Friday, June 20, 2008

Books for review: Journal of the Association for History and Computing (JAHC)

Books for review: Journal of the Association for History and Computing (JAHC)

Hello, everyone. I am the new book reviews editor for JAHC. I have a number of books that I need reviews; if you are interested, please let me know which book, and a short paragraph on your background and in what ways you qualify to review the books that you have asked for. If you have any questions, let me know. Also, please send me your mailing address. Book reviews would be due by October 1, 2008. No international reviewers at this time, please; postage comes out of my own pocket. Thanks. Brad

(Please contact Brad for the lastest titles - these might have been taken)

Charles Merewether, ed. _The archive: documents of contemporary art_. MIT Press, 2006
Lee McIntyre. _Dark ages: the case for a science of human behavior_. MIT Press, 2006
Geoffrey Bowker. _Memory practices in the sciences_. MIT Press, 2005
Jonathan Rosenberg. _Now for the promised land: world affairs and the American civil rights movement from the 1st World War to Vietnam_. Princeton UP, 2006
Kevin Kruse. _White flight: Atlanta and the making of modern conservatism_. Princeton UP, 2005
Donald MacKenzie. _An engine, not a camera: how financial models shape markets_. MIT Press, 2006
Charles Clotfelter. _After Brown: the rise and retreat of school desegregation_. Princeton UP, 2004
James Bennett. _Religion and the rise of Jim Crow in New Orleans_. Princeton UP, 2005
Victor Kaptelinin. _Acting with technology: activity theory and interaction design_. MIT Press, 2006
Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey. _From the Corn laws to free trade: interests, ideas, and institutions in historical perspective_. MIT Press, 2006

Brad Eden
Associate University Librarian for Technical Services & Scholarly Communication
University of California, Santa Barbara