Thursday, January 02, 2014

IFLA WLIC 2014, Lyon (France) - Metropolitan Libraries Section Call for papers

IFLA WLIC 2014, Lyon (France) - Metropolitan Libraries Section Call for papers

please read and circulate the call for papers of the IFLA Metropolitan Libraries Section programme, Disrupting and colliding: New trends for access, privacy, learning, empowerment and technology.

The 2013 IFLA Trend Report put forth five key trends that will shape the global information environment. The report is a starting point for libraries to work back from, and consider how they could better fit into a new global economy that is connected yet profoundly shaped by fast-evolving "technology" in some way. Metropolitan libraries, being at the heart of our cities’ information and knowledge aspirations, must naturally initiate conversations about the rapid evolution of these global trends, their collision at different social fronts and their corresponding challenges and impact on library services, and the very identity of libraries around the world.

The Metropolitan Libraries Section (MetLib) programme at the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Lyon, France (16-22 August 2014will set the stage for IFLA and MetLib Section members to share their views, vision and strategies of transforming the library and its services in a bid to meet the demands of a new global normal.

Specifically, MetLib members and professionals from public libraries in metropolitan areas are invited to submit proposals for 15 minutes presentations with the view to discuss and tackle the trends:

- New technology will expand access to information, but also presents barriers
- Online learning will transform and disrupt traditional education
- Boundaries of data protection and privacy will be redefined
- Hyper-connected societies will recognize and empower new voices
- Our global information economy will be transformed by new technologies 
Presentations will be followed by a world-café discussion.

The deadline for proposals is 28 February 2014.

For instructions on submitting a proposal, please see the full Call for papers on the IFLA WLIC 2014 website:

Best Regards,
Corrado Di Tillio

IFLA Metropolitan Libraries Section
Standing Committee Secretary and Information Coordinator