Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CFP: Workshop Speaker for the Inaugural Conference of ALFMO (Association of Library Financial Management Officers)

CFP: Workshop Speaker for the Inaugural Conference of ALFMO (Association of Library Financial Management Officers)

I want to personally invite your participation as a workshop speaker for the Inaugural Conference of ALFMO and we need your proposal by Friday January 25th. Proposals are being reviewed as soon as they are received, with a decision within 24 hours of receipt.

About the Association ...
The Association of Library Financial Management Officers is a new independent library association devoted to honoring the work performed by library financial managers from all types of libraries. ALFMO will be dedicated to providing an exclusive platform for these professionals to meet on an annual basis at their own national conference to share ideas and new innovations in library financial management. Attractive membership benefits and activities will also be part of the organization. 

About the Inaugural Conference ...
We are hoping to have a large gathering in March for this first conference. The Inaugural Conference is scheduled to take place in Philadelphia on Sunday March 10th and Monday March 11th, 2013. The Conference will focus on current issues in managing the budgets and financial affairs of libraries and is open to professionals from throughout North America.

Submitting Your Workshop Proposal ...
We invite proposals from members of your library financial management team who are interested in presenting a 75 minute session on any topic related to library financial management and stewardship including, but not limited to, the following areas:         

  • budget development
  • budget management
  • internal accounting controls
  • auditing and working with auditors
  • controlling costs
  • revenue management  
  • developing new revenue
  • expense management
  • stewardship
  • negotiation of vendor contracts
  • investment management
  • cost accounting strategies
  • risk management
  • financial record management
  • forecasting
  • asset management

 Your proposal should include the name of the presenter(s), the title of the workshop, a brief description of the workshop, and a short bio of the presenter(s). All workshop presenters attend the conference at a special registration fee of $50.00 including all meal functions.   
Workshop presenters are responsible for their own transportation and lodging. However, ALFMO can provide courtesy ground transportation from the airport and Amtrak station in Philadelphia.

A complete brochure on the entire conference with registration information will be forthcoming next month. All proposals and any questions should be sent to tcgproposals@yahoo.com