Thursday, August 31, 2006

Call for Proposals: LOEX 2007 (San Diego, May 2007)

Call for Proposals: LOEX 2007

LOEX 2007 will be held in San Diego, California, May 3-5 at the Bahia Resort Hotel.
Deadline for proposal submission is Friday, November 10, 2006

Learn more about LOEX at

Learn more about LOEX 2007 at

THEME: Uncharted Waters: Tapping the Depths of Our Community to Enhance Learning

More and more instruction and information literacy activities call for librarians to venture beyond the library and even beyond their campus to enhance student learning. Successful journeys beyond the familiar require that librarians be both passionate about what they do and willing to take risks, including identifying new partners, speaking new languages, incorporating new tools, developing non-traditional deliveries, and changing instruction and programs to meet student needs. Some librarians have already embarked on these voyages to tap the depths of our community and draw new maps for others to follow. This conference will highlight the successful ventures of those brave librarians who are doing new and unexpected things to enhance their library instruction and information literacy programs.

Successful New Ventures Might Include:

-Developing models that engage campus stakeholders in defining what information literacy means and determining who is responsible for its various facets.
-Developing models that incorporate information literacy into various aspects of the college or university curriculum.
-Establishing collaborations with life-long learning partners (K-12, postsecondary, public libraries, businesses, community, etc.).
-Establishing collaborations with co-curricular programs (writing centers, debate teams, undergraduate and graduate research symposiums, athletics, etc.).
-Connecting with other related literacies to enhance student learning
-Understanding and using technology to enhance student learning.
-Employing non-traditional deliveries to enhance student learning.
-Developing assessment plans that examine all facets of information literacy and its impact on learning.
-Applying student learning data to enhance instruction and information literacy programs.
-Using customer needs and expectations data to enhance instruction and information literacy programs.


Proposals can be submitted online at Only electronic proposals will be accepted.

Three types of proposals will be accepted:

Breakout Session: A 45 minute presentation followed by a 10-15 minute question and answer period. The proposal will include a description of the research and an outline of the presentation.
Discussion Session: A structured session to allow participants to share knowledge. The proposal will include a theme and its importance, discussion points, means to facilitate discussion, and how the information will be summarized and be disseminated back to all conference attendees.
Poster Session: Proposals for poster sessions will be limited to graduate students currently enrolled in a library and information science program. The LOEX conference poster session allows graduate students to graphically convey research in the areas of instruction and information literacy. Poster sessions should include brief narratives, data, graphics that quickly summarize the student’s research. Posters can also include computer displays, handouts, directions to websites and other materials to elaborate on the student’s research or allow conference attendees to learn more about the student’s research following the conference. A time will be set aside to view the posters, and allow conference attendees to interact with, and ask questions of, poster presenters.

Preference will be given to new, innovative, creative, untraditional, and other ventures that people called crazy until they worked.

Deadline for proposal submission is Friday, November 10, 2006.

The primary contact on the proposal will be notified that that the proposal has been received by Friday, November 17, 2006. The primary contact on the proposal will be notified if the proposal has been accepted by Friday, January 12, 2007.

If your proposal is accepted then up to three presenters will be automatically registered for the conference, and are required to pay registration in full by March 16th. Note: Failure to pay the registration fee will result in the cancellation of your presentation and conference registration. All presenters are responsible for paying their own travel and lodging expenses.

If you have any questions about proposal submission please contact, Amy Wallace at