Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CFP: Asia and Oceania Section IFLA 2013 - Theme of Future libraries – multiple futures

CFP: Asia and Oceania Section IFLA 2013 - Theme of Future libraries – multiple futures

URL: http://conference.ifla.org/ifla79/calls-for-papers/future-libraries-multiple-futures

The Asia and Oceania Section's open session in Singapore focuses on how library services in the Asia and Oceania (A & O) region must change to meet the challenges of many possible futures in a fast-changing and uncertain world.

In keeping with the conference’s overall theme, ‘Future Libraries: Infinite Possibilities’, the Asia and Oceania Open Session will focus on the remarkably diverse social, economic and geographic contexts in which library and information services operate across our vast region.

Libraries in the A & O region are located in a hugely diverse area that includes tiny sparsely populated island nations in the world's biggest ocean as well as expansive heavily populated countries spreading across the world's largest continent. Some libraries are situated in the heart of wealthy highly developed countries, leaders in connectivity, while others are in isolated and deprived areas that epitomise the digital divide. While their contexts are extremely diverse, what these libraries have in common is the urgent need to confront fundamental challenges to their way of operating. They all must develop their vision of future services to meet changing needs. For all of them, the future is now.

We seek contributions that illustrate the multiple futures confronting libraries in Asia and Oceania, including papers that describe the contexts, the strategic planning and visions, as well as actual developments of facilities, services, and resources that are shaping the future.