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Call for Chapters: Upcoming LITA Guide on Augmented Reality

Library Go: Augmented Reality in Libraries
Upcoming LITA Title (2017)
Edited by Christine Elliott, Marie Rose, and Jolanda-Pieta van Arnhem
Proposal Deadline: December 21, 2016
Chapter Deadline: January 16, 2017

Many libraries face the problem of wanting to integrate new technologies into their services, but lack the information to help them get started. With the widespread use and popularity of Pokemon Go, augmented reality is a fantastic technological concept that libraries can easily use for enhancing existing services.

Chapters are being accepted on real-life applications of augmented reality (AR) in academic and public libraries that show librarians how they can easily augment materials, displays, lesson plans, and more to incorporate a new level of interactivity to existing services and activities.

Relevant topics include:
·         Defining Augmented Reality, its history, and listing the tools available
·         Case studies
·         Assessment

This LITA guide aims to provide librarians with and without AR experience with the tools, knowledge and real world examples to incorporate a new level of interactivity into existing Library services and activities.

The book is currently drafted to be divided into the following chapters:
·         About Augmented Reality
o    History of AR
o    Tools available (paid and free)
§  Reviews and explanations
o    Literature Review

·         Public Libraries (case studies)
o    Research/Lit Reviews
o    Services/Outreach/Collections/Displays
o    Events/Activities
o    Patron Interaction

·         Academic Libraries
o    Research/Lit Reviews
o    Instruction
o    Learning Materials & Curriculums
o    Services/Outreach/Collections/Displays
o    Events/Activities
o    Patron Interaction

·         Assessment
o    Assessment efforts
o    How to assess
·         The Future of AR in Libraries

Submission Process
Authors interested in submitting chapters should complete this form < or before December 21, 2016.

Chapter drafts are due Monday, January 16, 2017.

Proposal Format (submitted through this online form):
·         Proposed chapter title
·         150-300 words
·         Author(s) name, professional title, & contact information
·         Short 100 word bio for author(s)

Please send questions, or inquiries to

Chapter Format:
·         2500-5000 words
·         Submit chapters in Microsoft Word format
·         Use Times New Roman 12-point font
·         Double-space entire chapter
·         Do not insert hyperlinks
·         Do not import figures or other artwork into your document; use placement callouts instead (e.g., <Insert Figure 1.1>).
·         Use the latest Chicago citation style for any references used

If submitting supplemental images (screenshots, graphs, etc.):
·         Minimum image resolution: 300 dpi (at least 1500 pixels)
·         Maximum image size: 7.5 inches wide x 9.5 inches high
·         Accepted formats: .tif or .jpg
·         Provide a caption for each image
·         No color images; please convert to grayscale
·         Tables: use sans serif font such as Arial of Helvetica, no smaller than 8 point size.

Deadline for submitting chapters: March 31, 2017

Thank you,
Christine Elliott, MLIS, The Citadel
Marie Rose, MLIS, The Citadel
Jolanda-Pieta van Arnhem, MFA, MLIS, The College of Charleston

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