Saturday, August 05, 2006

CFP: Northwest Innovative Users Group Meeting

CFP: Northwest Innovative Users Group Meeting
Conference Dates: October 17-18, 2006
Conference Location: University of Portland, Oregon
NOTE: Deadline not listed - please respond ASAP.

The Northwest Innovative Users Group is currently accepting proposals for one hour (60 minute) program presentations at the Twelfth Annual NWIUG Users Group meeting on Tuesday, October 17 and Wednesday, October 18, 2006 at the University of Portland. This is your chance to share III expertise/issues with your colleagues.

Basically the conference will be structured as it has been in the past - concurrent presentations within each program session. We are working with III on the possibility of holding a workshop in conjunction with NWIUG this year and will have more details on this later.

Your ideas on programs you would like to see presented are also welcome. Just e-mail these ideas to any Steering Committee member, listed at the bottom of this announcement, with a description of what you would like covered.

Please submit proposals for presentations using the form on the NWIUG Web site at

Using the form has the added benefit that your proposal will be automatically emailed to all Steering Committee members at once and saves people time in forwarding proposals. It also ensures that your proposal will get the quickest attention.

Please include all of this information:
Program title
Program Description
Presenter(s) name(s)
Presenter(s) address(es), e-mail(s), phone(s) (fax and voice)
Identify the Contact person if there is more than one presenter
Audience Level (new users, intermediate, advanced, general, technical, other)
Also include an indication of which area it should belong to based on those listed below.

Main program areas are:
Public Services
System Maintenance
Web Maintenance

Additional information about the conference will be posted on the NWIUG
web site:
Send questions to any of Steering Committee members:

Debbie Hackleman (Chair), Oregon State University,
Gary Payne (Webmaster), Skagit Valley College,
Karen Kunz (Registration), Oregon Institute of Technology,
Carolyn Piatz (Local Arrangements) , University of Portland,
Emily Asch, Pacific University,
Kathleen Olsen, King County Library System,
Sion Romaine, Univ. of Washington,
Erik Still, Boeing

Thank you for your interest and your ideas.

Debbie Hackleman, Chair
NWIUG 2006