Thursday, October 20, 2011

CFP - “Robots in Academic Libraries: Advancements in Library Automation”

CFP - “Robots in Academic Libraries: Advancements in Library Automation”

I have been contracted to do a book on the future of automation in the academic library by IGI Publishers. The working title is “Robots in Academic Libraries: Advancements in Library Automation,” and it will be part of the book series, Advances in Library Information Science (ALIS).

The book will be 15+ chapters, with a total of at least 135,000 words. I am looking for contributors to write individual chapters at around 10,000 words. The specific subjects are the increasing and future automation of the following areas of the academic library.

• Acquisitions
• Collection Development
• Cataloging
• Circulation
• Inter-library loan
• The Future of the ILS
• Public Interface Design
• Library Management (especially hiring decisions)

Additionally I am looking for very high level chapters that look at automation in academic libraries in conjunction with changing University environments as well as the changing needs of students and faculty. Other chapters dealing with this subject are also highly desirable.

Finally I would like to see some short case studies for any and all of these.

Please contact me directly at

Edward Iglesias
Systems Librarian
Central Connecticut State University