Thursday, September 27, 2018

CFP: 2019 Acquisitions Institute at Timberline Lodge (Mt. Hood, Oregon - May 2019)

2019 Acquisitions Institute at Timberline Lodge
Saturday, May 18 - Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Timberline Lodge
One hour east of Portland, Oregon on the slope of Mt. Hood

Call for Proposals

WHAT IS The Acquisitions Institute?

  • Since 2000, the pre-eminent conference located in Western North America on acquisitions and collection development held at Timberline Lodge.
  • A three-day conference focusing on the methods and innovation of building and managing library collections.
  • A small (capped at 80 attendees), informal and stimulating gathering in a convivial and glorious Pacific Northwest setting.

WHAT TOPICS are we looking for?

The planning committee is open to Presentations and Table Talks on all aspects of library acquisitions and collection management. Presenters are encouraged to engage the audience in discussion, whether the presentation leans more toward the practical "here's what we did" sessions or toward the more abstract "here's what we think" sessions. We seek balance in the program by including both the practical and abstract points of view, either from one or two presenters or a panel of presenters. The committee may wish to bring individual proposals together to form panels. For Table Talks, the proposer(s) must be willing to facilitate the talk they propose.

Topics we and/or last year's attendees are interested in include:

  • Collections analysis projects (e.g., GreenGlass or Gold Rush experiences, altmetrics, etc.)
  • Assessment tools, methods, and projects (e.g., linking collections with learning outcomes; usage studies)
  • Managing liaison programs
  • New models for selection
  • Sustainable models for publishing/pricing
  • Effective management of collections with constrained resources
  • Vendor and publisher evaluation, including business skills to determine financial viability
  • Diversity, inclusion and social justice in acquisitions and collections
  • Negotiation skills and how to use them, including during library-vendor and library-publisher meetings
  • Innovative vendor-librarian relationships and/or partnerships
  • Staffing, training and development, and recruiting issues, challenges, successes (e.g., onboarding new acquisitions and/or collections staff)
  • Using data visualization techniques to tell our stories (e.g., budget, collections, staff successes, etc.)
  • Impacts of Open Access and Open Repositories on acquisitions and collection development
  • Data curation, including Big Data, and management and other new roles for subject and technical services librarians
  • Digital scholarship
  • Public library and/or small academic library perspectives in acquisitions and collection development
The DEADLINE for submitting a proposal is December 31, 2018.

Submission proposal form:

Important Dates
  • Thu 9/27/18: Call for proposals announced
  • Mon 12/31/18: Proposals due
  • Wed 1/16/19: Review of proposals complete, and presenters notified
  • Fri 1/18/19: Presenters confirm commitment to present
  • Mon 2/4/19: Registration scheduled to open


The Acquisitions Institute at Timberline Lodge Planning Committee is
  • Damon Campbell, University of Oregon;
  • Lindsay Cronk, University of Rochester;
  • Kristina DeShazo, Oregon Health & Science University;
  • Kerri Goergen-Doll, Oregon State University;
  • Kim Maxwell, MIT;
  • Nancy Slight-Gibney, Retired.