Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Call for Papers: 17th International Oral History Association Conference (Buenos Aires, 4-7 September 2012)

The International Oral History Association, IOHA and the Asociación de Historia Oral de la República Argentina, AHORA, invited/s you to participate in the XVII International Oral History Conference: “The Challenges of Oral History in the 21st Century: Diversity, Inequality and Identity Construction.", to be held in Buenos Aires from 4 to 7 September 2012.

Rules for abstracts and papers:

Abstracts: The call will be open from 1 July to 15 October 2011
Abstract Acceptance: November 15, 2011
Final submission of papers: March 30, 2012

The organization of the conference enabled from the first of July 2011 a form for submitting abstracts / papers.

Guidelines for final versions of abtracts and papers:

1) Work extensión: not more than 20 pages. (or 50,000 characters with spaces) for researches. Abstracts must not exceed 2000 characters with spaces. Headings should follow the instructions above and must be sent by the form in the website of the Congress for that purpose.
2) Use WORD text processor RTF fotmat, Arial, 12pt. font.
3) Set margins left and do not cut words.
4) Use wide margins and 1.5 spacing.
5) Do not use tabs or indentation
6) Accent capital letters.
7) Do not write titles or text in all capital letters.
8) Do not underline to highlight text
9) Control footnote numbering
10) Bibliography: alphabetically ordered. Use commas to separate fields, do not write all capital letters, and use the following disposition:

- For books: author´s surmane and name, title of book (in italics), place of publication, name of publisher, date of publication.

    Graciela Browarnik
Member of the local commettee for the XVII Internacional Conference Buenos Aires 2012

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