Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CFP: Ascendio 2012 (Harry Potter Symposium)

CFP: Ascendio 2012 (Harry Potter Symposium)


Ascendio 2012: A Harry Potter Symposium welcomes adult scholars and fans of the Harry Potter universe to investigate, deconstruct and unravel the many facets of Harry Potter’s world. We aim to promote scholarly analysis of the books, to provide forums for debate and discussion among fans of those works, and to provide professional development opportunities for teachers, librarians and academic scholars.

Our conference theme this year, Taking Flight, echoes the many breathtaking heights and perilous flights throughout the Harry Potter series: we recall Fawkes’s mournful exodus from Hogwarts after the death of Dumbledore; Harry’s sheer joy on his wild dive to catch Neville’s Remembrall; the thrills of Quidditch both on the page and on sporting fields around the world; Harry, Ron and Hermione’s escape from Gringotts on the back of a dragon; and the three “flights” that shaped the life of Sirius Black, among many other gravity-defying moments.

In addition to submissions related to this year’s theme, proposals are sought for presentations, papers, moderated panels, and workshops on any topic relating to the Harry Potter universe and/or the fan community. Special evening sessions will be scheduled for adult programming, and we encourage proposals for a wide range of adult content. We will consider all submissions, but preference will be given to those papers and topics that were not previously presented to HPEF attendees.
We welcome programming of all shapes and sizes, including:
•        panels, roundtable discussions, papers, & presentations
•    •        workshops, including but not limited to crafts, fanart & writing techniques
•    •        fan-created media, including WizardRock, vidding and more
•    •        explorations of book-canon, movie-canon and Pottermore
•    •        discussions of fanfiction and shipping (both het & slash pairings)
•    •        the real-world implications of Harry Potter, and fan culture
Proposals should include a quick summary (50-75 words) for the program and a longer abstract (200-500 words) explaining the content.

To submit your proposal or to learn about the requirements for each type of programming, please visit our website at and click on the Programming link for the online submission form. Submissions are due by February 1st! Participants will be notified of their status by March 15th.

Even the tiny flapping wings of the smallest Cornish Pixie can leave a tornado in its wake. In the world of Harry Potter, flights can take us in and out of danger or bring us soaring in triumph like the Weasley twins on their victory path from Hogwarts.
We welcome flights of fancy--so let your imagination soar!
Anastasia Marie Salter