Thursday, October 05, 2017

CALL FOR ATG REPORTERS (Charleston Conference 2017)

Seeking Charleston Conference session reporters for publication, "Against the Grain"

Prior to the conference, contact reports compiler, Ramune Kubilius (, noting the session title/s, date/s, time/s of desired session/s for reporting (inclusion of the schedule url is helpful). To avoid duplication or overlap, reporters will receive confirmation of their sessions.

  • Reports should be 100-200 words (preconferences and plenary session reports can run a bit longer, but not by too much).
  • The succinct reports should re-cap the highlights of the session. Minute details are NOT needed, since a number of speakers post their presentations in the conference website and many also submit papers to the Proceedings.
  • Reports should include any changes in titles or speakers that are revealed at the session and differ from what was presented in the listed program.
  • Note session highlights, whether the session proceeded "as advertised", or if there were some shortcomings.
See sample reports from 2015.

Session reports will be due to the compiler, Ramune Kubilius 
( by Friday, December 8, 2017.

The reports will be published in "Against the Grain", starting in the first 2018 issues, in conference session order.