Thursday, April 26, 2012

ACRL conference 2013: session on library space--call for participation

ACRL conference 2013: session on library space--call for participation

I'm interested in submitting a proposal for a panel session (introduction and three ten-minute presentations, followed by questions and answers) at the ACRL 2013 conference in Indianapolis on repurposing library space.  If you have a related topic you are interested in presenting or have any suggestions, please feel free to be in touch by Friday, April 27, 2012 with a presentation title, two-sentence abstract, your title, and your affiliation.

ACRL 2013 Indianapolis
Call for participation in panel discussion
Conference tag:  space/buildings

Fort Knox or Pizza Hut?  Repurposing Library Space (title subject to revision, e. g., Library Renovation:  Dos and Don’ts or Lean Thinking and Library Renovation)
Although architecture is relatively permanent, the activities it contains routinely vary.  Therefore, many academic libraries need to meet the challenge of upgrading library space to accommodate collaborative learning, new modes of discovery, ubiquitous technology, and social spaces.  And whether a library renovation is a bane or a blessing depends on its responsiveness to patron needs, its recasting of the library image, and its improvement of the built environment. What are the essential components of an appropriate, flexible, functional, and inviting set of library spaces? What are the effects of virtual collections on the physical aspects of the project? How can the design process generate spaces that are agile, expandable, friendly, and forgiving? Three panelists will offer best practices for reshaping library space into effective learning environments.




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