Friday, January 26, 2007

CALL FOR BOOK PROPOSALS - Practical Guides for Librarians (Haworth)

CALL FOR BOOK PROPOSALS - Practical Guides for Librarians (Haworth)

Call for Book Proposals
New Book Series by The Haworth Press:
Practical Guides for Librarians

The Haworth Press announces a new series of books, Practical Guides for Librarians, which are intended to serve as guides to plan, organize, implement, and evaluate new and existing services and programs. This series will describe practical solutions and give step-by-step guidance for creating and maintaining a wide range of services and programs in all types of libraries, from academic and public libraries, to special, medical, and law libraries, to archives and media centers. These essential books will provide basic “how to do it” advice based on the author’s experience, experiences gained from colleagues, and reviews of supporting research in the literature.

Authors are expected to write in clear and concise language, and to define any specialized terms or concepts so that librarians in different settings and with different responsibilities can learn from each other.

Haworth Press will market the Guides through its network of over 30 professional journals for libraries. Haworth’s librarianship journals cover the gamut of the library world, ranging from administration, reference, technical services, and acquisitions, to specialized subject areas including business, medicine, science, social science, and religion. The Press also mails out over 120,000 catalogs a year to all major and international library organizations.

Topics of particular interest are listed below. Prospective authors interested in any of these topics, or who have ideas for other Practical Guides, are encouraged to contact the series editor, M. Sandra Wood, at

Selected Topics of Interest for Practical Guides for Librarians:

Marketing services
Re-training/re-purposing staff
Strategic planning
Vendor negotiation
Web site usability studies
E-Serials collection development
Measurement & evaluation of electronic journal use
Consortia purchasing
Chat/electronic reference
ILL in the electronic age
Lending laptop computers
Weeding library collections (de-selection)
Handling gifts and exchanges
Evaluating approval plans
Selecting items for preservation
Remote authentication
Wireless networks
User education for generations (x, z, baby boomers, etc.)
Newspapers in libraries and archives
Oral history projects
Photographic collections in libraries and archives
Teaching lab layouts
Writing for publication

Editor name and contact information

M. Sandra Wood, MLS, MBA, AHIP, FMLA
PO Box 1296
Camp Hill, PA 17001-1296

The Haworth Press, Inc.
10 Alice St. Binghamton, NY 13904-1580, USA

U.S. & Canada: 1-800-429-6784
Outside U.S.and Canada: 607-722-5857
U.S. & Canada: 1-800-895-0852
Outside U.S.and Canada: 607-774-0012