Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (EBLIP) is seeking an Editorial Intern

We are looking for a new Editorial Intern to assist our Editorial Team. The ideal candidate will be in place by February 2017 and will commit to serving a two year term. 
The role of the Intern is to:
  • Provide a final editorial check of proofed copy before publication, using the pre-developed checklist 
  • Check and edit the item metadata on the EBLIP website to ensure title, author, and abstract correspond to the submitted manuscript 
  • Assist the Editor-in-Chief and Communications Officer with calls for papers or calls for volunteers 
  • Assist with investigation and implementation of new projects related to the journal 
  • Participate in monthly Editorial Team meetings 

The ideal candidate will be an MLIS (or equivalent) student or a recent graduate (past 2 years) interested in evidence based practice and research methods, and who possesses strong attention to detail. The position requires dedicated time on a regular basis, and it is therefore essential that interested persons ensure available time to devote to this position prior to applying. It is estimated that the workload is approximately 10 hours per month. 
Interested persons should send a statement of interest, indicating the areas of strength they would bring to the role, as well as a brief resume to Lorie Kloda at lorie.kloda@concordia.ca by January 9, 2017.

Specific queries about the role should be addressed to Michelle Dunaway at mdunawa@gmail.com