Monday, June 23, 2008

CFP: Journal for Computing Teachers (JCT)

CFP: Journal for Computing Teachers (JCT)

JCT is published under the auspices of the Special Interest Group for Computer Teachers (SIGCT) in the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). The primary mission of SIGCT is to enhance precollege instruction in computer science. JCT accepts manuscripts for possible publication in two ways – editor reviewed and peer reviewed.

In the “editor reviewed” process, articles are reviewed by the editor. In the “peer-reviewed” portion of the journal, manuscripts are acknowledged by the editor upon receipt and, after a preliminary review to judge their appropriateness for JCT, are sent to at least two members of the Editorial Review Board. Following the completion of the review process, the editor contacts the author(s) to accept the paper for publication, to accept the paper conditional on the completion of any recommended revisions, or to reject it.

Submission topics include but are not limited to:
• Academic and research articles relating to the teaching of computing in K-12 education
• Pedagogical articles describing and explaining the rationale for some teaching practice, approach, or lesson
• Theoretical articles explaining or arguing particular principles or models of learning, teaching, curriculum development, content perspective-taking, etc.
• Explanatory articles providing teachers with professional development information, e.g., understanding hardware and software (TCP/IP, worm/virus operation, file systems, etc.), conceptual understanding (e.g., encryption, XML), etc.
• Reports concerning computing (e.g., curriculum and policy recommendations)

For information about the journal and submission guidelines for authors, go to Potential authors do not have to be members of ISTE or SIGCT to publish in JCT. Submission deadline for fall 2008 issue is September 1, 2008.

Also, members for the Editorial Review Board for the Journal for Computing Teachers (JCT) are sought. The quality of JCT is reliant upon thorough outside reviews from qualified professionals.

For further information on submitting papers and/or the Editorial Review Board, contact:

John Thompson, PhD
Editor, Journal for Computing Teachers
Associate Professor
Educational Computing Program
Computer Information Systems Dept.
Chase 208, Buffalo State College
1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222 USA
(716) 878-3531