Friday, February 10, 2017

Call for Book Reviewers: Journal of the New Members Round Table (ALA)

Endnotes has revised our book review format, and this process was finalized in January. The details of this process will be provided in the guidelines below. We ask that you submit your book pitch no later than March 6th. Our committee will review your pitch and then inform you whether your pitch has been selected for our upcoming June publication for Endnotes. If your pitch is selected, you will have untilMay 1st to submit your book review. Any questions, please feel free to contact us at, and we will be happy to address your concerns.

Endnotes Book Review Guidelines  
The Endnotes Committee would like to thank you for your interest in serving as a book reviewer. As of January 2017, the Endnotes Committee has revised the submission criteria to be more inclusive and representative of the diversity and discipline specialization across our profession. We thank you for your time and interest, and kindly ask you to adhere to these guidelines.

Overview of Book Review Process
The Endnotes Committee will allow book reviewers to select a monograph of their choice, provided it meets Endnotes selection criteria, and the reviewer can justify the merits of the selected work. Reviewers must submit a book review pitch that is to be no longer than 150 words and make a concise, cogent case for their proposed review. All book review pitches should be sent to the Endnote Editors at After evaluation by the Endnotes Committee, the selected reviewer will be green-lighted to write a 500-650 word book review written in the APA format by the submission deadline. After a final check by the Endnotes Committee, the reviewer will make revisions and submit the Endnotes “author agreement” form before the reviewer will be accepted for publication.

The Book Review Criteria
The pitch can take a multitude of forms:
·  How will the work influence scholarship in the field, or on the topic?
·  Has the topic, or idea been neglected by scholarship?
·  Does the work make contributions to the practice of librarianship?
·  How has the work impacted the book reviewer’s teaching and practice of librarianship?

There is leeway for the reviewer on how they wish to justify the inclusion of their book review for the current publication of Endnotes. Questions and further clarification can be directed toward the Endnote Editors if needed.

Reviewers will be allowed to select monographs that pertain to the issues, pedagogies, and technical works that currently affect librarianship. The Endnotes Committee is looking for book reviews that address a broad range of issues in librarianship. However, publications should be written at a professional, authoritative level and contribute to the professional discourse of a particular field specialization, or librarianship as a whole.
Endnotes asks that the publication of the selected monograph be current: within two years of Endnotes publication date. Reviewers need to furnish their copy (it does not need to be purchased; please feel free to utilize your library and/or interlibrary loan), as Endnotes cannot and will not provide a copy of the selected work. The written book review should not be under consideration for publication or previously published.  

Criteria Summary
1.       The book reviewer selects a professional work that contributes to the professional discourse of ideas, or relates to issues, teachings, and technical issues that currently affect librarianship. Publication should be within the last two years.
2.       The reviewer must submit 150-word book pitch to Endnote Editors at
3.       After the pitch is accepted, the reviewer must write a book review of 500-650 words. All book reviews should be in APA format (6th ed).
4.       Book reviews should not be under consideration for publication or previously published.
5.       Completed book reviews should be sent to to be considered by the Endnotes Committee.

Josh Rimmer & Tammy Ivins
Chairs, 201607 NMRT Endnotes Committee