Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Call for Column Editor: “Special Libraries, Special Challenges” in Public Services Quarterly

Looking for a “Special Libraries, Special Challenges” column editor for Public Services Quarterly

PSQ is published four times per year by Taylor & Francis, and features a strong set of columns each issue, including professional reading reviews, a marketing topics column, internet resources reviews, and others.

One of the columns is "Special Libraries, Special Challenges." This column has featured essays dedicated to exploring the unique public services challenges that arise in libraries that specialize in a particular subject, such as law, medicine, business, and so forth. In each column, the author will discuss public services-oriented topics in a variety of special library settings, including branches within a system. The column editor is stepping down, so I am recruiting contributors and/or a new editor to take over mid-2018.

Here are the most recently published columns:

If you would be interested in contributing a column or taking on the column editor duties, please send me an email with some info about your experience and qualifications.

Sian Brannon, sian.brannon@unt.edu