access, and other emerging trends
  •  Emerging tools and trends, and how to use them to build a new future for libraries
  •  The 21st Century library in context and the dynamic of the library. How do libraries fit in a larger institutional or community context? How do technical and discovery services fit within the overall library dynamic? How are we shaping this context?