Tuesday, February 02, 2016

CFP: Internet Librarian (Monterey California - October 17-19, 2016)

Participate as a Speaker at Internet Librarian!

CFP URL: http://internet-librarian.infotoday.com/2016/CallForSpeakers.aspx

(Monterey California - October 17-19, 2016)

The 20th anniversary Internet Librarian focuses on the strategies, techniques and processes, in other words the actions, that create impact in our communities. It shares exciting, creative and innovative ways that information professionals are forging new roles and directions in information service, learning, knowledge sharing and in the changing social and technological world we live in today. It reflects the strategies, services and tools that enable Internet Librarians to engage, connect and build relationships with their communities. It discusses mobile devices and electronic collections and how their use is changing the spaces and services in libraries. It highlights the skills, competencies, and roles that are evolving to deal with all these changes in our communities, campuses and organizations. Hear about leading edge tools and techniques for grabbing the attention of your audience and community at Information Today’s 20th annual Internet Librarian. Share your actions and the impact they have in your community! This conference provides the ideal opportunity to gather insights and ideas to ignite imaginations and spark innovation while creating lots of opportunities for connections and conversations.

Join us at the most comprehensive conference for library and information professionals interested in technology to discover the insights, strategies and practices that allow us to push the envelope in expanding the net, building solid connections to the Internet of Things, managing libraries and digital information, and enhancing the information sharing and learning experience of people in our communities.  Internet Librarian 2016 provides attendees with lots of opportunities to meet and hear from leading “movers and shakers” in the information industry in all types of environments – leaders in the information industry are integrating content and delighting their clients, organizing and managing digital content in creative ways, setting the context for excellence in information utilization in their organizations, revolutionizing the roles of info pros, creating new learning and discovery areas with makerspaces, building strong collaborative communities among their customers and colleagues, and using new technologies in exciting ways. This conference encourages you to bring and share your ideas and champion new practices – this is where ideas and action come together, where innovation ignites.  

Information Today, Inc., a key provider of technology conferences for more than thirty years, is pleased to announce the 20th annual Internet Librarian – the ONLY conference for information professionals who are using, developing, and embracing internet and web-based strategies in their roles as information architects and navigators, webmasters and web managers, content evaluators and curators, digital managers, developers and integrators, taxonomists, searchers, community builders and managers, information providers, trainers, guides, and more. This comprehensive conference and exhibition offers a wide-ranging program designed to meet the needs of librarians, information managers, systems professionals, researchers, content managers and information specialists.

To participate in Internet Librarian 2016 as a possible speaker or workshop leader, or to suggest a speaker, please post your submission right away. Deadline is March 14, 2016.