Tuesday, February 28, 2017

CFP: Credit-bearing Information Literacy Courses: Critical Approaches (ACRL Publication)

Deadline extended to March 13!

We invite proposals for the forthcoming book from ACRL Press, Credit-bearing Information Literacy Courses: Critical Approaches (working title). You can see the complete CFP here: https://cilcourses.tumblr.com/cfp

Critical librarianship requires that information literacy instruction does conceptual work to ask questions about, among other things, the conditions of information production, presumptions of neutrality, and institutionalized oppression. The goal of this book is to examine critical approaches specifically in the context of credit-bearing courses. This will be useful to librarians who have struggled to find literature and case studies that directly address the unique features of teaching a credit-bearing course, including course and lesson planning, designing formative and summative assessment measures that address course-level learning outcomes, and building rapport with students.

The book will include both discussions of conceptual approaches and case studies. Contributed chapters will be divided into appropriate sections, based on their foci.

We invite chapters on topics including but not limited to the following, within the context of a credit-bearing class:

  • Feminist/anti-racist/anti-colonial approaches to curriculum development
  • Critical approaches to grading and assessment
  • Unique challenges and opportunities of incorporating a critical approach in a credit course vs. one-shot/course-integrated instruction session
  • Critical reflection about instructor positionality vis-à-vis critical content and/or relationship to students
  • Conceptions of neutrality and objectivity with regard to information literacy and potentially controversial (and/or political) subject matter
  • Difficulty of critical approaches in a standalone information literacy course (and/or criticisms of the credit-bearing mode of instruction)
  • Approaches that critique the academy and/or higher education and the neoliberal discourses that shape it
  • Reflections on the process of adopting a critical approach, whether shifting the content to critical information literacy or adopting other practices from critical pedagogies (like eschewing the banking model of education, breaking down hierarchies, incorporating social justice, etc)

Proposal submission guidelines:

Proposals (500 words) due March 13
Notifications sent out by March 20
Completed manuscripts (tentatively 3,000-6,000 words) due June 30

Editors: Angela Pashia and Jessica Critten