Saturday, November 11, 2017

CFP: Charleston Briefings (Open Access eBooks)

Charleston Briefings

The all new Charleston Briefings will be a series of short books (12,000 to 20,000 words) on the topic of innovation in the world of libraries and scholarly communication. The default format for the Briefings is an open access, online e-book. We will be using Michigan Publishing’s e-book hosting platform to provide online access. We will also offer the customer the option to purchase a Kindle, iBook or print-on-demand version.

The audience for the Briefings is the same audience that attends the Charleston Conference: librarians, publishers, entrepreneurs in information technology, vendors and consultants. The series will offer timely, readable, and focused treatments of topics of significance to practitioners in these fields. The purpose of the series is to offer the reader a useful overview that will allow them to engage more effectively with new trends and innovations in their industry.

The Charleston Briefings are the first service being developed under the umbrella of ATG Media that will be in addition to the Charleston Conference and Against the Grain. ATG Media is a wholly owned subsidiary of ATG, LLC.

Your proposal should give members of the Charleston Briefing Editorial Board a clear and
detailed idea of what your book will be about. Please include a cover letter, your curriculum
vitae or résumé, and a proposal as outlined below. Please be concise in your proposal.
To ensure that your work receives proper attention, we ask that you submit the following content:
  • Proposed title;
  • Author or Editor Name(s); in the order, you expect them to appear in the briefing.
  • The purpose or rationale of your book and a brief description. Include what you consider to be the outstanding, distinctive, or unique features of the work;
  • A table of contents;
  • An outline of your chapters (this should be no more than a paragraph or two describing the content of each chapter);
  • An introduction or detailed overview of your project; if you have no introduction, please supply a sample chapter (or other material)